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Behold the Illuminati



Don’t look now, it’s here. They’ve been around for centuries, but in contemporary circles referred to as a wild-eyed conspiracy theory. From their website the following disclaimer, “

“Our mission is to provide a worldwide networking platform for those whose work illuminates the world and elevates the human condition.

It is time to shine the light of hope and dispel the fear.

We are not the “Illuminati” you hear about in stories and political rhetoric. We are not a clandestine group of uber-wealthy power mongers bent on maintaining a grip on our wealth and power by enslaving you. People like that DO exist in our world. People like that are popularly referred to as “The Illuminati” and references are often made to “The Illuminati Network”. The term has been erroneously applied to these unscrupulous people for some three centuries now. Those people AREN’T illuminated. They are operating in Darkness. A true Illuminatus is a person that travels a path of spiritual ascension, endeavoring to raise the vibration of humanity by instilling hope and offering encouragement and assistance. The true Illuminati do not keep people isolated from one another, ill-informed and afraid of each other. The true Illuminati encourage and enable open and honest communication and a free flow of true and accurate information so that people can see how little there is to fear.

You are in a world where FEAR is now something you are expected to learn and embrace. We are exposing the illusion for what it is. Not just through the use of the name Illuminati – meaning those that illuminate – but through THIS online network. We only accept business from those adopting a truth-in-advertising approach. Any products or services you see sold here are products that help humanity and the environment. Our News division is sharing straight, unfiltered news – not commentary – about events from around the world. Here you’ll see that we are sharing spiritual teachings from around the world in their truest form. Why are we doing this you ask? To dispel fear and doubt and create an opportunity for a dialog of understanding to take place.

It is time.”

more ill

Here’s lookin at ya

Wow, I’m believing that hook, line, and sinker. NOT! You don’t have to wait for Alex Jones, it’s here, blatantly promoting. What a shocker. Not! While the church sleeps these people steal into their homes, grabbing their children’s minds and hearts. It’s been subtle, covert, up until now. Now, in brashness, going public and global to sell themselves as good and caring, honest. With TV, online mall, news they plan to enter into everyone’s homes. And yes, they have children’s programming to carry on where the Cartoon Network has been leading. Even Disney (an Illuminati organization) has purchased Lucas films to make more Star Wars movies. To what end? The movies are over.

We’ve been warned well in advance, yet it has been easier to just be nice and ignore it, be nice churchy people. The time has come to get radical, get active, voice the truth. For those who have foo fooed the New World Government and World Church get a clue. This is going on in earnest .

While all focus has been in getting the church out to vote, in spite of the fact that both candidates are pretty much the same, the role of the church has been minimized. We have a commission, a command and,  through the Holy Spirit , should be a compelling need to spread the gospel. It’s been said, “time waits for no one” and now it’s ever so true. Don’t get me wrong, God’s not powerless in this. But, He also has allowed it, it’s our reckoning force, a visual of what we need to fight. Satan has become brash enough and confident enough to say, “here I am, I’ve come to save you”.

God just sent a huge message in hurricane Sandy, don’t sleep. This is real, as are the times we live in. If you haven’t realized the grace and salvation of Christ look now. We are all sinners, and it is only through Him, not some unilluminated source that grace comes from. Come out of the darkness, look to Jesus, confess your sins. He’s brought you,now, here to see this, now at this time. Accept His invitation today.


Author: godsfingers

I'm a musician and worship leader, intent on following wherever God leads and directs me, with His leading's in the Spirit and others bonking me on the head ( hopefully not much of the latter). My life experiences are in blue collar and white collar (engineering) employment, political office, lay ministries, national competition in track and cross country and most importantly marriage and raising a family. God has given me a unique set of skills and character to serve Him and a passion for doing it.

7 thoughts on “Behold the Illuminati

  1. GOOD JOB!!!!! I sent this to Michael, Brian and Katie

    From: godsfingers – Watchman on the Wall
    Date: 11/01/12 14:53
    Subject: [New post] Behold the Illuminati

    godsfingers posted: “Don’t look now, it’s here. They’ve been around for centuries, but in contemporary circles referred to as a wild-eyed conspiracy theory. From their website the following disclaimer, “Our mission is to provide a worldwide networking platform for those w”

  2. Hi Dan,
    Well isn’t that special? If you ask me these so called “illuminated ones” are not only deceived but not too smart either. The cat is already out of the bag! LOL.
    Come on- How can they say, “we are not the Illuminati you hear about.” What a joke, it is all the same spirit! If anyone falls for this then they are just as stupid.
    Maybe if Christians would start binding the spirit of stupidity, someone might figure it out and get saved!

    Blessings to you!

  3. Has any one tried to look into the source code of that website yet ? Cause the words in the meta tags are of perticulair interest, i quote : “meta name=”description” content=”The Illuminati Network endeavors to provide timely and topical information and education from an Occult perspective for worldwide public consumption in an effort to promote diversity and understanding through cooperation and information sharing with International spiritual and Occult communities.”

    Notice the word OCCULT, it is hidden on the plain site but inside the source code it says enough from what source the creators are.

    Blessings & Stay Save – Jeremiah 33:3

    Regards from Tulipland

    • That’s interesting. I just now went to the website to check the source and got this,

      “Fatal error: Call to undefined function phpremove_action() in /home/theillum/public_html/wp-content/themes/Illuminati_Site_2/header.php on line 1”

      Way cool, God intervene…

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  5. i wanna join ILUMINATI THE NEW WORLD ORDER,,,,I want money..ma number…0712081550

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