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Soon, Bible Registration?


questionThe Sandy Hook incident has seemingly taken on a life of its own. Lot’s and lot’s of questions. There’s even a WIKI page with the official story, not unlike the official WIKI for climategate three years ago. While the mainstream media continues to fawn and sanitize the story, intelligence and/or crackpot information has been churning out a different and un-nerving story. Now, evidence is being presented to question whether the event actually happened. Apparently, it took 20 minutes for the police response from the call even thought the cop shop is a mile away. One “father” was told to “read from the card” for a public statement, only to find a picture of his daughter with the POTUS two days later. Picture comparisons indicate that many grieving parents are actually actors.Reporting indicated that the shooter even shot up cars in the parking lot before he, “shot his way in” , yet the principal walked out to see him.

Was this created by the media? Did the media pick up on an exercise they didn’t know about and take off with it where it got out of control, not unlike the radio broadcast of “War of the Worlds”. Is this a staged event to deceive and push an agenda? It’s beginning to look like it. What comes to my mind is the world wide event, when, according to the Bible, he is going to “appear” to be raised from the dead, from a mortal wound to the head. I marveled at how it could be slid by an inquiring free press, how could the population buy it? Or, in an even most sinister move, was this directed from the White House as the motivational force to, as Biden has been pushing, gun control by Executive Order?

An Executive Order to circumvent the Constitution. More executive control, more of King Obama. Notice how immediate the response for banning weapons. Not just weapons, but effective self defensive weapons. Again referring to my last post, this could have been prevented, if it actually happened, with privately armed staff. But the POTUS, using the not free press, has his agenda, and that is disarming the citizenry. If he gains some success in this by banning “assault” weapons, he will most certainly follow with a registration of all guns.

I grew up in the Chicago area and in the 70’s I bought a 22 rifle and had to register as a gun owner. I was 18 and now I was a card carrying gun owner, proud as punch, not unlike getting your driver’s license. That was then. Now, Obama’s alleged hometown/state is trying to ram rod wholesale outlaw of guns. That works well as Chicago’s homicide rate shows. Additionally, I read this morning that Illinois is now pushing control of precious metal purchases. They want to find your guns, now they want to find your precious metals. Is there no limit to the incursion into privacy for these people? Apparently not. Along with all this is “Obamacare”, electronic health records, biometrics, they’ve even developed a FICA score for you taking medications on a timely manner.

So is Bible registration on the horizon? Will you have to register as a Bible user or owner? Will they track Bible purchases? A stretch? I’m not so sure. Christians are already on the hot sheet for abortion clinic demonstrations. Preachers are already put in a position of having to be apolitical and a sermon against sexual orientation, gender, endorsing disciplining kids, etc can put you in jail ( yes, a preacher, here, went to jail because he spoke on spanking, “teaching child abuse”).  You have “Christian militia” arrests already and many of us are getting added daily. I’m quite sure that I’m on quite a number of hot lists already.

Jesus speaks clearly in

Matthew 24:9-10

New International Version 1984 (NIV1984)

Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death, and you will be hated by all nations because of me. 10 At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other, 11 and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. 12 Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, 13 but he who stands firm to the end will be saved. 14 And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.”

It’s not a stretch to think that Bible registration, or being a card carrying Christian is on the horizon. The forces are already at work of moving, isolating the Christian, removing anything of Christ from public view, even within some “christian churches” lest they offend someone. The time is coming, we’re closer every day, when all this around us will be gone. You can run but can’t hide. All that will be left is the result of a choice we made while we had the time. A life or death choice. The time is coming where we stand before God and he looks to see, if, in fact, you carry the card, whether you “chose wisely”. Don’t worry, either choice is life eternal. It’s a matter of whether you want to spend it in a barbecue pit or in the soothing presence of God. Today is the day to make that choice. It may be hard for now but you have to look at the big picture. Today Jesus has called you, spoken directly to you and offers His redeeming gift to join Him in everlasting joy. Make that choice today.


Author: godsfingers

I'm a musician and worship leader, intent on following wherever God leads and directs me, with His leading's in the Spirit and others bonking me on the head ( hopefully not much of the latter). My life experiences are in blue collar and white collar (engineering) employment, political office, lay ministries, national competition in track and cross country and most importantly marriage and raising a family. God has given me a unique set of skills and character to serve Him and a passion for doing it.

37 thoughts on “Soon, Bible Registration?

  1. I have been tracking this too. Here is a link you need to check out in relation to this.


    Thanks for the post you did a good job.

    • That was great. Especially the CNN report

      • I love Natural News I go to that site everyday. It has taught me so much. I thought you would enjoy that article. I hope all is well with you. I will be posting a new blog in a few days. I know you will be interested in reading it. I make a case that the modern American Church could be guilty of genocide. I am in the middle of my second draft right now. I will let you know when it is up. I think you subscribe to my blog anyway like I subscribe to yours. I will talk with you later, take care and God bless.

        • My Bad, I thought I already was following 😦

          • No worries, I thought you were too. I was not trying to hint around for you to do that. I just got the blog up so you can check it out. It ended up being a two and a half pages and I was trying to keep it short but I couldn’t get it any shorter. Please let me know what you think of my observations whenever you get a chance.

  2. You brought up a lot of good points, Dan. I do not think it is far-fetched to think that one day we will have to “register” as Christians! Are not Christians now being labeled as intolerant and bigoted? You can get arrested for preaching the truth of Jesus Christ because it “offends” people! Persecution will come if you are Christian. It is already creeping along the horizon now!

    • Can you imagine the demographics that can be obtained for the adversary by forcing churches to turn over membership roles? “Episcopalians, Methodists, Catholics….our side,… Pentecostals, Bible churches, Baptists….believers in God and practice what they preach, their side.”

      • Dan, I was reading where blog writers are finding that the Dept. of Homeland Security is monitoring their blogs. Here is one link but it shows you that Christianity is considered a “threat” to America! God help us all!


        By the way, I noticed DHS on my list also!

      • In the early 1980’s I was informed that ”all” Church’s (denominations all faiths) had to ‘turn over the Name, address, phone number etc of anyone who donated $500.00 dollars or more, to the IRS. In that ‘info’ they had to ”List all the Members and/or their information on Tithing”…that was about the time that ”all Church’s” entered all members names into their computers, and it was the ‘same time’ that when “anyone” went to the Church’s and asked for ‘help, food etc’ their name was entered into the Church Computer and if they were a member they were allowed ‘2 bags’ of groceries (food for those who are not familiar with the food donators (smile) that being dry & canned only. Now if they were ”NOT” a member then they were only allowed 1 bag of groceries. This was the same time that the homeless sleeping on the streets etc were taken off the streets when the temperature reached 32 degrees….but not 33 degrees!! Ohh the love of man for man is amazing…and it’s shown outwardly from the Church’s ….(yes if they wanted more Brownie Points to show how great a giver they were, they would give more, and parade them as the example of who all they were helping. ….God help us!! Now that the computers are a major part of all facets of our lives ”they the Government” already knows where you are, how you are and who you are..make no mistake about that fact (smile)..

      • forgot something (smile)….I checked out something on the computer about 6 years ago and to my and my neighbors amazement….it showed my address…telephone number and a picture of where I lived….However ”the surprise” was… it also showed my neighbors telephone number, full names, addresses and a picture where they lived …this was also seen last year…but in ”living color” …We’ve come a long way from ‘Black & White’ satellites … (smile)…try it you’ll see all your neighbors info right before your eyes as they can see yours …”Come Quickly Lord Jesus Come Quickly…Amen!”

  3. I believe the ‘powers that be’ will take all online Bibles off line at some point. I have heard people claim they had dreams of Bibles being burned in the streets.

    As for Sandy Hook, something is rotten in Denmark for sure. It stinks to high heaven.

    • I was about to reply” I’m afraid you’re right” but I’m not afraid, God is in complete control. You might have hit the nail on the head, Sue has held a burden, recently, to get back into Bible memorization so there might be something to those dreams.

      As for my Bible, they’ll have to pry it from my cold lifeless hands…

    • I’m not a bit surprised…about those dreams…it’s on ‘in’ many a Christians heart that things are not exactly Kosher (smile) and looking at the facts daily emerging as well as the ones the day before getting stronger..we’re not in Kansas anymore Toto…nope we’re not..(smile)..I look around to see if there are pockets of believers and it’s as if they are like the Walking Dead…No one ‘knows nuffin’…yet on here in the Internet..and in the quietness of my prayer/relationship with Jesus..’we are in the midst of the Perfect Storm’…! (one that God orchestrated for His plan to be fulfilled…not man…

  4. Scripture tells us to ”set your affections on things above” not on the things of the earth…these things ‘will effect us if we are not careful to keep our eyes on Jesus… as for this thing about the children being a hoax….it would not surprise me…yet it would be just another ”sick-o” thing that we are learning as the Light shines on all darkness and reveals the Truth. Whether the children were killed or not, or the young man or not..a lot of Christians chose to not obey the Word of God in it~ ”folks we really need to get our acts together and get serious with The Word of God and whom we will serve..God or ‘Baal’…(the World)…so many are more interested in denominations, locations, nationalities and maturity or lack thereof… it’s Jesus from the ”get-go” …if someone went in and killed thousands of children or millions, what is that to us…?? we are called to pray…not pray for the dead but to pray for the living…does it hurt if children are killed…YES it also hurt when ‘if it happened’ when Adults are killed too!…it also hurt when God knocked off ‘countless children, pregnant women, puppy dogs, kitty cats, birds all animals, insects, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, next door neighbors…leaders of the communities..preachers etc…all of this was ‘done when Noah entered the Ark’….a REPEAT was done when God delivered Lot and his daughters out of Sodom and Gomorrah.
    Right before the eyes of the ones who saw the line drawn…and those in the back ground so many thousands of people in the back ground…when God had the Earth to open up and thousands were swallowed up…killed…and their children and their puppy dogs and the horse they rode in on …or donkeys….WE NEED TO GET REAL…This God we serve and love deeply is righteous in all He does..this World is EVIL in all it does..they do what they do ‘for a profit’…’to manipulate our hearts to do what they want us to do’… Even the discussions of ”who wrote the Bible”…Who gives a Flying Flip..are we serving the writer or the Holy Ghost who witnesses to us the Truth…all about JESUS….Not one time has The Holy Ghost witnessed that the Catholics, Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, Tree Huggers, Homosexuals and all perverted Bible Writers, who raise up perversion as a Priest, Wiccans etc are speaking Truth…How do I know..?? The Bible told me so…”the do not need to ”add” anything to HIS Word (smile)…and now we hear, that a horrific murder of (people only seem to care about the children..what about the men and women who were killed also??? Why? Because they can ‘suck out more tears from the gullible when a ‘little child is killed’…) If any of this offends anyone I do apologize for I must not have written it correctly…rather is should not offend but rather ”Convict”..just like the Article that spurred me to write this in a response!! Let God be True and face the fact the World is a Liar…Look in your own Bible..
    I have found this statement in ‘many Bible Translations’…amazing huh (smile)

    ”No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the publisher’s prior written permission”

    So they could get us for ‘violating the publishers rights (smile) as we ‘speak the Word, write the Word, ‘think the Word (for we all think it that is if we truly are born of Him…Praise be to Jesus…as for memorizing the Bible…there was a Movie a few years back…in the 1970’s I think…about a Firemen who joined a group of people who only spoke the words of a book they liked..they each chose a ‘book they liked’..to memorize it…I thought about that as I read the idea of one on this post..to memorize The Word (smile)…Bless you all ..continue to keep your eyes on Jesus..!!

  5. So – Obama staged the massacre, in order to ban assault weapons, in order to take away all your guns, in order to open the door to taking away your Bibles?

    It’s the nature of conspiracy theories to attribute omniscience to our opponents, don’t fall for paranoia! Perfect love casts out our fear.

    • I suppose, then, given your comment you’ll cast out fear and open comments on your blog for defense of your critique. I read your blog and find you walking, not in the peace and grace but in willful fantasy. Eventually, that person of perceived omnipotence will appear.

      Are you implying the scenario is improbable? We already have the POTUS forcing government over God’s sovereignty in many areas of our life. It is no strech to surmise the continued aggression of removing anything to do with God from our lives.Your comment about the US Constitution is quite naive. The current POTUS has total disregard for it and to believe otherwise is a dream.

      • I’m not saying it couldn’t happen, I’m saying you’re dreaming: “It could be a hoax in Connecticut, therefore it is a hoax!” Please.

        • Gary, let me give you some none hoaxes.

          Here a pastor is charged and found guilty of class H felony child abuse for preaching about spanking, sparing the rod. He was accused of “conspiracy to commit child abuse”. There is no such thing, but they won and got the precedent. He’s in prison.

          Hate laws have been passed that have inclusive language to, again, set the precedent to jail a preacher for preaching against homosexuality, same sex marriage etc. Already happening in Canada.

          A teacher recently in New York has been fired for not removing encouraging scriptures and a quote from Ronald Reagan. Reason? Because FFRF would have sued.

          There is basis of fact for me, not a dream. I’m an engineer and researcher. No place for dreams in my work.

          While you’re hiding in Costa Rica things are in fact happening here whether you want to hide under a rock or not.

          • No, don’t jump around. You’re saying the CT shooting was a hoax, stages with actors. Stick to that: proof please?

            • I wasn’t jumping. Since you seem greatly offended by the mere suggestion that this very evil administration would perpetrate this I gave you some very real time factual buildup of persecution of Christians here and the not so American, not so Constitutional results. And the numbers grow by leaps and bounds.

              Again, click the links and follow the proofs while they still can be had. Now I understand completely why the Federal Agencies wanted control of the Internet. Sorry if that offends your tender spirit.

              here try this thread, maybe you’ll get a clue.

            • Horrors of horrors…..Implying the United States of America is anything other than completely honest, highest integrity, honoring God, family, Apple Pie, hot dogs, cute puppies (not the ugly ones) and all kitties …Ohhh this can’t be…we’re the good guys we wear the White hats…all the silent movies said so….

              I’m not sure I can maintain a decorum of lady-like sensibilities with these remarks….it’s ghastly!!!

              We would never go into another country and dismantle their government, hang their leader before the world…bow before evil leaders…conduct ourselves in a manner unbecoming a gentleman…pay to have children for the (ohh it’s too horrible to think about) the prostitution for the nations leaders and their visiting dignitaries….never would that ever enter our minds, inject our military with dangerous drugs …inject practicing drugs on the ignorant in other nations. Who are these people who would dare to malign our beloved nation??? Shame for shame !!

    • Additionally, after reading your article about martyrs, for which you’ve included this article for ridicule you’ve shown your lack of credibility. Again, you fail to allow postings to your lies and that adds further to your lack of credibility.

      “Here is an excellent example of what I mean (click HERE) – the website “Godsfingers” has an article on which it begins with gun control of assault weapons, then an emotional plea that “they” are certainly going to come and take away ALL guns, then the next thing – it’s a dead certainty!! – is that they will take away our Bibles and put us in prison camps. They are playing “martyr dress-up” rather than doing the real work of God.

      Really? Does this pastor face loss of employment; legal restrictions; imprisonment; beatings; exile; threats; death? No, indeed. If anything, he’ll probably get a raise for his “courageous stand.”

      You call me a pastor, which I may be by God’s calling, but legally I am not. You put me forward, in ridicule, as getting some sort of raise for a courageous stand. The fact is, yes, I spent time in jail, and yes, I received threats and wrongful treatment in publications, and yes, we were induced to move.

      It is clear that you are a part of the Laodecian church, sitting back and empowering evil.

  6. If you want to match me suffering-for-suffering, go ahead and try, but it’s a game I won’t play.

    • Reading your bio it seems your suffering has been self imposed. You seem to have flown from coup to coup not be able to find a resting place.

      As for matching you suffering for suffering I haven’t the foggiest what you’re talking about. Being jailed in a third world is one thing, automatic martyr. Being jailed in the US for your faith has lunatic labeled to it along with the distinct possibility of being placed in an institution by a family member. It already is being done. These are the subtle points in this hoax/non-hoax to make institutionalizing easier.

      As I said, hide under your rock down there, things really are happening here and there may not be the US next time you furlough.

      By the way, I love Costa Rica. I wanted to buy a small farm there.

      • Wow.

        Okay, I happen to be a missionary, that is, God called me to “fly from place to place,” and I have had to give up home, family, the English language, my own culture, and life in the US in order to follow the Lord and teach the gospel in a number of countries. Sorry you don’t have a higher regard for God’s commandment to us in Matthew 24, which is to preach the gospel of the kingdom.

        What I meant was, if you really are suffering and being jailed for your faith, share the details. Are you saying you were jailed for being a “lunatic”?

        And by the way, contrary to what you wrote on my site you are not just “asking questions.” Not when you say that Centennial and CT each had two shooters. Not when you write “Picture comparisons indicate that many grieving parents are actually actors.” That’s a statement, not a question.

        • Actually, I was referring to, I was a charismatic, then I” m not a charismatic, maybe I can help charismatics, maybe……all I can see is that you eventually landed teaching wrong theology in a foreign country.

          I have a high regard for Matt 24 and you might have noticed if you weren’t so narrow and short sighted, that IS what all the articles lead to. You may not like the Gospel, but again that is your choice. I am not subject to you, I am subject to my pastor and God.

          In reference to the guns, do you have a problem with me bringing up the FACT that in both cases there were witness accounts of two shooters and now the official language is one shooter? Do you have a problem with exposing actors posing as grieving parents? Did you miss the bottom line question? “What can you believe in all this” and the answer, “the Bible”?

          Did you have a need to come down from your lofty theological tower to mess with the laity for some reason. God will judge your arrogance.

      • And by the way, I’m not retired on a farm in some nice quiet corner of CR.

        • Which parts of proof did you miss? Click the links. But then you’re saying it wasn’t a hoax, proof please.

          • It’s not my job to disprove shootings, UFOs, the Loch Ness monster, it’s the job of the person with the far-fetched theory to prove his case. And you still haven’t said, as far as I can tell, that you think Sandy Hook was a hoax. Like typical authors of such theories, you snow the readers with insinuation, not a specific charge; you then move on to the next topic without settling the previous one.

            So: In your opinion, was Sandy Hook a govt conspiracy, YES OR NO?

            • Yes, now given I’ve that I’ve given you the time of day show yourself honorable and reputable by allowing and showing my full posts on your website. You have shown me by your own postings that you lack the integrity of truth. Your cowardice is apparent. Your postings are a sham, stented by your own creative editing of other folks posts. You stand guilty of worse than your rantings that you post here.

              Somehow, far fetched theories have become more credible than Janet Napolatino telling everyone, “please ignore the man behind the screen”, something she’s even doing to AP reporters now. Sorry, but the string of events has been, Aurora didn’t move the public, Oregon shootings didn’t move the public, Sandy Hook apparently didn’t move the public enough, so King obama will legislate by executive order. He will “try” to disarm Americans, and to some degree succeed. America will become irrelevant in the world and of no consequence, that’s a given according to the Bible. You, sir, need to get the Holy Spirit to discern between truth and entertaining postulations. You sir, lead many astray, leading to the enemy with your watered down theology instead of the Christ and His power.

  7. In one enactment they’d have identified many who are not onboard with the worlds ways and ways of men, the mark mandated. So maybe no need to register bibles etc as those who held to it wouldn’t be, or bother to, even go to a store and wouldn’t have been recorded as “registering” themselves so it would be easily known who is who then.

    In developed countries(EU), and some individual states here, they are limiting cash transactions, france just further limited theirs, now to 1,000. anything more and smart phone with slider/swipe app and device can be used etc, to track, collect their fee’s(banks) and taxes(gov). With limits on cash dropping, how much further to drop them until they just simply bring out their mark? then even the smallest purchase will generate revenue for them, and to boot all peoples will become knowns, or not knowns. Anyway thought it interesting and ties in with bible registration, or identifying christians and others who are not onboard with the worlds ways.

    with the swipe apps gone mobile, garage sales now can take credit cards, the app then would be a scanner/reader app..wave your hand over the reader app/device, make purchase…similar to some schools and lunch, only with cards still. We’re pretty far along in things. But keep worshiping and loving the Lord Jesus, He’s got it no problem! :))

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