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Don’t Be Troubled


In response to Glynda’s message “Nothing To Fear“.

“”Good morning Glynda,

Yes, it has seemed a little worrisome in the silence. It hasn’t been just you, but for many of us. And your confirming Word is that He HAS been working all along, just as He promised us, through Word last year.

In looking behind (I know, we shouldn’t look back) we can see He has been carrying us, no harm has befallen us, some of us have been put into a forced(?) “be still and know I am Lord” period.

For some it is a disconcerting period, not hearing Words of judgement and calamity, but, God fulfilled His Word and put into action in November, that which was warned. There is no need to HEAR a Word right now, look around and see the evil unleashed as God withdraws His hand of protection.

“Be still”, until God specifically calls you into action, and enjoy His presence by your side. Let not your hearts be troubled, He is here.



I haven’t been writing much lately either. Along with getting our home ready for sale God hasn’t pressed a Word, burden, or revelation to get out. Just to simply enjoy His presence, strengthen and rest in Him. The events of the world are unfolding before our eyes, yet we are unharmed and are provided for, just as He promised as we rest in Him.

As things unfold, and we see them and our spirit bears witness to their cause let our joy be in Christ and our comfort be in Him. Don’t take joy in the judgements, take joy in Him. I’m reminded of Proverbs 24:17-18

Proverbs 24:17-18

New International Version (NIV)

17 Do not gloat when your enemy falls;
    when they stumble, do not let your heart rejoice,
18 or the Lord will see and disapprove
    and turn his wrath away from them.

Let God work, it is His call, the events at the end.


Author: godsfingers

I'm a musician and worship leader, intent on following wherever God leads and directs me, with His leading's in the Spirit and others bonking me on the head ( hopefully not much of the latter). My life experiences are in blue collar and white collar (engineering) employment, political office, lay ministries, national competition in track and cross country and most importantly marriage and raising a family. God has given me a unique set of skills and character to serve Him and a passion for doing it.

10 thoughts on “Don’t Be Troubled

  1. Hi Dan,

    This is a confirmation of what I am also sensing in the spirit. God is quiet and so we must be ‘still and know that He is in control.’ Yes, we are actually seeing the fulfillment of earlier warnings. Much more are coming, but we already know they are coming. Let us continue to be in His presence and enjoy the peace He alone can give in the midst of all the chaos.

    Be blessed in Yeshua,

  2. Yes He is ‘quiet’ …and so am I …I got an email…that disturbed me a lot! a middle school (my generation, the location where I lived it was called Jr High School). Anyway…a 13 14 year old class….never mind I can’t do this…I can’t pass on the filth ……of this generation…I will say this..guard your hearts..guard your minds…guard your ‘spirit’…..this world is so wicked!

  3. Hi Dan,

    I believe the word of the Lord Glenda gave on March 15th, “Get Your Houses in Order” gave us a very important word for this time. “You must now be ready to leave earth at any time.” WOW! That’s a confirmation for me!

    The imminence of Christ’s return is finally being realized by many who had rejected the doctrine, I guess because we really are that close now.

    It’s interesting you are getting your house in order. What a prophetic picture.

    God Bless you! Sarah

  4. Hi Dan,

    I believe the Lord is quiet because He is through warning America. His warnings have been heard for many months now, even years. In my last post the Lord told me, “you don’t realise how close everything is to changing the world forever.” (http://newbon-bonsblog.blogspot.com.au/2013/04/the-last-harvest-and-coming-antichrist.html)

    I take comfort in the Lord’s words through Glynda – “I am able to hide My children even in the very midst of chaos!”

    While we wait, we need to be praying for the lost to come to the Lord before time runs out for them. We also need to be prepared to leave this earth forever at any moment … through the Rapture or even death, for we don’t know which will come for us first. Either way, we will be forever with the Lord! Maranatha!


    • Amen and come Lord Jesus. I believe that’s very true.

      • Dan, I’d have to rip out too many scriptures to believe it is true that the Lord is through warning…I do believe there is a solemnness one of reverence of his ever presence that instills those to all of us (to be quiet) ‘be still’ …like a parent to a small child..in a time of silence that is needed…”be still”…that too is a warning…could that ”one” be coming on the scene…Oh my gosh..I can see why he’d be welcomed!! ….Good nite Gracie….say good nite Gracie!!

  5. So you’re selling your home..heading to the mountains? (smile) I was reading that scripture the other day (smile)…Pray your flight isn’t on the Sabbath….some say ‘God don’t have the Sabbath in the New Testament for Christians…yet that’s part of the Big 10 LOL you know …ya don’t mess with the Big Ten (smile) …That is the ones that people say ”Hey it isn’t written in Stone’…so that they have to say ‘oops the Big Ten ”is” written in Stone..
    So since we are to pray that our flight not be on the Sabbath,
    Pray that our flight not be in the Winter…
    …tends to be a Major Red LIGHT FLASHING at me…Andrea…
    So since we are to pray that our flight not be on the Sabbath,
    Pray that our flight not be in the Winter.
    Stand Faithful till the END
    Some will be Killed
    Some will be persecuted
    Those of His will not worship the beast (praise God!)
    …….What…cha think…

    What cha think….My desk is full and it is time for me to lay down and rest
    have a blessed Day !

    • Actually, heading to the valleys, well watered for raising cattle 🙂

      God has been speaking to our hearts for over a year, and educating us on ranching, to be providers when the time comes. It’s this be still and wait thing that’s so hard….. 😉

      • Well I wish you the best ….this waiting is not hard on me anymore…but the ‘expectation’ is Okay…knock already LOLOL …like someone is about to knock on the door or ring the phone or something…when that happened in Boston…and nothing else happened…Where is the ”other shoe”??? hahaha…I read where Russia had ‘warned and asked American FBI to check into those two brothers in 2011’…guess they got bogged down in paper work…oops…but it didn’t take long of them to repeat Waco with the Tanks…I am sorry about all the mass pain and suffering so many went thru..yet the Word does say there will be far reaching more,..but you know…this just don’t line up…the republicans are not lining up..did they get ‘beamed up’ to #54 in the Desert? They bash the Democrats that’s normal but they are not doing anything…not really…it seems like the Muslims have taken over the White House with a ‘hail to the Chief’ wearing the US Flag (smile) hahahaha..
        Something is not right…it don’t line up with the Word..’for Christians’….other than to ‘be still’…for the Worldly Christians Jesus is going to Beam us all out of here before the trouble starts …people like you are planning on things…
        I’m very serious…this is not a time for flaky Christians to get near me hahaha…I’m no one’s personal Priest or Guru nor am I their God…(smile)..I’ll be like the 5 Virgins …”I won’t share…Go to the ones who ”sells the Oil” ” (and there are many of them.)

  6. Dear Brothers…
    This Message is Very useful to us… (An Unshakable Life)

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