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Ok, What’s up? Four 6+ earthquakes at once?

Ok, I got the snow cleared out of our access driveway finally. I can’t complain, it’s been since December since the last big snow and, God knows, we need the water. January was pretty mild and quiet, for Wisconsin, and much of the water soaked in hopefully appeasing the drought.

Speaking of quiet, what looked like an auspicious start for the month with a 7+ earthquake to start the year things became very quiet. A pretty much uneventful month giving the doubters credence to their disregard of escalating global events. The month went by, everyone sat back and went back to business as usual. Continue reading



Speak this Word to the America’s

This Word I received this morning:

Speak this Word to the America’s. My hand is against you. You deceive yourselves into believing hope comes over time, that these things will pass. But My hand is against you. You deceive yourselves into believing that your attitude can change things. But My hand is against you. You honor me with your lips but your heart is far from me. You cling to a promise given long ago yet you embrace evil, and allow evil to reside in your places of worship. You have been led astray by those who assure you that you can, as you will, continue because your place with me is guaranteed. I AM THAT I AM, I am sovereign and just and will no longer tolerate those that mold me to their own use. You continue to pervert my Word and allow the killing of innocents, take into fellowship those who lift themselves, create a lifestyle in contradiction to my commands.

Know this, the time is short and for the sake of my own it is shortened. A period of deception is about to lay on the land. A short period of perceived prosperity will quickly come about to cause a slumber on those who are not listening. I have allowed this, to sift and strain. In appearances it will be a calming and choices must be made. Just as quickly my hand will be against those that are against me and my judgments will increase.

Not so for those whose hearts are with me, who seek my face daily, hourly, every minute. Your hearts are tied to mine, do not let the tie loosen and I will bless you and keep you. You will be a shining light and men will hate you and seek to destroy you. But I am above that, and as it will, so will you be. Look past those things of men and look to me, for soon the things of men will make you shudder. But know that it is I who keep you and this time is short.

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Follow up: Don McLean, ” Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie” Prophecy?


The day the music died?

A number of people have asked me to express my thoughts and interpretations on the song, ” American Pie” by Don McLean. As I’ve mentioned, I was just getting out of high school when this song came out. Life was good, there was no better place to be, in the world, than America. The Vietnam war is soon over, the future is bright, and music ruled the skies. We all had our opinions on this strange but lovely piece of music shards, piecing together what groups or talents were being alluded to. It was a great testament to growing out of the music of the 50’s and 60’s, putting it to rest and getting on with the direction rock was heading, or so we thought. Continue reading


Inauguration into what?

Well, today’s a new day, yesterday is gone, finally. We don’t have to hear about it, all the money spent, yada, yada. So what happened yesterday? I heard there was an inauguration. Somebody showed up for some symbolic event that actually happened the day before, On Sunday, in private. So why the switch? This supposed Christian, supposedly godly man, why not Sunday? Many Christian churches send off their “called” men and women on Sunday. The statutory day fell on Sunday, yet he moved the public demonstration to Monday, Why?


I solemnly swear not to tell the truth, so help me god!

Much ado was made that he was going to swear in on TWO Bibles, Lincoln’s Bible and Martin Luther King’s Bible ( never did find out who’s was on top, doesn’t matter ). These two Bibles allegedly were the strength and inspiration of their rightful owners, their pipeline to God, the path that guides their feet. So why did Obama need to use their Bibles? Supposedly, Obama is Christian, he, then, would have his own book of light, the lamp unto his feet, and he should swear on HIS inspiration. I suspect otherwise, that he doesn’t even, own one, or have one in the White house. That was true with George Washington. He had to run down to the Masonic Temple and get one to swear on ( sorry folks, shoots holes in the George making a covenant with God for America line ). There was nothing in what Obama did in sincerity of heart, he only performed for the sake of propaganda. Continue reading


I’m Not King Obama? You Just Watch Me!

So where are we? There’s going to be an inauguration in a couple days. Apparently not many feel inclined to show up even though more money is going to be spent. He got re-elected but not many seem to excited, go figure. Perhaps it’s this ever growing despotism, perhaps it’s just mid-winter blues.

English: President Barack Obama and Vice Presi...

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden laugh together in the Oval Office, “yep, we got away with that one” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Perhaps it’s the false flag that happened in December, that we’d been predicting. Many are still livid at the suggestion that the Sandy Hook “tragedy” is a hoax, a false flag but the growing evidence, the continuing pining in the press about the need for gun control to avert another tragedy, begins to show otherwise. Hide behind the children like a good terrorist. Obama’s own words point to the need to create something extraordinary, shock the nation. When discussing pushing his agenda,

“The president acknowledged his proposals won’t be easy to pass. “This will be difficult,” he said. “This will not happen unless the American people demand it.”

The new effort to pass gun control legislation was spearheaded by Vice President Joe Biden, who chaired a committee put together by the president in the days following the Dec. 14, Newtown shooting.” ( Foxnews )

And so he created public demand…maybe. Continue reading


Bringing Risky Back

United (States) Parcel Service.

A great eye opening thought by my friend Ben ( read it all ), I couldn’t have said it better. He had a nice comfortable youth ministry here in Wisconsin, but he felt a call to Romania. Picked up and left the comforts, a known language, known customs, culture to the unknown where God, in His sovereignty called him. That’s risk, yet he still feels a shirker.

What about America? Where is the risk? Is God sovereign here? Yes. Definitely. But he allows man the privilege of pretending He’s not. Do we allow God His rightful position in our lives? I think not. Do we allow God to direct, intervene, mature us. Maybe, when it suits us. And really, this is where America finds itself, why it’s in the fix it’s in. American Christians don’t trust God and frankly, many who claim to be Christians don’t even really believe in God.

Com’on, really. I’ll probably offend everyone, but I’m including myself in this critique. How many of us trust God? I mean really trust God. Trust God in our finances. Trust God in our health. Trust God in our relationships. You do?? I know, you feel ill, go forward get prayed for then go to the doctor. And that’s even if you feel God is interested in your health and your church even allows it. Some churches claim that’s what God gave us doctors for and why you need health insurance (okay, I’ll cover the effects of this in a bit ).

There is no risk in America, everyone’s got insurance to cover everything. I watched a video series for men where the speaker admonished that you need to take care of your wife, that you need to make her secure and prepared in the event you die, you NEED to get a life insurance policy, just in case God doesn’t provide. Somehow the sense of security, then, is in the life insurance. How about giving her the security that you’re a man of God. How about teaching her to be secure in God’s provision what ever it is.

There’s car insurance, home insurance, retirement investment insurance, health insurance, even pet insurance. Somehow Christians got suckered into the “just in case God doesn’t follow through” scenario. So what does it mean that God doesn’t follow through? You might lose something? You might get uncomfortable? Did you happen to notice that things get uncomfortable anyway?

Americans are brought up from the cradle with stuff and they soon learn how to keep stuff and grow up having to rent space for stuff. And then they have to spend tons of money to make sure you don’t lose the stuff.

Here we were force fed by the government that everyone needs health insurance. Why? And now we have Obamcare that forces you to have health insurance, whether you want it or not. Is God sovereign or is the government. The arguments for health care were everywhere. Who, how much? Never was God’s sovereignty included in this, only “frightening” scenarios. What if this what if that, you’ll lose your savings, you’ll lose your home, you’ll lose, you’ll lose, you’ll lose…..

Only if that’s what God wanted to happen. DO you believe in God’s sovereignty? What if God wants you to lose the house for a season? What if God wants your full undivided attention on Him and needs you to get knocked down a notch? What if God has a specific lesson for you? Paul was clear, whether in good times or in bad times, rich or poor, his desire and focus was on God. In America, there’s too much focus on the stuff around us and acquiring it.

I got remarried to a wonderful woman 15 years ago, she had health insurance and I got added to the policy. Previously I was married with 4 kids and no insurance. We were basically healthy with the exception of one girl breaking a wrist and the kids were born without health insurance. Any medical issues were paid out of pocket. We had some periods of doing without but trusted God for His provision and he provided. Since being remarried, with insurance, I’ve had a broken collarbone, two broken legs various illnesses and even some life threatening. All while under the “doctor’s care”. The insurance was convenient, doctors were then prescribing my life, not God. It seemed that I became more ill trying to prevent illness.

The problems come along that God still wants to lead and direct you. He may want to allow some health hardship, He may want to allow some financial hardship. He wants your trust in Him. Insurance or not He will do what’s necessary to get your attention so the affliction may have to be more severe than if you were already trusting Him. Why are there so many miracle healings in undeveloped countries but not in America? Because in America you trust in doctors. I’m not suggesting that you go our and cancel your insurance policies, unless you have the faith to do so. There is an element of stewardship in all things we do, just not to the point of excess.

I think of Job. He lost his wealth, holdings, even his children, lived on a dump pile, yet, never let loose of the sovereignty of God. And God honored that and replaced everything he lost. Now, that’s why America is where it’s at, right now. We trust in insurance, government handouts, financial planning ( I love that one, what if God’s plans are different?), but not God’s sovereignty to provide. All these are man’s ways, but God’s ways are not man’s ways. He wants your full trust and devotion. He wants you to take a risk on Him. Can we get past our stuff, can we trust Him to be sent out like sheep amongst the wolves? With this current administration and the direction the US is taking, I’m thinking, soon you’ll have to make that choice

Footsteps In The Deep

I spent about ten years living and ministering in a small town in southern Wisconsin.  A number of the families in our church body were raising farm animals.  One family had goats.

Not once (in all my years in that fellowship) did I ever hear that family express worry over what would happen to the poor coyotes and mountain lions if one curious little goat managed to escape the pen.

Because we all know full well the fate that would await such an adventurous little guy:  coyote food.


In Matthew 10:16, Jesus gathers together his disciples to give them an encouraging word about his calling on their lives.  So, what does he tell them?  How he will always be with them?  How he has given them every place they set their feet?  How a thousand may fall at their side, ten thousand at their right hand, but it won’t come…

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Soon, Bible Registration?

questionThe Sandy Hook incident has seemingly taken on a life of its own. Lot’s and lot’s of questions. There’s even a WIKI page with the official story, not unlike the official WIKI for climategate three years ago. While the mainstream media continues to fawn and sanitize the story, intelligence and/or crackpot information has been churning out a different and un-nerving story. Now, evidence is being presented to question whether the event actually happened. Apparently, it took 20 minutes for the police response from the call even thought the cop shop is a mile away. One “father” was told to “read from the card” for a public statement, only to find a picture of his daughter with the POTUS two days later. Picture comparisons indicate that many grieving parents are actually actors.Reporting indicated that the shooter even shot up cars in the parking lot before he, “shot his way in” , yet the principal walked out to see him.

Was this created by the media? Continue reading