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Do Unto Others as They Have Done unto You.

I had to twist that a little bit because, though I believe the other way, sometimes the shoe fits. As in this case, sometimes offense is the better defense. Recently, the Duggar family, who has a reality show (sic) about their plethora of kids, has been hauled into a public display, beat down, punishment simply because the family matriarch has taken a strong public stand against forcibly allowing men ( with a Y chromosome ) free access into women’s lounges, restrooms, showers etc simply because the “felt” like a woman that day. They also removed a picture of homosexuals kissing posted to their personal Facebook page, oh the horror ( they also would have removed pic of a guy and a gal kissing wearing nothing but a G string ). Continue reading


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Where am I?

I know some of you have been wondering where I am and what’s up. So whats up? I put myself into a bit of a timeout for two reasons. One being needing time to resurrect this farm into a working ranch and two, a little bit of a lack of integrity. I found myself starting to wade into yellow journalism to feed the stats and that isn’t what God had called me to do here. There is enough of that going on all around. There are enough really harmful things going on that we need to be aware of without indulging on those things that help make it a crummy day.

With winter falling on us I should be back inside to share more again of what God would have us be mindful of. Take care and God bless.