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8.0! I’m After Shocked by the Initial Shock!

Global plate tectonic movement

Ok, so yesterday I read, “Recent Quake Activity not Unusual, Expert says” which is, I guess, not shocking. Then, last night, I read that the Solomon Islands got rattled by an 8.o earthquake with at least three 6++ aftershocks. 6.8 is an aftershock??? After the first three 6+ earthquakes in the area do you think USGS could have quit hedging their bets and suggested that maybe, just maybe they could expect something bigger there, soon??? I wrote about, seemingly, the proclivity to issue appeasement articles from USGS, earlier last year to try to cover up the uptick in activity. It was apparent to those of us watching that we could expect something soon. Stan Deyo hit it dead on his forecasting maps from the 27th of January. Continue reading



World Nuclear Holocaust Coming?

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Today is December 7. Remembering, and never forgetting, that day that lives in infamy, when, in America, where it was safe to go outside, that very notion was challenged. “Just when you thought it was safe to go outside”……I always liked that line. It immediately appeals to the senses, brings an ominous ode, brings fear, trepidation. It could be huge, an unprecedented event suddenly, or simply a big hairy spider decided to put a web across the door frame. So it goes…

removing fuel cells

Removing the fuel rods at Bushehr

I was just reading at DEBKA files that the nuclear reactor at Bushehr in Iran had to be shut down in mid-October for fear of an explosion. And we’re just hearing abut this now?? Apparently, some bolts were laying on the bottom of the reactor tank under the rods. I guess this isn’t a good thing. My guess is that they heat up, boil the water and boom. Regardless, the accusation that the bolts came from the fuel rods was met with a strong, “not my fault” from the Russians who supplied the rods. They are looking at two possible scenarios. The first, deliberate sabotage (duh) or the fact that the Stuxnet virus got into the computers and tampered with the reactor’s computers. How does a reactor computer unscrew bolts and throw them in a reactor vessel? (DOH!) And then last but not least they haven’t ruled out an accident or “incompetence”. Then, added to this specter, there is the announcement of health issues around their nuclear sites.  Makes you feel warm and fuzzy, well the warm part. Continue reading


Kim Kardashian’s underwear

Just a follow up on the previous shaking posting. I was looking at some numbers and noted that over the last seven days there have been nine 6+ earthquakes worldwide, plus the two 8+ off the Indonesian coast. In 2001 there were 137 earthquakes of magnitude 6 or greater, in 2011 there were 205, just over the last week, now, there have been 11. That’s more than one a day. Are things ramping up? I think so.

In 1973 the late David Wilkerson described the vision he was given in which a cataclysmic media dominating earthquake event was to take place (finally no more stories on the color of Kim Kardashian’s underwear like she tweeted to the world 😉 ). This earthquake is to take place in the US, in an area unexpected, not known for earthquakes. It was also to be preceded by a huge earthquake in Japan (March 11, 2011). This earthquake will cause so much widespread damage it will dominate the media feed for weeks. Can anyone say Wisconsin?

It’s been clear to the observant that the world is ramping toward an event, a total makeover. As Jesus said in Mt 24:7&8, like birth pangs, increasing in intensity and shorter in time between. Yet all the while, the world plays a game focusing on the trite and, if you will, vulgar. What event? Let him who has ears hear, and he who has eyes, see.

What’s coming? God is not slow to act, but He is merciful. But, it is clear that the time is coming, and may now be upon us, that the Lord’s judgements will be unleashed on the earth. The coming destruction is no longer a wake up call, it’s a judgement, the real deal. In my spirit I hope to be gone, raptured into Jesus waiting arms. In my flesh, like Jonah, I want to see it go down. Thankfully, the Spirit trumps all.

The time is come where decisions need to be made while they still can be made. Are you still playing around? Are you really more concerned with someone’s baby bump or the color of Kim Kardashian’s underwear? Jesus IS coming. Jesus IS calling you, at this time, this very moment to be His, to be counted among His own to be called up into heaven. The time is now, take this moment and ask Jesus to forgive your sins, your unfaithfulness. Surrender that which you keep holding on to as your joy. It’s fake and you know it, lose it, give it to Jesus and enter into the real joy and avoid the pain soon to come on the world….