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Path of Truth: a cult

Path of Truth is a cult following of Victor Hafichuk who goes to great length to share dreams and visions he had (as an unbeliever) with his catholic background. Even to the victor-fullpoint of ,”That year of 1972, I decided to fast for three days and three nights, without food or water. It was around that time that I had a dream” more dreams without godly accountability, being an invite for the devil. Supposedly God is talking to him through dreams and visions while the only spirit he’s connected to is the devil. His “testimony” shows all the signs of catholic devil spiritualism.

He then goes on, not unlike Joseph Smith ( father of Mormonism), starting out with an invented word, theo-autobiography which has no etymological basis. He describes it as some sort of two party autobiography which includes God (theos). Like Joseph Smith, he promotes many unverifiable god moments that lead him (as god leads him) down a path to bondage to (his version) of the Law, all along the way declaring anything not of “the Path of Truth” as pagan, from cities, to Amway, to even having cats in the house, for goodness sake. When he rounded the corner to Universalism, and that the day will come when the devil sits on God’s lap and is “reconciled” to an all around good guy you know that the devil has control of him.

He promotes a germ phobia clinging tightly to any related clean and unclean references in the Bible. You can tour their forum and find incredulous fears and or references, such as one man being afraid of becoming an abomination because he lives with his parents and they have cats in the house. Their constant reference and bondage to cleanness precludes “Jesus commands” where Jesus condemns those worried about cleanness over compassion in the parable of the Good Samaritan.

He holds a strong controlling influence over his followers and his associated “forum”. Anyone, like myself, unfortunate enough to join the forum in hopes of having dialogue finds out quickly that the moderators create a pagan character out of you by truncating, modifying or blocking postings that you make.

As an example, when you provide the direct text that gentile Christians are NOT required to follow the law, per Acts 15, they will smother you with Jesus quotes from the 4 Gospels where Jesus said “follow my commands” and then they will thrash you with Jesus wrote the Mosaic law and you are supposed to follow His commands. The fact is, Jesus never addressed the Church in the gospels, He would have to die first.

Victor shows a lifetime of “god moments” of changing things, god “revealing” new things among them the aforementioned paganism’s creating an increased isolationism and earthly “purification”. He is following a close track to Joseph Smith, again, making things up on the fly, even to the point of declaring gospels as corrupt and offering an abridgement. Most recently He had the “duty”, in regard to his close friend and partner Paul Cohen, to strip Paul of his authority (apparently Paul was having misgivings), rank etc….according to, “I AND THE LORD”. Much of his writings and “teachings” have a style and flavor of Daniel 13. Shame on you if you just went to look for Daniel 13, as it isn’t in the Bible of Christ followers.

Victor is so powerful in his god connection  that he is even given extra-biblical proverbs.

“In the middle of the night of April 15-16 of 2007, it was given me to write proverbs. Like a tap of water turned on, they came, one after the other, 78 in all. Then, as fast as they began, they ended, like a tap turned off. There was no premeditation, no expectation and when the end came, there was nothing I could do to continue. They were just there.”

Many in the King James English, of course. Many are just rehashed . In truth, a proverb is just a saying anyway, like, “Only a fool spits into the wind”.

One of the tell tale signs of the cult involvement is when people start talking in King James English. The fake religious piety of the old guy is a give away. I was described by one offended as being dead and he could smell about me dead man’s bones. Pretty powerful Internet connection I’d say.

Truly, I don’t have a problem with a guy who hates cats and dogs (ok, yes I do) in the house ( apparently vermin running around inside the house is OK sans the cats), and that maybe he found the religious hygiene rules of Mosaic Law attractive. But to turn it into a religious belief system, pulling his unfortunate adherents into it, is devilish. I’ve compared him to Joseph Smith. Well, Joseph Smith was an attention mongering kid (like Victor) who got caught up in his own falsehood when adults actually believed him and the rest is history. It’s much the same here, what MAY have started out as one thing has gotten, full blown, out of hand. God help them if this man reaches the control that Jim Jones did.


6 thoughts on “Path of Truth: a cult

  1. Victor Haffichuk is privately interpreting Scripture and this is what I have written to him in an email recently. He is no different from other false prophets he spends his time and energy exposing such as William Branham who claimed to be the the second Elijah prophesied by Malachi in chapter 4 vs 5 – 6. In fact, Victor Haffichuk is even more dangerous because the Scripture (Deuteronomy 18 vs 18) he claims to be referring to him was clearly pointing to Christ as declared by the apostle Peter in Acts 3 vs 20 -26. Below is my recent email email to Victor:

    ‘Victor, It is clear for everyone whose eyes the Lord has opened to see that you are manipulating Scripture for your own self-delusion. This is private interpretation of Scripture at its best! I am amazed at how you go to great lengths, citing so many verses to prove yourself to be ‘that Prophet’. You can quote as many verses from the bible as you please, but that doesn’t change anything. The apostle Peter laid this issue to rest in Acts 3 vs 20 – 26.

    All the Old testament prophecies are fulfilled in Christ.
    ‘And beginning at Moses and all the prophets, he expounded unto them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself’ (Luke 24 vs 27 KJV).
    ‘And he said unto them, These are the words which I spake unto you, while I was yet with you, that all things must be fulfilled, which were written in the law of Moses, and in the prophets, and in the psalms, concerning me’ (Luke 24 vs 44 KJV).
    John 5 vs 39; John 5 vs 45 – 46)
    ‘Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me’
    ‘Do not think that I will accuse you to the Father: there is one that accuseth you, even Moses, in whom ye trust For had ye believed Moses, ye would have believed me; for he wrote of me’ KJV

    The whole bible talks about Jesus Christ from Genesis to Revelation! Moses was a type/symbol/shadow or a picture of Christ. Moses taking the Israelites out of Egypt was an image/picture or a prophecy of Christ, the Messiah, who would come and take the ‘spiritual’ Israel’ or the elect of God to the New Jerusalem or the promised land (represented by Canaan in the Exodus story or drama). Your argument that Moses wouldn’t liken himself to Christ because Christ is God and Moses was a mere mortal is unfounded. Yes, Christ is God as you rightly say, but what you are missing out on is that, in the Old testament, God used types and shadows of Christ to preach about the Only One Saviour, Christ Jesus which was to come. For example, Abraham was a mere mortal, but the apostle Paul explained in Galatians 4 vs 21 – 31 that the life that Abraham lived on earth, he was operating in the shoes of God/Christ. Sarah was representative of the New testament and Hagar, the Old covenant; Ishmael representing the law while Isaac was a picture of Christ.

    Everything that happened in the Old testament was a shadow or an allegory of good things to come (Colossians 2 vs 17; Hebrews 10 vs 1; Galatians 4 vs 24). Adam, Enock, Noah, Jeremiah, Hosea, Joseph Jeremiah, Elijah, David, Solomon among many others were used that same way in the Old testament to operate in the shoes of Christ, thereby prophesying about Christ which was to come. Just as you claim to be the Moses of today, there are so many people who claim to be the Joseph or the Solomon of today. What you all have in common with such people is that you privately interpret Scripture and the apostle people was aware of heretics like you when he wrote 2 Peter 1 vs 20.

    If Moses was a picture of Christ in the Exodus story, where does that leave us to say about you, Victor Haffichuk? By claiming to be ‘that Prophet’, you obviously become a false christ, of which believers have been warned of false Christs in Matthew 24 vs 24 – 27. I can smell the sincerity of your heart in some of your teachings, Victor but if you ever think you have known Jesus, your Jesus is clearly another Jesus, not the Jesus taught by the apostles who came before us and laid the foundation. Your heart has been so hardened for you to believe the words of Peter the apostle in Acts 3 vs 20 – 26. So you would rather quote a million verses in your attempt to prove that Peter was wrong when he said Deuteronomy 18 : 18 is fulfilled by Christ and Him alone. How big-headed can a mere mortal be when he’s possessed by the devil?’

  2. Perxactly! Methinks it is Satan’s lips that were closest to his ears and not Gods’ in any way. It is true, you shall know them by their fruit. We should pray for him, otherwise he may well end up by the Rich man in Hades longing for that drop of water on his tongue. The Rich man is waiting to this day!

  3. For 2 years I followed TPOT and wanted to share my thoughts.

    I will say I did learn much good those 2 years, but I also see many flaws which one can’t admit as a member mainly since they see Victor as infallible.

    My main concern is Victor’s lack of understanding of how his words affects others. When reading his Theo-autobiography it’s clear he has a profound difficulty interacting with others – from outright heartless statements to jumping to conclusions, to a lack of understanding while begging for some himself.

    Also he takes honesty to a level that isn’t healthy both for one’s self and those around him which one can also see in his Theo-auto book. I get that he means well confessing his bad thoughts (being honest about his faults and trespasses,) but at times there’s no discretion in his words. Victor doesn’t understand that people come from different backgrounds and say somebody with personality disorder like autism who lacks discretion and follows his example, this could invite trouble for all involved.

  4. You mentioned someone being concerned over living with his parents and their cats. Hey, that man is me, so why don’t you show the thread so that people see how Victor and Paul cleared up things. You make it sound like Victor approved of my fears, which he did not. You need to at least post a link to https://www.thepathoftruth.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=1664 so people can see context. You’re so wrong on the facts.

  5. I have never followed Victor for any reason. but my first encounter with him as far back as 2015 sums it all.Victor lacks courtesy and manner in which he addresses people. no believer in Jesus uses the kind of words i had from victors mouth because he not sanctified if he think the mosaic law can save him good luck to him but Apostle Paul make us to understand that by the Law shall no man be justified before GOD.

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