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Where Are My Children? The Alienated Church of Choice.


father & son

Are you really my Grampa?

Today is my grandson’s birthday. He turned nine today but I wasn’t there to see him. In fact I’ve seen him only once since the time he was almost three and that was because his aunt set up a chance meeting three years ago. He looked at me and said, ” Do I know you?”. His father has chosen not to let his son around us and the boy’s mother doesn’t want much to do with anything related to the boy’s father. You see, awhile ago Sue and I decided we would no longer enable my son. At nearly 30 it was time for him to grow up, accept some accountability. He decided, then, that I was no longer his father.

This isn’t the first either. My first daughter decided I wasn’t her father. Though I adopted her when she was two, gave her a father’s love and protection, her mother convinced her that they would be much happier with her biological father, that her mother had left me for. That dream would end when drug use killed him. But my grandchildren are still gone with only one even knowing I exist.

It’s a difficult time. I should be bouncing these grandchildren on my knees, teaching them to fish, hike in the woods, ride a horse, but they are alienated from me, untouchable. Sue and I pray for them nightly that they would return, but even more importantly that they find the comfort and Grace in the arms of Christ. And that is my biggest prayer. I would give it all up for the sake of Christ. God has blessed me, though, in my other children and step children who have provided me with dear grandchildren for which I have great joy.

jesus crying

Jesus crying for His church, He’s watching

So it is for the Christ, Jesus. His church has walked away, has turned aside. Though He paid the ultimate price for each and every one of us, without invitation, it seems fewer and fewer want to accept the gift. The churches have left Him. They stand, holding Him up as one to do their bidding, to get rich, well known, to provide stuff. His only request in receiving His gift was to sin no more, yet churches teach that it’s not necessary to stop sinning. Go ahead, take His gift and go ahead and sin, He won’t take the gift back. Others, taking this position further have taken to teaching that sin isn’t sin, or even that there is no Hell to be tossed into for sinning.

Then there are those churches who are cursing His Nation, His people. They seek to drive out His people of promise from their inheritance that they are being called back to. Though all are called to Christ and He is the only way to salvation it was by His Spirit that the promise still stands. Yet the churches are arrogant that they have “the gift” and the people of promise are disinherited.  Many in the church don’t even know, because they’re not taught, that Jesus wants a personal relationship with them. He is saddened and will at one point cut them all off without a pure return to Him

jesus & kids

Jesus gathering His children

He stands, with arms outstretched, calling to His children to return, to enjoy His presence. He wants to gather them up and hold them close to Himself. His yoke is light, His burden isn’t greater than we can handle. Why this insistence of disregard? Because the time is short and the enemy, Satan has entered the church causing apostasy. And this church will not be regarded by Christ. In Rev 3 three stages of the church are spoken of. The sleepers, the lukewarm, and those that will not endure that hour of trial that is coming. SO where are you? If you’re sleeping, WAKE UP. If you’re lukewarm, make a decision. If you’re of the faithful, hold fast, He will gather you into His arms. If you’re reading this and never made a decision before, now is the time. Jesus wants to gather you to Himself also. Admit to yourself your frailty and disobedience. Repent of your sins and take His free gift to you. He wants all His children to come, don’t add to His pain. Take it from me, it’s no fun at all.


Author: godsfingers

I'm a musician and worship leader, intent on following wherever God leads and directs me, with His leading's in the Spirit and others bonking me on the head ( hopefully not much of the latter). My life experiences are in blue collar and white collar (engineering) employment, political office, lay ministries, national competition in track and cross country and most importantly marriage and raising a family. God has given me a unique set of skills and character to serve Him and a passion for doing it.

15 thoughts on “Where Are My Children? The Alienated Church of Choice.

  1. good one hon-love you


  2. I so did not realize that you had grandchildren. I thought you were around my age. I should have known better. Most people in my generation are apathetic to anything of real meaning. I am 28 and my wife turned 23 today. Most of my friends are old enough to be my father. I hope and pray things get better for you and your family Brother Dan, take care and God bless.

  3. Wow, this is great, Dan. Reading the story of your grandchildren really hits home the way the church has been rejecting Jesus. Great post full of compassion.

  4. Dan, I feel your hurt. We have a total of 6 grandchildren that we love, but have no legal claim to and have, for different reasons, been separated from us. Your explanation of how the Lord grieves is so true and understandable. It makes me want to cry. It is a special gift to be able to make one person be able to truly feel another’s pain. Thank you for the gift and accept my prayer that God will fill the void in your heart.

  5. I wonder if they even teach/show that we are crucified with Christ yet live, yet not we, but Christ within us, and the life we now live we live by faith in the Son of God, or that they which now live should no longer live unto themselves but unto Him who died and rose again, or anything about mortifying the flesh, deny self daily and picking up the cross..and so much more.

    Saying some of that to some today might get you a-wow that’s no joy..but then I ask, what is joy? is it found in self and outward things and ease of life and more..or is it supernatural? of the Spirit, a fruit of the Spirit and well above anything of this earth? can joy be had in good times and lean times and times of persecution, isn’t joy quite above any times?
    It’s a funny verse, it is the Spirit which gives life-the flesh..profits nothing, the words spoken are Spirit and are life…

    The Lord Jesus didn’t come to increase the flesh, benefit the fleshly nature, we’re told to do the opposite in fact, mortify and deny and more, but the popular churches teaches the exact opposite..increase..the fleshly nature (which they don’t say directly, but by causing a focus on things of this life and world and outward things and self, it does just that, increases the fleshly man and fleshly focus). Seek 1st the kingdom and His righteousness and all that stuff will be added, but perhaps coming close to Christ in the right manner, that “stuff” won’t matter..although added lol. It’s a completely different focus, Him, or the self and things….Christ reigns in the heart, or our will reigns in the heart? the church in rome has a chair with an upside down cross, the popular churches have a teaching the same.

    I dunno, without being crucified on the cross with Christ..how can we be then raised with Him in newness of life? People sitting under popular bad teachings ought to really consider things, come out of the world.

    sidenote-once under heavy reviling by a large group I had the most joy, and love, come over me that I’ve ever experienced, might have been ten feet tall not sure, but was sure full of joy, and power..and they couldn’t touch me, was no fear, but a love and power. All that was well beyond me huh, joy(and more) is not tied to anything of this world. For the times coming maybe helpful to study that ..gift or angle of God’s provision and more under persecutions or other events.

  6. Your story saddens me, Dan, but we know that Christ is coming to make all things new. The pain of this world will bring us into the joy of heaven with Christ where things like this don’t happen. As for your grandchildren, my prayers are with them. Children are a gift on loan from God. No one can take them away from you forever. I believe that.

  7. Dan, reading about your estranged children and grandchildren saddened me. We do our best for our children, teach them the ways of the Lord, but then we set them free and it’s up to them. God gave them free will and they don’t always choose the best for themselves. They are missing out, not knowing you. Keep praying and believing that they will turn to the Lord, and come back into your life at the appointed time. My first marriage ended when my two sons were teenagers and they chose to stay with their father. I kept contacting my sons to see them, then my eldest son said to me, “If you love something, set it free… if it comes back to you, it’s yours, if it doesn’t, it never was.” A few years later there was a change in my relationship with my sons and they were keen to spend time with me. Two days ago I spent a few hours with my granddaughters, realizing how blessed I am!

    And if we can feel so much for our children, and grandchildren, how much more does Jesus feel for His children, for whom He died? We continue to pray for the lost to know Him, while there is still time.


  8. I pray that your son will return to you and your wife, and your grandchildren will be returned to you as well….

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  10. I hope you will take this in the loving spirit I speak it to you….You are dead in Christ..the past is gone…yet you ”are” still able to reap the blessings of the physical side as in your seed and their seed…this too is a mystery many refuse to enjoy the benefits of …it too is deep within the blood that was shed for us all…Oh the depth of that love (blood) for us all…
    With that sad…my beloved brother in Christ Jesus, think on the manifold blessings of those who have gone on before you that you are partakers of their seed also…these who prayed for you, for your children, children’s children etc…you are reaping their prayers and so shall yours…we are all reaping the ‘seed’ in the loins of Abraham when he tithed to Melchizedek… This my Brother I fully enjoy daily…and also enjoy what The Holy Spirit ‘shows me what HE sees, and tells me what HE hears…as I pray for my own grandchildren and great grandchild(ren) as they will continue to be till our Lord returns)’ …it has and continues to remove all remorse and sorrow from not being able to enjoy them daily….after all Brother Let’s face it…our knees can only last so long bouncing growing youngins on them…(ha ha) but our hearts are daily enlarged with all the blessings Jesus gives us about each one of them..so we do not sorrow nor allow ourselves to do so ‘after each twing of the heart we run to Jesus for His healing loving comfort and share with us all His children, grandchildren, etc that have been lead away from Him..Oh Glory Glory the love ‘we share in our love for all these’ we (The Lord and I) pray for…it’s unspeakable joy…’til the next time we think on these things HE shows us ‘what things to think on’….

    I want to also add that the Dog I see in your picture The Lord reminds me of so many prayers I had prayed for our dog like that one…who is now enjoying the love of God …I can just see that crazy loveable dog romping barking at the heels of the “horse” about ready to come …(haha) Truly our God is a wonderful God…I shall pray for your children and grandchildren along with my own…as I do continue to pray for your dog (smile)…

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