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John McArthur False Teacher

John McArthur is a supposedly well thought of and honored teacher. His plethora of books and publications, a world wide syndicate of audio and video teachings are astounding. So why is he a false teacher?

First off, he’s over the top on teaching OSAS. He teaches that some are predestined, from the beginning of time, to be saved or sent to hell. Nothing you can do to change it. Your life is a coin flip of do I take the chance of saying the words, live a good life and go to hell or skip all that and have “fun” because, well, why waste time because, well, if I’m chosen I’m going to get there anyway no matter what I do.

Some call that discussion arguing over matters that don’t matter. OK…….

But recently, his true colors showed. He stated that a Christian can take THE mark of the Beast and still be saved, in fact it will be the only way to survive. So let’s deal with the direct part first. It’s clear, according to Revelation, that those who take the mark are dead, no matter what. And John, the end of the book states clearly what happens to folks that add or subtract from the book. But John excuses himself by saying that the ONLY unforgivable sin is blaspheming the Holy Spirit so this is ok. Except that God isn’t changing His mind on this.

The most despicable teaching though is the last part, “you will need it to survive”. First off, what good is surviving if you deny Christ??? But more insidious, and it’s in practical everyday John McArthur teachings, is he is teaching that God won’t or can’t provide. The truth is that the believer, in that day, is totally, dependent on God, only HE can and will provide for you to survive, if that’s what God wants for you.

And that’s just a scratching at the meat. John McArthur, your erroneous teachings are innumerable.


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