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Be Still…..Are you kidding?



Busy, busy, busy…

I hate doing nothing. Really, if I can’t do anything then I pace. I haven’t figured out how some people can just sit around and collect entitlement checks, I have to be doing something. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy peaceful quiet times, sitting on the deck watching the sun setting through the trees, up on a hill-top taking in God’s creation, His starry host, His beautiful moon but when I’m headed in a direction I just gotta be doing…something. That’s why a Our Daily Bread devotional, a week ago, caught me blind-sided. It told me to stop!

Many of us know the reassurance of God’s Word,

10 “Be still, and know that I am God;
    I will be exalted among the nations,
    I will be exalted in the earth.”

Yep, my hope is in God so I quit whining and TRUST Him and do what “I” can do to get it done. But that’s not what it says, WHAT? Coming from the Hebrew word raphah the meaning of the command “be still” means to “cease striving” or more pointedly, to let drop, to forsake, to abandon, to relax, to let alone, and to be quiet. Wow.

When God is leading us in a particular direction, or has directed us to a particular action (as opposed to what we’ve decided we would like to do) it’s His work that is important. During the course of the operation, when Satan rears his ugly head and begins to appear to confound things, the Lord says, “be still, and know that I am God“. How hard is that?

When we are walking in God’s will but things start moving in a different direction than we have determined to get to God’s destination we kind of go “uh oh, maybe we need to do this or do that” God says, “be still“. “Uh, but God this is beginning to unravel and fall apart.” Not really, see God’s Word through Glynda, “You Will See the Cross” . When things look like they’re being derailed it’s really following God’s plan, for His glory, and anything we might try to do would just get in His way. Be still, quit striving, quit doing, let God be God and see His glory made manifest. “You mean I’m supposed to sit on my hands and let things happen?” Yep!

“Really God, you know me, you know my heart, you know I can’t just passively watch everything go down the tubes”.

And He says, “yes I know you, be still and trust Me. Trust Me. Trust Me.“,

But God, your pride is stake.“,

LOL, let Me worry about that.

God wants our full and undivided attention. He wants our full devotion. He wants our full trust and obedience.

Has God spoken to you and called you out? Has He directed you to something, uh, stupid? Trust Him, trust Him, trust Him. He is leading, don’t get ahead of Him. Do you see all this stuff in the world going on and don’t know what to do about it? Have you given your life to Him who will give you Life. Satan comes like a roaring lion to kill and destroy, Jesus calls you to give you life. He brought you here today, He’s speaking directly to you, will you talk to Him? He is giving you a free gift, an offer for your future, take that gift, repent of this life that you know is wrong and take His and live.

Get Thee Behind Me, Satan

Get Thee Behind Me, Satan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Author: godsfingers

I'm a musician and worship leader, intent on following wherever God leads and directs me, with His leading's in the Spirit and others bonking me on the head ( hopefully not much of the latter). My life experiences are in blue collar and white collar (engineering) employment, political office, lay ministries, national competition in track and cross country and most importantly marriage and raising a family. God has given me a unique set of skills and character to serve Him and a passion for doing it.

4 thoughts on “Be Still…..Are you kidding?

  1. What do you mean ‘people sitting around collecting entitlement checks’? You have to be doing something you can’t just sit around?

    • Hey Andrea, where have you been? I wasn’t inferring everyone who gets benefits. You’ll note it’s not a blanket statement. I used to live in the low income area when I was single parenting, working a job and a half while these people whiled away the day playing cards and drinking beer. Or to quote the famous “free ObamaPhone lady” when asked how you get an obamaphone, “ya git on Social Security and don make no money an ya git a obamaphone. What’s yer problem with that???”

  2. I too have a hard time being still. But it is in the stillness that I die. FATHER help us! amen!

  3. Hi to you too….I’ve been real busy…I try to hop on line to check out here, read what you have wrote then check out the News that Matters also..or vice a versieee (smile)…

    As for what the ‘Republicans call entitlements’…I fully thank God Almighty for all that is given out…Only the Lord could have brought that to pass…yes I’m sure some abuse it…(too have heard of many who abuse it)..but when you go to the Cross and let that spring board be your rule or leveler in all things, I still think and tell many ”if you want to get help you better apply when the Democrats are in Office, for they will be cut back when the Republicans get in Office…” that’s a fact…though both Democrats and Republicans are like a nickel…one side is the ‘head’ the other is the ‘tail’…both are not doing God’s Will…no matter who is in Office they will not ‘undo’ the evil the ones who went before them…it’s only getting worse…so much so…even Christians are pushing for Christians to Vote…for one or the other depending on what Office ‘benefits’ that group wants…also a Fact…for one to push homosexuality, all manner of evil activities contrary to the Word of God…or the other side of the coin….”One openly being supported by Christians, that declare and teach others that God had a sexual affair with a woman and she got pregnant and had two sons…Jesus and Lucifer….this is an abomination…it’s one thing to abuse your own body and/or to get involved in perverted sexual activities…but to malign The Holy One of Israel…that’s gone too far!!!
    So back to your question….and statement…of entitlements…even in all of this lunacy, God still helps so many who are not able nor or helped by the ones who profit on their grief, by many at Christmas time to look like they are doing a good deed…
    As for me…yes I’ve been extremely busy….I’m slowly getting my strength back from a very long tedious year of health issues, yet the Lord has increased my work …the ‘Penny-a-Day’ job with Him…(smile)…my grandson has helped me to get a program to get the work done online…and now the ‘loading the master record’ so the ‘daily work’ will go out faster…I thank God for that too…it’s a long process I’ve heard men speak of it many times…to transfer all their work on the computer…
    So are you ‘out of breath or asleep yet’?? from all this reading ..hahaha
    You and yours are in my prayers,….you have my email address…if you wish to write I do check that daily too.

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