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Beware the King of the South, precursor to prophecy?

hamas terrorists

These are the good guys????

Well, we have a strained peace in the middle-east that has been tested today as a Palestinian was killed by Israeli troops at the border.

Here is a summary of the 2012 Gaza war facts and figures
, as reported by the Times of Israel: Continue reading



Obama, Messiah, King of the Lose

king obama

In 2009 Sue brought something to my attention that was pretty shocking, but, then again, not. We’d heard over and over again the prating about in Europe this and in Europe that, they have it better in Europe ad nauseum. And in 2008 many followed the heed of that call, “I’ll give you hope, I’ll give you change, but you must give me the power”, so they gave it to him. Now we can be like the others. Continue reading