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10 Days More Before the End of the World?

Well, here we are, ten days to go. I’m all set, made all my preparations, I’m good to go.


More the case….

I talked to all my adult kids, made peace with any issues we had. I took out a $500M loan from a loan shark to ensure my cabin in steerage on one of the arks stowed in the Himalayas, booked my flight to get there. I’m not too worried about the loan shark 🙂 . Harold Camping was old and wise, but the Mayans, they were older and that was a smart group. I’m not worried about the fact they don’t exist anymore, they built that great place.

It amazes me, yet brings me great relief that more people aren’t on board with this. There’s not enough room in the arks as it is. Yet the writing is on the wall, or the stone, if you will. How can people ignore it, it says so, right there. Well, I for one am not about to ignore it. My house is sold, my bags are packed, gave my dog to my friend (the one I didn’t tell about the ark). We have a party planned the day before I leave for my (ahem..) Peace Corps trip (didn’t want to cause any consternation) so I don’t leave behind any food perishables. It’s good, I’m set, looking forward to the wonderful world that will be after the water subsides…….

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America is Falling!

Note the laughing of the folks taking the video

In this time of signs and wonders, I’m one that sometimes wonders at the subtle signs. The above Olympic video was pretty much quashed from the American public. Any stories that actually got written in the media were quickly pulled. The warning is there, you can’t make this stuff up. When the song reached, ” the flag was still there” the flag was pulled down by the hand of God. Continue reading


Why Do You Sleep? I am Cleaving This Nation.

This word came this morning as I was in prayer.

Why do you sleep? Like a sluggard, a little folding of the hands, a closing of the eyes. You dream of what you will do, you dream of what will make you great. Why do you sleep? I’ve sounded trumpets. I’ve shaken the grounds. I’ve sent winds and scorching heat. Yet still you sleep. You dream of the great things you can build for me, yet they have your name on them. You build yourself up.

I am about to cleave this nation, the world will shudder. While you sleep I will split the land in two. The very heart of this land will be brought asunder. In your very heart I will render the earth apart and you who are not prepared will fall. I will tear you in two and your works will fail. Men will see that I am sovereign and just.

I have a few, and their hearts are prepared. They will rise up and minister to you. You will know that I am God and nothing, nothing, nothing I do will return void.

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Dreams: Consuming fire

Sue had these dreams last night that I thought were significant. Particularly the fire dreams being confirmed.

“I was watching a lady I know and 2 men do a sort of open air evangelizing
(she in real life is not likely a Christian based on her language) talking
about Jesus and how He will protect them from harm no matter what. They
were in a large open doorway to a building and I, along with some other
people, were across this shallow ditch or something, listening to them. They
were using a pot of fire for their discussion and somehow it fell over and
there was a big fire. I grabbed a long rope that was leading from their
area to me and yelling to others to pull as somehow that might help them
escape. As I was pulling, I was yelling to her to hang on and she looked
me in the eye and said “its ok” and then the rope broke and they were
engulfed with fire. I woke then feeling terribly ill; it was black outside
so not sure of the time. I eventually was able to go back to sleep and
then had the next dream. Continue reading

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They Were Looking for Food

Similar impressions, the scarcity of food, have been coming our way. The result, of cataclysm or civil war I don’t know but it does bear paying attention to.


Dreams Of Dunamis



This is a dream that one of my younger children had,
About two months after the BP oil spill in the Gulf.
I have written it here, as it was described to me…

It is the Holly Days season again,
sometime in December.
I couldn’t tell what year it was,
But I sensed it was somewhere in America.

At first, it seemed like the usual Christmas holiday season
that rolls around every year,
with the holiday music blaring out their repeated tunes,
and the television adds pushing products
with the usual consumer commercialism,
but then I realized that something was very different.
There were still many shoppers out and about,
trying to find that perfect present for the people on their list,

Yes, there was a few of the usual presents
that people usually give out to each other…

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Don’t fear My silence, it is time for action

There are those that search every day for words from the Lord describing cataclysms or bad things to come, appearing to be feeling down without a piece of bad news from God to set their day. There are even some web sites that make up their own word, just for the traffic or their own significance. I found this quite troubling. I rarely have a direct Word from God, or some sort of miraculous event to keep my day going so I live contently on His scriptures and the promises and warnings contained therein, while looking about me at real world events unfolding.

Now I read that there’s going to be a great earthquake on May 20th along with a total eclipse of the sun centering over the Aleutian Islands. What is it with this 20th or 21st number, allegedly in the Mayan calendar, that everyone else seems to keep pulling up as coming from God, even Harold Camping did that. Seems odd that the Mayans would be communicating with God revealed to His people Israel.

In my quiet time this morning I received what I believe was a Word from the Lord that needed to be proclaimed today.

“Why do you worry? Why do you continually wait for more? Why are you afraid of My silence. Have I not spoken? Have I not proclaimed My intentions? Is there no place that I haven’t shown what is to come? I have given warnings, I have given instruction, I have given encouragement. Have I not revealed in My Logos, and now confirm, what is to come. I have given warnings, I have given instruction, I now expect you to take those actions, preparing for when I call. My silence is for you to bear fruit, like the seed buried in the ground in silence to burst forth at it’s appointed time. DO what I have told you to do, now, not more, not less. Prepare, as I have told you. Do not forget what your primary call is, even now. Prepare for my coming. The field is white unto Harvest. Spread my Word that when I come My table is not empty. Don’t fear My silence because I am coming, yes, I am on My way.”

So, that is what I heard and I believe it is also for you. This is a time of preparation, buy and store the food, take the precautions as God has led you, but like the Manna from heaven not more. Instead of going out and buying the latest Blackberry or Iphone use that money to invest in God’s kingdom. Our primary reason for our being was, is, and continues to be, to proclaim the Day of the Lord and sow for His harvest. God is changeless, don’t take His instruction lightly, His silence is for your own good….

Author’s update (06-19-2012): Does God have a sense of humor or what….


Dreams: Earthquake

December 4, 2011 around 3am—————– Sue and I had dreams simultaneously this night. I would have ordinarily dismissed mine as something I ate if not for the coincidence of Sues dream. We live in a rural woods in central Wisconsin. I don’t know the significance of Scientologist’s offering help, if any.

Dan Dream:

The power was out and I was outside facing an apparatus apparently trying to get the power back up. I heard a whoosh/swishing sound and looked up and saw nothing. I heard it again and looked up and saw nothing but kept looking and saw deer darting from tree to tree associated with the whoosh/swishing sound. Then a deer ran right past me over the berm behind me. I heard it’s huffing and puffing as it ran by. What was unusual is that the deer was running upright on it’s hind legs it’s forefeet pumping like a runners arms.

While I was still standing there looking back at this in wonderment another animal ( I’ll call it a wolf) came running from behind the berm toward me and past. It, too, ran upright on it’s hind feet. It then came around and faced me, a little bit taller than me ( I’m 6’2” ), and put it’s front paws on my shoulders as if to convey something. I didn’t like what ever it was trying to convey or it’s approach so I authoritatively told it to SIT IN THE NAME OF JESUS and it obeyed. This is when I woke up.

Sues Dream:

We were in our house and there was a great earthquake, not just local because at the same time I was sensing in California or somewhere else. At least, I had the feeling that was where it was because all of the sudden Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were at our place in their helicopter asking us to climb on to be saved. We told them NO because they would not take our beloved dog Lakota. So we were in our “Great Room” in a group hug, with the dog, and the ceiling collapsed on us from the earthquake. I remember waking with the weight of the roof on me, calling out Dan’s name ( no response ), knowing that I had survived and feeling Lakota licking my hand. I woke up to hear Dan moaning, talking gibberish and twitching and put my hands on his shoulder and chest to wake him, wondering if I should. He sounded pretty distressed. I didn’t get back to sleep for quite a while as I am claustrophobic and didn’t want that dream repeated.