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Speak this Word to the America’s


This Word I received this morning:

Speak this Word to the America’s. My hand is against you. You deceive yourselves into believing hope comes over time, that these things will pass. But My hand is against you. You deceive yourselves into believing that your attitude can change things. But My hand is against you. You honor me with your lips but your heart is far from me. You cling to a promise given long ago yet you embrace evil, and allow evil to reside in your places of worship. You have been led astray by those who assure you that you can, as you will, continue because your place with me is guaranteed. I AM THAT I AM, I am sovereign and just and will no longer tolerate those that mold me to their own use. You continue to pervert my Word and allow the killing of innocents, take into fellowship those who lift themselves, create a lifestyle in contradiction to my commands.

Know this, the time is short and for the sake of my own it is shortened. A period of deception is about to lay on the land. A short period of perceived prosperity will quickly come about to cause a slumber on those who are not listening. I have allowed this, to sift and strain. In appearances it will be a calming and choices must be made. Just as quickly my hand will be against those that are against me and my judgments will increase.

Not so for those whose hearts are with me, who seek my face daily, hourly, every minute. Your hearts are tied to mine, do not let the tie loosen and I will bless you and keep you. You will be a shining light and men will hate you and seek to destroy you. But I am above that, and as it will, so will you be. Look past those things of men and look to me, for soon the things of men will make you shudder. But know that it is I who keep you and this time is short.


We have just passed the “celebration” of abortion, the killing of innocent children, an act of murder that is accepted while murderers run free. I believe the judgments passed on the innocents will soon be passed on the murderers, if not the actual those that hold that murder in their hearts. Also this celebration of homosexuality running rampant is of note. It is rampant in the secular area, but God is speaking, right now, to the church that is promoting it within it’s walls.

The US re-elected the grand promoter of this, who has pushed this as his agenda. An agenda that includes disarming the people so that resistance will be futile. I’ve heard the statements going around of faux optimism that at least he will be gone in four years. I don’t believe that will happen. His kingdom was established in November and in the course of time his tenure will be extended until God’s judgment falls.

We need to be aware of a period of prosperity coming, whether in truth or misinformation, that will test hearts and cause many to stray. In Christ we need to stay the course, keep our eyes on the true King, waiting and serving.

In this Word I resisted the word America’s but it continued to come. This, then, will be interesting to watch as we’ve been approached a number of times to “escape” to South America. God has you planted where He wants you and unless He clearly indicates that you move it’s time to stay put.

What an interesting and wondrous time God has allowed us to live in.



Author: godsfingers

I'm a musician and worship leader, intent on following wherever God leads and directs me, with His leading's in the Spirit and others bonking me on the head ( hopefully not much of the latter). My life experiences are in blue collar and white collar (engineering) employment, political office, lay ministries, national competition in track and cross country and most importantly marriage and raising a family. God has given me a unique set of skills and character to serve Him and a passion for doing it.

10 thoughts on “Speak this Word to the America’s

  1. Wonderful post I plan to reblog this… There is something coming much worse than Obama. A similar word has been on my heart too but I did not realize a false peace or hope will be perceived by so many. I am waiting to give the word on my heart until the right time. I have to finish Apollyon Rising 2012 by Tom Horn first. That is in my heart.

    Obama is the forerunner of the anti-christ. Many believe him to be the anti-christ and he surly is a anti-christ but is not the anti-christ. As John the Baptist was to Jesus Christ so is Obama to the Anti-Christ. Remember there was quite a bit of messianic fervor around John the Baptist but John humbly denied that it was he and that he was just meant to prepare the way for Jesus Christ. Obama embraces the title and does not deny the claims that he is a messiah. That is the heart of an evil man…

    • Is this a new book? We tried the central library here and couldn’t find it. But, then, they keep stealing the Humanist Manifesto I and II to keep it out of the hands of the public here.

    • The A/C will come from the people of the Roman Empire according to Dan 9. Obama’s birth cert has never been fully realized and therefore his origin is in question. Why…? Is this an ominous sign of things yet to be revealed …? This man is smooth talking and talks with flatteries, he is power hungry and willing to subvert our Constitution for his gain. Dan 11 describes a precursor to the A/C in the form of Antiochus Epiphanes IV. Interesting parallels are arising…

      • Dear Mr. ProclaimingGodsTruth,

        I wanted to respond to this to let you know that Obama was indeed born in America but it was hidden for a reason. People were sent down the false trail of him not being American by birth because if it was revealed that Frank Marshall Davis is Obama’s real father, the forerunner of the Anti-Christ would not have been able to fulfill his destiny. If you watch or read “Dreams of My Real Father” you will understand why it was important to keep the real birth certificate hidden.

        There was a lot of messianic fervor around John the Baptist too. Just like there has to be messianic fervor around the forerunner of the anti-christ. There is a shiite prophecy that labels Obama as the forerunner of the 12th Imam (The Christian Anti-Christ). In the prophecy, he bears the mark of the third Imam. Mark meaning name, the 3rd imam’s middle name was Hussien. In the original text it says this will show that he is with us. The original Persian spelling of “he is with us” is “O Ba Ma”. That was the language the original prophecy was written in. The forerunner in that same prophecy is described as “a tall black leader from the west commanding the most powerful Army in the world.” This fits Obama almost perfectly.

        It makes sense that he would be the forerunner of the Anti-Christ. After all if the anti-christ is too deceive people it would be important for him to have a forerunner. Things are getting close without a doubt. I do not believe Obama is the 12 Imam, but he will help bring the Imam in near the end of his second term.

        I point this out with all due respect.


  2. Reblogged this on Montana Truth Seekers Ministry and commented:
    Awesome blog to read

  3. God’s hand is being removed or has been removed from this nation. I am convinced He has [almost] had enough of the sin, rebellion, rejection, idolatry, greed, and lust that America is embracing more so by the day. God has not spoke to me verbally but has through His word so I hear what you are saying. I seek the Lord constantly throughout the day, read His Word day and night and get on my knees in humble prayer as much as I can.

    Churches need to prepare the people … now!

  4. I am finished with Apollyon Rising 2012 by the way and recently ordered Petrus Romanus also by Tom Horn by the way. Please let me know if you get a chance to read any of his work.

  5. Interesting confirmation to our family. My husband has also been told by the Holy Spirit during his prayer time, that we are to “stay the course”…

    Thanks very much for sharing this!

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