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The Die is Cast


The Die is Cast

This Word came to me this morning for, I believe, everyone:

Listen to me, heed my call, wake up. I have warned repeatedly to come to me yet you harden your hearts. I have warned that I have judgements reserved for you, yet you laugh and push me away. I have warned that time is short, yet you make plans that life will go on grandly.

The time is quickly coming to a close and I have determined and set in motion events. The die is cast. Judgments are decreed. Your leaders are against me, they stand in disarray. I have placed and appointed who I have. Your leaders and your future is in my hands. I have appointed for you a selection. I have appointed for you a choice. They are one and the same but you must choose. Where you heart is, your choice will be. I seek your heart, I am not a respecter of men. They use my name for gain, but it will be as dust. My NAME will not be adulterated!

You must walk wisely, you must talk meekly, yet boldly. Be Watchmen on the wall and speak what you have heard, boldly proclaim what you have seen, in solitude draw close to my heart. I know those whose hearts are pure, who have laid their lives on the line, who have put the things of the world aside.

The time is coming and has come, when I come to claim my Bride. Draw close to me, seek my refuge. I will not disappoint you or abandon you.

This word came as I was seeking God on what this election means. Continue reading