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Bringing Risky Back


United (States) Parcel Service.

A great eye opening thought by my friend Ben ( read it all ), I couldn’t have said it better. He had a nice comfortable youth ministry here in Wisconsin, but he felt a call to Romania. Picked up and left the comforts, a known language, known customs, culture to the unknown where God, in His sovereignty called him. That’s risk, yet he still feels a shirker.

What about America? Where is the risk? Is God sovereign here? Yes. Definitely. But he allows man the privilege of pretending He’s not. Do we allow God His rightful position in our lives? I think not. Do we allow God to direct, intervene, mature us. Maybe, when it suits us. And really, this is where America finds itself, why it’s in the fix it’s in. American Christians don’t trust God and frankly, many who claim to be Christians don’t even really believe in God.

Com’on, really. I’ll probably offend everyone, but I’m including myself in this critique. How many of us trust God? I mean really trust God. Trust God in our finances. Trust God in our health. Trust God in our relationships. You do?? I know, you feel ill, go forward get prayed for then go to the doctor. And that’s even if you feel God is interested in your health and your church even allows it. Some churches claim that’s what God gave us doctors for and why you need health insurance (okay, I’ll cover the effects of this in a bit ).

There is no risk in America, everyone’s got insurance to cover everything. I watched a video series for men where the speaker admonished that you need to take care of your wife, that you need to make her secure and prepared in the event you die, you NEED to get a life insurance policy, just in case God doesn’t provide. Somehow the sense of security, then, is in the life insurance. How about giving her the security that you’re a man of God. How about teaching her to be secure in God’s provision what ever it is.

There’s car insurance, home insurance, retirement investment insurance, health insurance, even pet insurance. Somehow Christians got suckered into the “just in case God doesn’t follow through” scenario. So what does it mean that God doesn’t follow through? You might lose something? You might get uncomfortable? Did you happen to notice that things get uncomfortable anyway?

Americans are brought up from the cradle with stuff and they soon learn how to keep stuff and grow up having to rent space for stuff. And then they have to spend tons of money to make sure you don’t lose the stuff.

Here we were force fed by the government that everyone needs health insurance. Why? And now we have Obamcare that forces you to have health insurance, whether you want it or not. Is God sovereign or is the government. The arguments for health care were everywhere. Who, how much? Never was God’s sovereignty included in this, only “frightening” scenarios. What if this what if that, you’ll lose your savings, you’ll lose your home, you’ll lose, you’ll lose, you’ll lose…..

Only if that’s what God wanted to happen. DO you believe in God’s sovereignty? What if God wants you to lose the house for a season? What if God wants your full undivided attention on Him and needs you to get knocked down a notch? What if God has a specific lesson for you? Paul was clear, whether in good times or in bad times, rich or poor, his desire and focus was on God. In America, there’s too much focus on the stuff around us and acquiring it.

I got remarried to a wonderful woman 15 years ago, she had health insurance and I got added to the policy. Previously I was married with 4 kids and no insurance. We were basically healthy with the exception of one girl breaking a wrist and the kids were born without health insurance. Any medical issues were paid out of pocket. We had some periods of doing without but trusted God for His provision and he provided. Since being remarried, with insurance, I’ve had a broken collarbone, two broken legs various illnesses and even some life threatening. All while under the “doctor’s care”. The insurance was convenient, doctors were then prescribing my life, not God. It seemed that I became more ill trying to prevent illness.

The problems come along that God still wants to lead and direct you. He may want to allow some health hardship, He may want to allow some financial hardship. He wants your trust in Him. Insurance or not He will do what’s necessary to get your attention so the affliction may have to be more severe than if you were already trusting Him. Why are there so many miracle healings in undeveloped countries but not in America? Because in America you trust in doctors. I’m not suggesting that you go our and cancel your insurance policies, unless you have the faith to do so. There is an element of stewardship in all things we do, just not to the point of excess.

I think of Job. He lost his wealth, holdings, even his children, lived on a dump pile, yet, never let loose of the sovereignty of God. And God honored that and replaced everything he lost. Now, that’s why America is where it’s at, right now. We trust in insurance, government handouts, financial planning ( I love that one, what if God’s plans are different?), but not God’s sovereignty to provide. All these are man’s ways, but God’s ways are not man’s ways. He wants your full trust and devotion. He wants you to take a risk on Him. Can we get past our stuff, can we trust Him to be sent out like sheep amongst the wolves? With this current administration and the direction the US is taking, I’m thinking, soon you’ll have to make that choice

Footsteps In The Deep

I spent about ten years living and ministering in a small town in southern Wisconsin.  A number of the families in our church body were raising farm animals.  One family had goats.

Not once (in all my years in that fellowship) did I ever hear that family express worry over what would happen to the poor coyotes and mountain lions if one curious little goat managed to escape the pen.

Because we all know full well the fate that would await such an adventurous little guy:  coyote food.


In Matthew 10:16, Jesus gathers together his disciples to give them an encouraging word about his calling on their lives.  So, what does he tell them?  How he will always be with them?  How he has given them every place they set their feet?  How a thousand may fall at their side, ten thousand at their right hand, but it won’t come…

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Author: godsfingers

I'm a musician and worship leader, intent on following wherever God leads and directs me, with His leading's in the Spirit and others bonking me on the head ( hopefully not much of the latter). My life experiences are in blue collar and white collar (engineering) employment, political office, lay ministries, national competition in track and cross country and most importantly marriage and raising a family. God has given me a unique set of skills and character to serve Him and a passion for doing it.

11 thoughts on “Bringing Risky Back

  1. Great article! You make some points that the church in the Western world definitely needs to hear: trust God, not your stuff; be content to go without; accept the sovereignty of God… It got me thinking about how, here in Romania, I still feel the pull of the flesh for comfort and immediate gratification. Whether you’re a missionary or a janitor, a pastor or a doctor, a homeless man or a teenager the flesh wants comfort, and it wants it now. God, however, sometimes has different plans.

  2. This sounds like ‘Martha’….when we as many do from time to time, get the oppression of what we (and others) should, could, did or did not do when that in and of itself is so easily able to get our eyes off of Jesus…As Christians, we are not flooded by the sins of the world that we use to be, yet we are distracted by the things we think ‘others and ourselves’ should, or should not do…thereby our peace is strained…

    Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. (6) In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

    Colossians 3:1-3 IF ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God. (2) Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth. (3) For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.

    ….and by the way ”not everyone has insurance nor is everyone able to get insurance and many are not able to receive medical help because they do not have insurance!

    • Again, it’s a relative reference, especially since the POTUS has remanded insurance as a requirement. I really was more content without than I was with and we, here, are slowly weaning from it as faith enables.

      • at the Doctors office the other day I was told ‘that Socialized medicine is already here’…the changes the Doctors have been making and being forced to make less they loose their jobs….many believe the changes in the medical profession are ‘only’ ‘a change’…when in fact it’s been changed right before everyone’s eyes…I thought of what the Bible says…many believe there will be a definite immediate occurrence..when it is slowly done minute by minute day by day.

  3. Question….any idea what all these ”inserts” of advertisements on every thing…I mentioned it to someone not long ago and was told ‘Oh that don’t mean nothing’….Well it does!! I find no matter what I read or do, there are certain words changed into blue and an automatic add pops up, anyone have any idea what this is all about? I really would like to know…I truly feel this is not ‘just advertisements’

    • I never see it, so I don’t know how it works, but I haven’t paid the bucks here to be ” free of advertisements” so I guess the ads are how the site gets paid. One blogger I know paid the fee and there were Joel Osteen ads showing up. That caused a bit of an uproar….

    • Ah, I reread your comment and got a visual of what you mean. I’ve seen it on news sights and it’s quite annoying. Maybe I need to rethink going ad free…

      • It has nothing to do with ‘ad free’…there’s a Bible Puzzle thingy I have enjoyed for years…it never had any advertisements or pop ups…or random pop ups….but recently in the past few months…it does…but not the random pop ups…it’s ONLY on the words…you click on a letter and it will pop up an add..it reminds me of you may have heard of it…where the phones ( may be tapped) were monitored and if you said a certain word it brought you to the attention of who ever was monitoring your calls…many thought it as the Ole hen crying The Sky is falling (smile) but in fact it is exactly the way these random words are done I’ll see if I can send it to you in another ‘reply thing’…

      • The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has begun watching a blog

        there will your heart be also.

        Words in blue and underlined..are…
        Homeland Security

        all three of these are in different settings

  4. that was a HORRIBLE video Dan-get rid of that! Oh poor baby! I was going to leave the following comment after but the ‘gravatar’ looked like a pirate or a hillbilly and with an eye patch and toothless grin and I am too vain to have show up for me.

    um-I am the 2nd wife Dan speaks of-just for the record; (sic) he did NOT get the broken collarbone, legs, ill health from ME!!! ;) Just sayin, dear! Needed to defend my honor, ya know!

    Pray for me folks, it is not always easy livin’ with him!!! [Dan, that is-GOD is good all the time!)–Sue, [the quiet half]


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