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Is California Feeling the Squeeze?


Wow, what an eventful last couple days. Tuesday America voted suicide for the nation and the results for the act begin to fall into play. God knew in advance what would happen here, but, like Abraham pleading mercy for Sodom and Gomorrah asked if even ten righteous could be found. Well, that didn’t happen and the rest is history.


Don’t look now! You were warned.

America chose it’s carnality and voted to keep him who placates it without satisfying it. God warned and warned and warned again, yet America didn’t heed and the promise, now, is soon to follow.

While I still believe the “Big One” is destined for the Midwest, things aren’t looking very good for California right now. It appears an oscillation of quakes is bearing down on the California right now, a process that’s been going on the last couple months. Two focal points in BC and Central America seem to be putting immense pressure on the Golden State in the natural.

So, what’s coming? Yesterday’s killer 7.4 quake in Guatemala, felt as far away as Mexico City, was followed by a 6.3 quake in, again, BC, yet quiet in the US.earthquake 3d

Let’s go back a little bit leading up till today. At the end of August a 7.4 quake rattled  El Salvador, September started with a 7.8 quake just off Costa Rica, a 6.0 just west of Alaska 3 days later. Then at the end of the month Mexico is rattled with a 6.3 and later that day the Alaskan volcano shudders to a 6.4 and a couple of days later another 6.0 in Mexico. October didn’t quit. October 8th saw a 6.0 in the Gulf of California, then a 6.5 in Costa Rica and finishing the month with a 7.8 quake in BC again, followed by 6.2 and a 6.3. The month of November starts with the 7.4 killer quake in Guatemala yesterday followed by a 6.3 quake in BC early this morning. These are accompanied by a significant number of powerful quakes on the opposite side of the Pacific Rim.

Lot’s of activity to the north and to the south on a line right through California. HAARP activity has been pretty red over California. Where’s this leading? The US has been fairly insulated from anything large as if the hand of God has been in place protecting it. Is this going to change? God has been warning, no, promising that unless the people turn from their wicked ways all these things will befall them. Tuesday showed that the American people were not interested in turning away, so does that make this a turning point? I think so. From what I gather the faults can only take so much pressure without relief, and I believe that California has had a supernatural protection up until this point. But God is going to remove his hand soon.

So what to do? It’s pretty gloom and doom, this message. Well, you can run, hide, stick your head in the sand. But the most important thing you can do right now is be sure you are right with God. So far these tragedies have amounted to toll just in dollars, the loss of life per capita has been minimal, but that is about to change. Only God can help you from this point. If you were drawn to this story, it was for a purpose, a chance, maybe your last to clear the air, repent of your sins and come into God’s kingdom. He loves you and cares enough that He sent His Son to die for you, and offers eternal life as a gift to you. Take this time, really look at yourself, and take His free gift to you. Don’t wait until your all shook up, you might not have that chance.


Author: godsfingers

I'm a musician and worship leader, intent on following wherever God leads and directs me, with His leading's in the Spirit and others bonking me on the head ( hopefully not much of the latter). My life experiences are in blue collar and white collar (engineering) employment, political office, lay ministries, national competition in track and cross country and most importantly marriage and raising a family. God has given me a unique set of skills and character to serve Him and a passion for doing it.

5 thoughts on “Is California Feeling the Squeeze?

  1. Please read ” The Way home or face The Fire “.

  2. All should be ‘glad for Romney’….he got what he wished for and spent millions of dollars for ”to follow in his father’s foot-steps”…up to and even ”loosing being the President of the United States”…so all his father did, Romney got to do it too, (smile)…

  3. Whatever happens here in California, there are those among us who will be working to bring more into the kingdom even unto our last breath!

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