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When Was the Birth of Jesus Originally Celebrated?

Oy vey, it’s that time of year again, and the slings and arrows are out, Jesus was born on December 25, no, it’s a Pagan holiday, yada yada yada. At a time when we remember the oh-christmas-treegrace of God ,sent to Earth as a child, born without description, the hate and animosity is astounding. Does the date really matter?

Well, first off, the early Christians, Messianic Jews, may not have even celebrated Jesus birth at all, as contemporary Jews didn’t celebrate birthdays.  Continue reading



What are you waiting for?


And the star shone brightly over head, showing the place.

Merry Christmas! And if I missed offending someone, Merry Christmas, peace on earth, goodwill toward men, the Christ has come. There, I said it, expect no apologies. Whether it’s the right day, the left day or somewhere in between. Whether you believe in the God of Abraham or the god of man’s finite and ever-changing wisdom. Whether you’re drunk on eggnog or have drunk the new wine of the Holy Spirit. This is the time and the message of the season and even more the entire year. Nothing black about it.

So what are you waiting for? Continue reading


Well, that’s a wrap. What’s for next year?

new year

So we’re at the end of another year. We survived the Mayan calendar, but is that the highlight of the year? In America, we’ve come through, endured, suffered many natural and unnatural events and crisis. None of which bode an air of having gotten through it, breath a sigh of relief and move on toward better. Far too many things have happened that can’t or won’t be turned back, to a direction with a sort of permanency. So whats up with this doom and gloom? Well, in no particular order:

The return of a lawless one. Continue reading


What do you give to someone who has everything?


God sent His Son, into this world to be born of a virgin, to live and die as a human and be the ultimate sacrifice, a gift from God.

Well, this is that time of year again. The time where religious debates abound with weizenheimers telling you that Jesus was born on this date or that date, anything but December 25th because that’s a pagan holiday. They are convinced that the birth would have occurred on this or that date, feast on the Jewish calendar (as if God were constrained to the Jewish calendar or any calendar for that matter) and even point at you and tell you that you’re going to Hell if you celebrate Christmas on December 25. They totally disregard Paul’s admonition that we aren’t to be caught up with dates, feasts etc. in Romans 14:5-8 . No one knows the date. The Magi didn’t document it. Herod assumed he took care of the problem. No one has found a Shepherds’ journal with the date written down. It could have been in the spring for all we know. I, personally, grew up, before atheists and commercialism took over, celebrating on December 25 and the warmth and regard of an entire nation pausing to give contemplation and recognition of the Savior of the world coming down in human form. But that was then. Continue reading