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It’s Closer Than You Think


rocket battery

More rockets come into Israel

As the Hamas fires more rockets into Israel with only one thought, kill or maim as many Jews as possible with random shots, my thoughts are drawn to Israel and where are we right now, Haaretz . We’re still caught up in our own little world while Israel remains the epicenter of time.

Here in the US we have two candidates who really can’t decide what the future holds. They touch on the party lines looking for the emotional votes, while ignoring what we know are the impossible topics. Both are banking that things continue to be worse for the rest of the world than for us so that our economy still “appears” better than the rest, full knowing that an ill wind will crash the whole thing. Even worse is that both candidates won’t give an unequivocal support for Israel, and that is dangerous. Is America headed for a cliff?

The Obama administration continues to keep attention diverted away from Israel. He says they have our full support and US “intelligence(?)” indicates that Iran is nowhere near producing a bomb. Yet outside sources indicate that Iran is ramping up centrifuges and determined to produce bomb grade uranium. All Obama seems to be doing is buying time for his friend in Iran. Debka files reports that a Sudanese manufacturing plant bombed two days ago was employed to make surface to surface missiles for Iran, we heard nothing of it here.  Without US support Israel has to go it alone, Israel National News . Turkey and Syria are having at it, close to all out war. Even as I write bombing could be heard along the Turkey/ Syria border .

Support of Israel is of utmost importance for America, if America is to survive. Those who bless her will be blessed while those that curse her will be cursed. But that’s where America has been heading all along. God’s people, Israel, need to look to God, not the US. The Jerusalem Post reports that there is movement, even there, to get God out of the picture, especially in politics. So we rapidly approach what could be a Gog / Magog scenario for the whole purpose of getting Israel’s attention. Russia and Iran can hurl missiles and bombs at Israel but God will turn them back on the sender.

So while alleged “christians” are telling Congress to drop Israel and support the Palestinians, the game board is being set up to finally bring judgement on the US and bring total dependence on God to Israel. Look past the US media, see what’s going on real time. We are living in the times that the ancients looked forward to. The time when God’s Word comes to fruition. Judgment day. Not tomorrow, but the clock is ticking. Are you ready? Are you still playing the game that the same story has been around the block so many times, it’s old? This is real folks, it doesn’t get any realer. Are you ready? Now is the perfect time to get right with God, who actually loves you. Loves you enough to have sent His Son to die in your place, a free gift for you. Accept your sins, repent of them, accept God’s free gift. Don’t wait to see how it goes with Israel, she is in God’s hands…

Thank You Jerry Golden for this video link

Cry No More lyrics

Many tears have fallen, many years were calling,
Please no more
Many broken-hearted, friends lost and departed,
Please no more

Now the time has come, everyone must stand together,
And be strong forever more

Young and helpless children, illness and confusion,
Please no more
Old and lonely people, hunger, war and evil,
Please no more

Now the time has come, everyone as one forever,
Let his kingdom rise again

Cry no more Yerushalyim
Shine once more Yerushalyim
We need to see you proud again
Upon the mountain of Hashem
Then we’ll cry no more Yerushalyim

Enemies of freedom, hatred without reason,
Please no more
Weapons of destruction, terror and corruption.
Please no more
Now the time has come, return and stay this time forever
Let His glory shine again

[2 Times]
Cry no more Yerushalyim
Shine once more Yerushalyim
We need to see you proud again
Upon the mountain of Hashem
Then we’ll cry no more Yerushalyim

Cry No More


Author: godsfingers

I'm a musician and worship leader, intent on following wherever God leads and directs me, with His leading's in the Spirit and others bonking me on the head ( hopefully not much of the latter). My life experiences are in blue collar and white collar (engineering) employment, political office, lay ministries, national competition in track and cross country and most importantly marriage and raising a family. God has given me a unique set of skills and character to serve Him and a passion for doing it.

7 thoughts on “It’s Closer Than You Think

  1. I see I will need to cut this off if I am to get any work done today (smile) between News that matters and this one..yall have dug deep within me again (smile)..reminding me that the ‘fellowship of the brethren’ may only be within the confines of the Internet at times, it is none the less ‘a Command of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, ‘not to forsake the fellowship of the brethren as we see the days coming of His return’..It is a great joy to hear, (read) yall speak of our Lord it is also a comfort as well. Keep up and continue to go forward…

    As for this news you post today, I too see these follies of Obama, and his henchmen, better known to me as ‘Pharaoh Obama’ and ‘Wanna-be Pharaoh Romney’ trying so hard to take the seat…whether these win or not, my Lord tells me in His Word not to take on the cares of the World for the ‘cares of the World will ‘choke’ the Word of God in us and His Word will therefore become
    of ‘no effect’ in and for us! That’s a fact..I see it all around me…so many afraid they are fighting amongst their-selves, ‘to take America back’…
    I see the fear of Israel being left alone, and America not supporting Israel. When The Lord tells us that Israel will be all alone…this too is a sad fact we must face….as I read night before last The Word I had so often thought ‘was of the god-less nations…not Israel…Oh Not Israel…were the words of our Lord speaking to…we can read His Word and it can so easily be believed according to our own beliefs that are wrong…whether we were taught wrong or influenced by others or self decisions…

    Yet as I read the Word of The Lord ‘spoken to Israel’..I wept so bitterly…He was talking to Israel…Israel…!!
    To ”stop” putting their little boys and little girls on the altar and sacrificing them to ‘other gods’…this hurt me so deeply it was only the strength of The Lord to help me to endure the Truth. I have seen this and knew this in the many “other” nations around Israel…but not Israel…this too is the same with our own Country…America…”not America” we would never forsake Israel….My brethren we already have…the only resemblance of our America as we had it built up in our own hearts and minds is the American Flag! as it still flies we are comforted that Jesus will ‘restore the Nations’ all of them…and they will ”all be healed’…I fear for Israel yet I am so thankful and encouraged that The Lord God has all through His Word, HE will bring Israel thru this ”when Israel’s eyes are opened”…and that will ‘only be when Satan (The Beast) sits in the ‘Seat in the Temple as God’…then immediately God will open their (Israel’s) eyes and they will mourn for the ONE they will ‘call Jesus! And HE will comfort them…so in this we are as Paul says, by The Spirit, we are to pray for Israel…for she too has gone the way of Baal again…and I am not surprised that America is helping Israel to fall …while they offer help, aid, and money to the face of Israel, while in their backs they are well aware of the danger from all the other nations that hate Israel…Obama is a tool, so is Romney…either one will be ‘used’ to bring this Nation to their knees screaming out to GOD…whether it be their gods or The ONE GOD…they will either praise their gods and curse our Lord GOD while they enjoy for a short season the fast train to that cliff that was prepared by Almighty God for all people of all nations and languages and tribes that rejected The Lord Jesus Christ and did not support Israel! Boasting about and or against Israel is a very foolish thing these so called Christians are increasingly doing. We are called to pray for Israel…and we better pray for ourselves too less we too be a ‘cast-a-way’!!

  2. Why is Romney not the one to bring us out? Isn’t Romney and Netanyahu friends from way back? How can Romney be worse than Obama? Isn’t Romney a supporter of Israel? So what do we do?

    • Romney won’t have the “christian” vote if he supports Israel. The replacement theology folks, (a major portion of the mainline churches) and many “mega” emerging churches have already demanded a stop to aid for Israel. By religion, Mormons consider themselves the new Israel and all the rest are cursed. God has allowed a choiceless election because the US has been judged and found wanting.

      What can you do? Make sure your heart is right with God. Give yourself wholly to Jesus and He will watch over you in this time, He has promised and He will accomplish it.

  3. Ant…Amen !! Amen! It is a choice-less Election…
    and all who chose ‘just because’ are deceived. We truly
    need to seek God with all our hearts, and let Him open our
    eyes to this time we are in …less we too fall by the way-side
    and become ‘cast-a-ways’ …this is a time to follow ‘Jesus’ not
    the ‘many ‘other Christs, Jesus warned us about that would
    come in His Name…Ohh be careful brethren…and Trust The
    Lord with all your heart He is truly faithful to see us thru all of

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  5. Quit saying the day of The Lord is here
    I agree all must come to JEsus but there is so much bible prophesy left to come. we will go through tribulation and this country will fall. Prepare your house for what is to come. First salvation then preps.

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