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But Did They Have to Kill the Children?


Here we go again. Like many others I grieve for the families and friends of those murdered in NewTown, Conn. This was grievous, ugly, horrendous and the pain will go on. newtown But, in the pain, the truth needs to be told. This horrendous scene and the subsequent scenes that followed have NSA written all over them, much like the Colorado movie  shootings. Like the Colorado shootings a second gunman was witnessed, witnesses saw police lead a man in camouflage, handcuffed out of the woods, rifle shell casings were found yet the “gunman” had hand guns and the rifle was found in the car, the part about the second gunman disappeared. The gunman went out of his way to shoot up a school where his mother was not even on staff, and she wasn’t even there. Now I see a video of one of the father’s coached to read a cue card for his statement. And frankly, the text editor for this post went screwy when I put the title in before writing.

The first Colorado shootings at Columbine didn’t work for gun control, and, frankly, I believe that incident was, in fact, “legitimate” in respect to two very troubled youths acting on their own. Subsequent events, though, are questionable. The movie shootings didn’t do the trick and the copy cats were minimal. The Oregon mall shooting? Nada. The Montana Junior College shooting, oops, that was a crossbow not a gun. Remember, Emmanuel Rahm was famous for encouraging the  use of bad situations to push the agenda, and how better to use it than to create it. Lest we forget, even the Feds admitted that they infiltrated the “christian militia” group and encouraged them to” take up arms against the police state”, is it a stretch to say that they are recruiting unstable minds and manipulating them?

This current administration has an agenda, as I wrote in Killing Fields, that no cost is too much to achieve. The agenda to bring down and enslave Americans, part of the larger scale agenda for the world, is on the fast track. Again, we are looking at NDAA trying to put Americans in indefinite detainment, and that coming from, again, Republicans. Both parties are going in the same direction on parallel tracks, but that’s for another discussion. It’s no secret the desire and push, overtly and covertly, to disarm American citizens, but at the sacrifice of babies? At the encouragement and support of abortion in this country (to help the poor girl in trouble keep her lifestyle) it’s no surprise that these babies were worth the sacrifice. Anything for the agenda.

This type of selfishness is not new. This sacrifice for the agenda is not new. We have a large recorded disregard right in the Bible.   Herod, the king over the Jews though not a Jew himself, was also an egotist. A man with an agenda, a man to promote himself at all cost. When three Magi came to him saying they were looking for the King, prophesied about long ago, Herod asked deep, searching questions trying to find out who and what the competition was. He told the Magi to bring back the location of the baby so that he could worship Him also. When the Magi didn’t come back, Herod blew his top and ordered that all the male children, in Bethlehem,  under the age of two should be murdered hoping to remove this threat.

In his blind rage and ignorance he was wrong on two counts. One, the family of Jesus was long gone from Bethlehem by then and, really, think about it Herod, how did you suppose you could remove that which God ordained, and told through prophecy.  The agenda, sorrow and a huge loss caused by such small mindedness. But the loss would be a side issue of God’s agenda to bring judgement on a Roman puppet of deliverance for the entire world. How could such an evil mass murder be approved or condoned? It was necessary. This was spoken of by the prophet in

Jeremiah 31:15

New International Version 1984 (NIV1984)

kill the babies

Herod had the babies slaughtered

15 This is what the Lord says:

“A voice is heard in Ramah,
    mourning and great weeping,
Rachel weeping for her children
    and refusing to be comforted,
    because her children are no more.”

Unfortunately for Herod, Jesus’ family had already left town and the Magi witnessed Jesus elsewhere, in Nazareth(Luke 2:39) and he carried out a useless execution.

God had an agenda? No. God has an agenda. It’s still in play. In man’s sin and depravity, his rebellion and callousncross nativityess, a sacrifice needed to be made. The ultimate sacrifice would have to play out. Jesus didn’t have to come. He didn’t have to walk the earth and teach and talk platitudes, he could have spoken(thundered?) from heaven, and maybe more people would have believed. He didn’t have to walk around healing people, he could have, boom, as a bolt of lightning from heaven healed, maybe more would have believed.  He didn’t have to come, or did He? He had to come, humble himself, become a part of humanity so that He could be nailed upon that cross, suffer pain, sorrow, humility and abandonment. Even before Cain murdered Able, this sacrifice needed to be made. Even those that proposed and condoned His “legal” murder used, to effect, the prophecy, that one must die for the whole. God, in His wisdom, used the deceitful hearts of men to ultimately defeat the greatest danger to mankind, Satan, through Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Where does that leave us? Until Jesus comes, in His final glorious appearing, death will be with us, sin will always be with us, disobedience and rebellion will always be with us. But we don’t have to be a part of the final death and suffering. Jesus came, as a baby, in humbleness, in human form so that we, in believing Him, can gain our freedom from the ultimate pain and suffering to come. As evil increases throughout the world at an alarming rate, you don’t have to be in fear of it. Know, that by prophecy, it’s coming and is here but you don’t have to be a party to it. Jesus lived for you and He died for you to give you freedom. All you need to gain freedom is a repentant heart, accepting Jesus as a free gift to you as you give yourself to Him. Accept Jesus as your King and Redeemer now, there is no better time.


Author: godsfingers

I'm a musician and worship leader, intent on following wherever God leads and directs me, with His leading's in the Spirit and others bonking me on the head ( hopefully not much of the latter). My life experiences are in blue collar and white collar (engineering) employment, political office, lay ministries, national competition in track and cross country and most importantly marriage and raising a family. God has given me a unique set of skills and character to serve Him and a passion for doing it.

11 thoughts on “But Did They Have to Kill the Children?

  1. This was a great message and despite the increase in evil on this earth and in this country, God still has the plan. Who are we going to trust? The government? I don’t think so! For sure they are taking us over a fiscal, moral and family values cliff. Christ is the ONLY answer to the darkness we are in. How many will realize that before it is too late?

  2. It is sad that children were slaughtered. I have been reading a lot about this as are many people. This Sandy Hook Massacre has several serious connections with “The Hunger Games”. It is absloutly creepy and when you see the connections you realized that the shooter was a puppet of the devil and maybe even the illuminati via MK Ultra. Someone sent me a link to a video about Obama’s speech it had nothing to do with those connections. I don’t care much for the guy who made it because he is annoying. I rarely share his videos and stuff because they lack a certain credibility because of how he approaches things but this video he did was well done and filled with irrefutable proof that Obama is a hypocrite for his speech over Sandy Hook victims while he goes around issuing the murder warrants for children every day. I thought I would share the link with you.

    • My friend’s grand daughter blew us away when watching the cast of obama crying, all of the sudden, she jumped up and said, ” he’s faking”. Out of the mouth of a 5 year old….

      Good video, I’ve put the link in the main body…

      • Out of the mouth of babe’s comes truth. That is impressive my friend. Thank you for sharing that link. It was well worth it in my opinion. I plan to post that up sometime this weekend.

  3. >>>At the encouragement and support of abortion in this country (to help the poor girl in trouble keep her lifestyle<< What about 'the boy or man' who wanted to keep his life style..of which is to keep his zipper unzipped …a lot is always said about the girls…rarely ever said about the men..the girls can't get pregnant by their selves….well okay maybe a 'dish' but ''there was a man'' in that room to fill that Dish!!
    Yes Jesus had to come…to make a New Race…'in Him'….contrary to the Catholics, it included 'Mary' also..for she too was born of the same nature that Adams son Seth was born of…we all were….except Jesus whose seed was incorruptible in Mary …so he was from Man but not from 'Man'..for all of Man-kind was turned over to Satan…and every man, woman, boy and girl would belong to Satan…till that appointed day for God's Salvation plan to enter into the equation of the effects of Adam and Eve's rebellion….thus no one could resist the urge to sin, power to sin,but now they can when they are born again….Thank you Jesus!! so to repent and believe the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ not the watered down 'feel good' stuff that don't have enough power to blow one's nose let alone to get their lives on the right path …

    • Those are the statements and concerns (propaganda) from planned parenthood regarding the girl’s (oops, woman’s) future life status. Abortion only encourages both sides of the zipper to continue the “lifestyle”. I always maintained that if the abortion were about incest or rape then let’s see charges filed as a condition, especially underage girls. But then adultery is a felony here for both parties and I never see charges about that either….

      • haha….here I’m so sleepy and you’re trying to be funny…(smile) ”you want to see charges felonies etc for adultery…hahaha that would shut down Congress and clog up all the mens bathrooms in Walmart, Airports and of course Picnic areas lol ….Well I’m going to sleep you have a blessed day…

      • a quick reply…I was asking someone how do you like being a grandpa and a great grandpa …one of their grandchildren is pregnant ..(married a few years before the pregnancy) …anyway..I was told ”I’m not a ‘great grandpa yet’!!! I said ‘Your granddaughter is going to have a baby soon, I was told…Yes she is but she hasn’t had the baby yet so I am not a great grandpa yet. Now this was with a Christian …very active in the Church and well I’ll just say a lot of talk against abortions because it is killing the babies….yet his own great grand child is not a baby ‘yet’….till it is born??? Some Christians need to re-read the “I know-it-all-manual” before they open their mouth to condemn those who get abortions and/or anything else they ‘know”…’Cause Fox News said so! (another major Red Flag)

        • I know what you mean, I love my grand-daughter big time and she has a little brother(I’m speaking optimistically for the our son 😉 ) coming in June.

          • hahaha Amen….those ‘little ones’ that make your arms ache to hold and count their toes while you’re asleep and it don’t bother you they have more toes on one foot and the other foot matches one of the hands ..you quickly cover them up so no one will see it, cause ‘this one is MINE and is not going to be sent back’…ahhahaha me thinks the lady is sleepy….Ohhh Glory it’s so good to laugh!

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