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BREAKING NEWS! The Apostle Paul’s Tomb Found.


Archeologists recently have unearthed the actual tomb of the Apostle Paul, martyred in the 1st century, under a pizzeria  in Rome. The tomb, marked clearly The Apostle gravePaul, died August 15, 67A.D. with the inscription “I lost my head over you” is preserved. The site was discovered when a worker at the pizzeria heard a noise in the basement and went down to check it out.

“There were shaking and stones falling all around, I thought it might be an earthquake.” said Angello Pasqualini, “then a large chunk fell and there was a box in the hole. The Saint must have been very excited about something, rolling and jumping in his grave.”. Coincident with the timing I’d been “shown” that Paul hid a special gift from God in one of his letters.

Yes, that’s make believe, but I believe that Paul, if he could, would be rolling in his grave trying to pound his way out to set straight a thing or two. I’d recently been shown, by a Reformed Theology person, that Paul used a Greek writing trick say to that, by some transcendental mysticism, God forces us to believe in Jesus. Yes, that’s right, even the King James guys missed that one. This is what she says on the Stand Up for the Truth (now that’s an oxymoron) website:

“you state in your opinion – ” Now faith is mortal not something magical that you and Lyn have inferred. ” Nowhere do I state faith is ‘magical’. What I do state is what the Bible teaches, faith is a gift. “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast. ” Ephesians 2:8-9
The phrase ‘and that’ is a neuter demonstrative pronoun; meaning it has to agree in gender and in number with its antecedent. ‘And THAT” is neither male nor female, it has no gender. ‘Demonstrative’ means it has to point to a particular thing; now, faith is feminine, so it doesn’t agree in gender with ‘and that’, meaning ‘that’ is not pointing to faith. However, the word ‘grace’ is also feminine and does not agree in gender, the same holds true for the word ‘salvation’, it’s masculine in gender…none of those words agree in gender with ‘and that’! There’s a rule in Greek grammar that whenever you find this kind of sentence construction, the writer did it on purpose because he was NOT trying to point to any one word – ‘and that’ refers to the WHOLE collective phrase! – ‘grace, saved, faith’ make up that collective phrase.

see the complete and accurate teaching of this text at http://youtu.be/o3dodm97SY4  “

Now I’d challenged that  but got rebuffed, “Being regenerated is not magical – it’s supernatural. Faith is God’s gift to His elect, it cannot be lost.” Apparently, according to her, you have to get this gift of faith, first, in order believe and repent. So God arbitrarily gives this gift of faith to those He likes and literally, to hell with the rest. Wow, that’s fairly despotic.

So what does Ephesians 2:8 really say, in the Greek?

2:8 τῇ γὰρ χάριτί ἐστε σεσῳσμένοι διὰ τῆς πίστεως καὶ τοῦτο οὐκ ἐξ ὑμῶν θεοῦ τὸ δῶρον

χάριτί chariti feminine ((literally: influence that calms and cheers, grace is a made up inclusion by calvanist translators) Where we get charity)

σεσῳσμένοι SESWSMENOI  verb saved

διά dē-ä’ through (A primary preposition denoting the channel of an act)
πίστεως pisteo (feminine) Faith
δῶρον dō’-ron gift

First chariti , not charis is different in usage. Secondly de-a is a preposition tying pisteo to an act, not a noun or object (gift) . Third do-ron (the gift) is tied to the whole thought (salvation) by the colon (kjv).

So the practical translation is,” by the influence that calms and cheers, you have been saved through the act of faith, not by any works you’ve done: of God IT is a gift.” Even in the Greek you have to maintain context.

The Gift of Faith (the only one) is listed in 1 Cor 12:9

12:9  ἑτέρῳ δὲ πίστις ἐν τῷ αὐτῷ πνεύματι ἄλλῳ δὲ χαρίσματα ἰαμάτων ἐν τῷ αὐτῷ πνεύματι

πίστις  pistis  faith

χαρίσματα charisma gifts

There is no second Gift of Faith. These folks maintain that you can’t possibly walk away from God because it’s God’s faith, not yours and if you do walk away then you were never really saved. In that, they create this exclusive club of predestined elect that you can never really be sure if you belong. ( I’ll deal with the elect, pre-destination, replacement theology, etc in the FAQs)

God is not precocious, choosing this one and leaving that one just because. But He is sovereign and just as He is loving and gracious. His will is that no one, not one, would be lost, but men, in free will, will reject Him, or choose to walk away when things get tough. Is this where you are? Have you walked away or never come to Him in the first place? God loves you, and His will is that you wouldn’t be lost. That’s why He brought you here. You have an opportunity to see Him, accept His free gift to you, or reject it. Time is getting short, take His free gift to you now.


Author: godsfingers

I'm a musician and worship leader, intent on following wherever God leads and directs me, with His leading's in the Spirit and others bonking me on the head ( hopefully not much of the latter). My life experiences are in blue collar and white collar (engineering) employment, political office, lay ministries, national competition in track and cross country and most importantly marriage and raising a family. God has given me a unique set of skills and character to serve Him and a passion for doing it.

8 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS! The Apostle Paul’s Tomb Found.

  1. Please – if you want to use Greek, learn Greek, don’t just copy and paste. Your errors here are too numerous to list. And it’s Calvinist, not Calvanist.

  2. First off, Calvinism and Arminianism are both relatively new to me. Calvinism isn’t in the bible and Arminianism is a slur used by people in the RT/Calvinist camp against folks that believe the bible.

    Second, yes, portions are cut and paste. This discussion is on another forum and I just pasted the discussion I was having. I don’t have a Greek keyboard so portions are cut and paste from the inter-linear bible so as not to introduce errors by my hacking the keyboard. The style of the argument is in keeping on the same plane as the antagonist purposefully.

    As far as the “errors too numerous to list” you’re pretty arrogant. Only seven words are pulled out of the Greek text, cut and pasted, if you will, with their pronunciation and meaning (generally from the root) so I’m not sure what’s too numerous. The practical translation comes from a friend with a masters in Greek so you’ll have to take it up with him. I am not responsible for the youtube link demonstrating the “gift” of faith, that is part of the quoted text.

    If your curt response was some form of defense of the heresy of RT/Calvinism then, sola scriptura, and quit dividing the Word of God. I remember you arguing with me a couple years ago that no one in the US is being persecuted for their faith. With lost jobs, businesses, and people dying, has that opinion changed yet? The Calvnists( as their tradition upholds) are ready to kill Christians (one way or another) as bad as the Atheists or Muslims.

  3. Please – If you post about Calvinism, you are claiming to understand Calvinism – you don’t, in fact, not if you believe it teaches that God forces people to believe. See the Westminster Confession of Faith chapter IX.

    If you post about NT Greek, then you are claiming to understand NT Greek. If someone calls you on this, don’t defend yourself by claiming to just be a seeker.

    I should rephrase the “errors too numerous to list” as “errors too numerous for me to list, given that I’m not your professor.” If you wish, I can take out my red pen and circle the errors and post them here.

    If your friend wishes to discuss his use of Greek, I’d be happy to dialogue with him – if you heard him correctly, then he has a ways to go to understand the language and its application to exegesis, especially in his understanding of charis/χαρις, which reveals that he misunderstands the fundamental concept, “semantic range”.

    • Gary,
      Are you absorbing the gist of the posting? This is a discussion from another forum where an RT/Calvinist was attempting to convince me, no battering me, with this supposed Greek manipulation where Paul hid “irresistible grace” as a gift of faith from God compelling belief in Jesus to the “predestined, chosen” such that you can not possibly lose your faith (er God’s faith placed in you) thus lose your salvation. She did this at the expense of creating a NEW gift of faith. As was pointed out, the discussion is at the level of the antagonist, not yours. Ehp 2:8 does not break down to a three Greek root word discussion.

      As far as Calvinism goes, what I have gathered from RT/Calvinist posters and a historical search I’ve determined that Calvinism and RT are nothing more than an anti-catholic dogma, tit-for-tat, even to the point of persecuting and killing those that don’t agree. Just because RCC believes in miracles you can’t teach that miracles ended, or just because the RCC has an exorcism ritual you can’t teach that casting out demons is gone (with the demons of course), nor does the giftings of the Holy Spirit go away conveniently so that the gift of discernment (which would reveal Calvin’s heresy) would not be around.

      This is the second rather patronizing posting, not unlike the discussion from a couple years ago, in which you offer nothing of value or edification.

  4. “Patronizing, arrogant, battering” – those are adjectives I expected. But I’m not claiming to understand Greek when I don’t, or Calvinism when I don’t. I did read your post with care, and your understanding of Calvinism is faulty. Disagree with it if you will, but understand it first.

    The last time I posted, you suggested that I would be helping the government jail Christians. Cute, This was when you thought the government was going to round up Christians as scapegoats for the “false flag” Boston bombing. You still running with that?

    Signing out.

    • Gary,

      It’s clear that you have a reading comprehension problem that invalidates any idea that you are some sort of teacher. I”ll explain in small words for you. If possible, Paul would be turning in his grave given that someone, not me, presented the preposterous RT/Calvinistic (her words) notion of eternal security due to a second gift of faith compelling belief in Jesus. She ardently states that’s it’s impossible to believe in Jesus without it. Period. If you want to be small mindedly critical, go to the Stand Up For The Truth website and follow Lyn.

      As a watchman, I’ve only exposed a heresy that is being spread.

      This is what was said here in regard to the Boston bombing, “Are we going to find that the “person of interest” is a Tea Bagger with ties to “preppers”, a gun owner, with tons of Internet searches for the Revolutionary war, how to start a war, and worse, an Evangelical Christian?”

      And the posts on your site you edited to make my statement something different. You shame the Holy Spirit and now you try it here again.

      • You are bobbing and weaving. “I can use fake Greek and because I think this is really important!”

        And what you told me on the Boston bombing blog was an unequivoval yes, that the govt set off the bombs.

        • Bobbing and weaving? It is you that is bobbing and weaving, projecting and throw in a little straw man to boot. You have yet to have anything of value to add, or even correct. Your omission validates the above.

          What is it about you RT/Calvinists that you can’t enter in a discussion that you can’t control or edit? Not you in particular, but in general. And then, when held to sola scriptura, just default to some argument such as:

          “Here’s the best way to handle divisive people…
          “Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.” Romans 16:17
          This one is fitting as well, “Reject a factious man after a first and second warning” Titus 3:10 ”

          where they consider exposing the truth about Calvinism is divisive, even though it’s the Calvinist/RT that’s at war with non-Calvinist/RT.

          You have yet, in any communication I’ve seen, to add anything constructive or edifying. It’s almost as if you wake up in the morning, take an idiot pill and go harass peoples blogs.

          And, your projecting again. I said it was a false flag, not that the govt set off bombs.

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