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The Father’s Protection, Perfect Timing



May the peace of God which passes all human understanding

In the course of my quiet time this morning I started reading Psalm 37 . What perfect timing, what an insight, what blessed assurance from my heavenly Father.With God all things are perfect, including perfect timing.

I’ve been struggling with this particular pebble in my shoe called a bill collector that has held me captive for 16 years even as I no longer owe him money. He’s tried to collect as much as $30,000 (the number keeps changing) and I found out yesterday that I will finally get my day in court. (Author’s note 10-12-12: God gave grace to the humble and lowered the proud, I was found not liable. My debt was declared paid in full. Sound familiar?)

Now, as we know, today’s courts in the US seem to give credence to the evil and condemn the righteous so there is still a bit of consternation. But in reading Psalm 37, vs 1-11 stand out:

Psalm 37:1-11

Do not fret because of evil men
or be envious of those who do wrong;
for like the grass they will soon wither,
    like green plants they will soon die away.

Trust in the Lord and do good;
    dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.
Delight yourself in the Lord
    and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Commit your way to the Lord;
    trust in him and he will do this:
He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn,
    the justice of your cause like the noonday sun.

Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him;
    do not fret when men succeed in their ways,
    when they carry out their wicked schemes.

Refrain from anger and turn from wrath;
    do not fret—it leads only to evil.
For evil men will be cut off,
    but those who hope in the Lord will inherit the land.

10 A little while, and the wicked will be no more;
    though you look for them, they will not be found.
11 But the meek will inherit the land
 and enjoy great peace.

Wow, how awesome, and what perfect timing. God’s timing is always perfect, in inspiration and action. This item will be dealt with and in God’s economy, at just the right time, because God’s timing is never wrong. Our desires may say it should have been done yesterday but that is because we don’t know God’s plan. All the troubles in our life, whether they seemingly just happen or are brought on by our own actions, work into God’s ultimate plan for our lives. We may not understand but more than likely, a quick solution would have allowed you to go down a wrong path.
God’s paths for our life are perfect, we just need to discern them and walk in them. We need to stay in His Word and learn the walk. We need to pray and seek Him and develop our relationship with Him. We need to leave our relationship with the world and then know His ways. And these things will follow:

18 The days of the blameless are known to the Lord,
    and their inheritance will endure forever.
19 In times of disaster they will not wither;
    in days of famine they will enjoy plenty.

23 If the Lord delights in a man’s way,
    he makes his steps firm;
24 though he stumble, he will not fall,
    for the Lord upholds him with his hand.

25 I was young and now I am old,
    yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken
    or their children begging bread.
26 They are always generous and lend freely;
    their children will be blessed.

27 Turn from evil and do good;
    then you will dwell in the land forever.
28 For the Lord loves the just
    and will not forsake his faithful ones.

39 The salvation of the righteous comes from the Lord;
    he is their stronghold in time of trouble.
40 The Lord helps them and delivers them;
    he delivers them from the wicked and saves them,
    because they take refuge in him.

God will deliver you if you seek Him and follow His ways. Don’t fear the things that are coming on this world, it is the judgment He promised to save His righteous. If you say you believe then hear this call, walk in His ways, Read, Pray, Obey, Everyday. If you’ve never taken the time to know the Father through Jesus His Son or if you’ve rejected Him for any number of excuses, take this time now, He is calling you. You didn’t get here by accident. He loves you so much that He gave His Son to die in your place and offer you a free gift  that all you have to do is ask for it. Do it today while there is still time.


Author: godsfingers

I'm a musician and worship leader, intent on following wherever God leads and directs me, with His leading's in the Spirit and others bonking me on the head ( hopefully not much of the latter). My life experiences are in blue collar and white collar (engineering) employment, political office, lay ministries, national competition in track and cross country and most importantly marriage and raising a family. God has given me a unique set of skills and character to serve Him and a passion for doing it.

7 thoughts on “The Father’s Protection, Perfect Timing

  1. Dan, I will be praying for your victory in court and for this matter to finally be at an end! God bless,

  2. Amen! Praying FATHER give you victory!!

  3. A big AMEN! We may think our Father is not early but He is never never late. Certainly you will get your vindication from the Lord, dear brother. God bless…

  4. Dan, how did the court case go? I trust you were given the victory!

    • Yes, I should have followed up. It was clearly God at work as I went in without a lawyer present. God gave me favor with the judge who didn’t belittle me for appearing pro se. In so doing, then, the judge questioned the collector ( God kept my mouth shut 😉 ) then took the documents as they were and determined that the collector had broken a “good faith” contract so the judge cleared my slate.

      Almost like an allegory of the ultimate court case coming where Jesus will act as my counselor and advocate, throwing out every accusation and claim that Satan contends, clearing my slate and telling me. “well done, good and faithful”.

      Thanks for your prayers and encouragement,


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