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Boston Bombing, False Flag or Terrorists?


bomb blastIt’s Patriots day, ” the shot heard round world”, Boston Marathon, people, people and more people crammed into a confined area. It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, what could possibly go wrong. Boom! Boom!

The main talented runners had already finished and gone, now the mass of recreational runners is coming through, mom’s, pop’s, kids. People without names and of no consequence. Thousands of normal everyday people crammed, impatiently waiting for their loved ones to finish so that they can all go get something to eat. Harmless collateral damage?

Then bombs go off. They say it’s terrorists, creating images of more Taliban activity. But the Taliban groups immediately deny responsibility, even though they’re known to take credit for someone else’s dirty work. The bombs seem to have had some directional sophistication, the result of lower limb amputations as opposed to spherical carnage of an unconstrained  explosion. There were no ball bearings, ceramic chips, nails, signatures of a suicide bomber. Two bombs went off, and two were found unexploded, and yet another went off ( seemingly unrelated) outside the JFK library away from the current carnage (let’s see what the damage was to Kennedy’s legacy).

Within short time, in spite of the countless masses of people, they are guarding a “person of interest” in the hospital. My understanding is that, again, a facebook page went up two days  before and drills were taking place nearby. Not unlike the Sandy Hook curiosities. Immediately the White House called it a terrorist attack and Dianne Feinstein, chairwoman of the Central Intelligence (sic) Committee, “reportedly said her understanding it “that it’s a terrorist incident.””. But according to them, what’s a predominant terrorist organization, nowadays?

don't tread on meWell, the international terrorists are divesting themselves so it must be homegrown. Anti-abortionist groups? NRA groups? Anti-tax Groups? How about this, some veterans were “enraged” recently when told to take down the “Tea Bagger Flag, “Don’t Tread on Me”” from the Armory. Wow. What better place to make their point than Patriots Day, at the home of the Boston Tea party, the day that commemorates the first battles of the Revolutionary War. That’s it, that’s the clue. Are we going to find that the “person of interest” is a Tea Bagger with ties to “preppers”, a gun owner, with tons of Internet searches for the Revolutionary war, how to start a war, and worse, an Evangelical Christian?

We’ve been waiting for the next false flag. Was North Korea the distraction to set up this false flag? Are the Feds, again, behind this tragedy? Two bombs explode, two don’t and another explodes elsewhere, perfectly amateur. It reminds me of the salmonella and e coli outbreaks a few years ago. I’d told Sue that the outbreaks seemed unnaturally random, like someone picking the spots to appear random, no outbreaks in the same area at around the same time. And like so many times before, they have someone in custody in very short time. Great police work.

Who knows? Maybe Oklahoma City bomber Timothy  McVeigh was right, method wrong, or was he the beginning of the deception? When I read about the military putting Christians at the top of dangerous peoples, things became less amusing. When I’d watch the JackVan Impe apocalypse movies and they called Christians “haters” I was amused at the speculative placement. It’s no longer amusing. Being a true Christian nowadays, even in the US, is becoming quite serious business.

The time, as prophesied long ago, is running out. Being a Christian is becoming dangerous, actually standing for Christ even more. But what we have ahead, after all this, is well worth the sacrifice we may be called to make. Are you a sleep-walker, holding to the form of religion without the relationship of the Christ Jesus? Have you rejected, up to now, the deity and ultimate sovereignty of the Christ? The clock is ticking, time is running out.  Is the “fun” you’ve been clinging to worth the risk of eternity in Hell? Search your heart. Repent of that which separates you from the God of the universe. He gives you a free gift, take it now.


Author: godsfingers

I'm a musician and worship leader, intent on following wherever God leads and directs me, with His leading's in the Spirit and others bonking me on the head ( hopefully not much of the latter). My life experiences are in blue collar and white collar (engineering) employment, political office, lay ministries, national competition in track and cross country and most importantly marriage and raising a family. God has given me a unique set of skills and character to serve Him and a passion for doing it.

7 thoughts on “Boston Bombing, False Flag or Terrorists?

  1. This appears to be another hoax just like Sandy Hook. Take a look at DaveJ or Ghenghy on youtube. They are very good at sniffing out all these hoaxes.

  2. Your response to this is just like Sandy Hook. Lots of insinuation, no evidence beyond “I hear tell” or “it seems to me” or “I bet they try to pin it on some evangelical.”

    Take a stand, please! In your opinion, Did the govt do this, yes or no?

    • Yes, now given I’ve that I’ve given you the time of day show yourself honorable and reputable by allowing and showing my full posts on your website. You have shown me by your own postings that you lack the integrity of truth. Your postings are a sham, stented by your own creative editing of other folks posts. You stand guilty of worse than your rantings that you post here.

      • If that is your ethic, then please show my full posts on your website.

        I publish only my own material on my blog, by the way.

        SO = yes or no? Is Boston a false flag or not? Take a stand!

        • Which part of yes didn’t you understand?

          I have always shown your unedited posts so I’m not sure what ethics you are questioning?

          I’m not sure what you’re inferring in the publishing your own material comment. You’ve published my comment from here, edited by you, and refused to allow a comment that clarifies your editing. I believe that makes you wrong on both counts, your own material and ethics.

          I do note that you come to this sight as an unqualified critic and instead of healthy debate you foment some form of liberal argument. I suspect your form of proof will be from the state controlled media, from which no proof will come. Expose’ journalism is a thing of the past or thrown on the heap of conspiracy theorists so the “proof” you apparently desire is nonexistent because you only want to believe the official releases, and that is your choice. Follow the deception if you will, I’m sure you’ll be the first, leading the way to the door of Christians to have them locked up.

          • You definitely believe it to be false flag then? Thanks, that’s all I wanted to know. Implying I’m an apostate, btw, as well as mind-contolled, hardly foments healthy debate.

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