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It’s Closer Than You Think

rocket battery

More rockets come into Israel

As the Hamas fires more rockets into Israel with only one thought, kill or maim as many Jews as possible with random shots, my thoughts are drawn to Israel and where are we right now, Haaretz . We’re still caught up in our own little world while Israel remains the epicenter of time.

Here in the US we have two candidates who really can’t decide what the future holds. They touch on the party lines looking for the emotional votes, while ignoring what we know are the impossible topics. Both are banking that things continue to be worse for the rest of the world than for us so that our economy still “appears” better than the rest, full knowing that an ill wind will crash the whole thing. Even worse is that both candidates won’t give an unequivocal support for Israel, and that is dangerous. Is America headed for a cliff? Continue reading



A Perfect Storm

national cathedral

National Cathedral in Washington, DC
God has no place in this place

Wow, there it is. Here it comes. In 2008 witches swept out the old and chanted in the new administration at the Washington monument. Last year DC was rattled with a warning shot, an earthquake that caused credible damage to, among other things, the “National Cathedral” and the Washington Monument pointing to God. Was God trying to get a subtle point across? Continue reading


My Time Has Come

As I was seeking in prayer what to do over these next couple weeks this Word came forth for America.

My time has come. It is cast upon you in judgement. I’ve spoken to you in fire and you see me not. I’ve withheld the rain and still you do not seek me. I’ve seared you with heat and your heart remains cold. You seek a man to bring you relief and comfort. You seek a man to make your provisions. You seek a man to answer all your questions. But I, who appoints your leaders, give you no choice. I give you no one. I give you no one who seeks my face. I give you no one who seeks my grace. I give you no one who will lay down his life for me. My judgement is upon you.

You are and have been in rebellion and do not leave it. You seek your own comfort and pleasure instead of my counsel and my will. You have sought worldly fame and glory. You have sacrificed your children on the altar of Molech. Their blood cries out. You claim my blessings if you would return, yet your heart is not in it. No, I will not return your nation to it’s former glory, I will not heal the land. I will give it over to another.

Yet there are of those of you who have been faithful, those of you who have returned and are returning with hearts softened to me. I know you. Yes, I know you. I know you because your heart is turned to me. And I will, I will, yes, I will lift you up. I will lift you up and protect you in these times. I am at this very moment setting the hedge around you, a bulwark in the coming storm. Lift your eyes and see your salvation, it comes from me. I will not leave you nor forsake you. I am your clear and present hope in hopelessness, cling to me and no real harm will befall you. Cling fast to me.

My comment: Continue reading

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When Open Doors Seem Closed

You’ve been praying about this, everything seems to be going in that direction. Hints, people saying things, it’s obvious, an open door and you’re ready to take action. Then, WHAM, the door seems to slam shut.joey

“Whoa, wait a minute. God what’s up? I’ve been following you.”


But God what about your Word in Revelation 3:7-8?


Didn’t you say you would open a door that no man can shut?


But I’m a man of little strength, I need you.”

I will take My rest,
And I will look from My dwelling place
Like clear heat in sunshine,
Like a cloud of dew in the heat of harvest.Isaiah 18:4


Seeking and following God’s will can sometimes be frustrating and agonizing while we attempt to do it in our own strength. God’s ways are not our ways. In our fast food society we expect things, now. We’ve done parts A,B,C, subsection 2(a)(ii) and D and, yes, we can see the goal line. Expecting our reward, everything just stops. Why?

Patience, little grasshopper. Continue reading


Be Still…..Are you kidding?


Busy, busy, busy…

I hate doing nothing. Really, if I can’t do anything then I pace. I haven’t figured out how some people can just sit around and collect entitlement checks, I have to be doing something. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy peaceful quiet times, sitting on the deck watching the sun setting through the trees, up on a hill-top taking in God’s creation, His starry host, His beautiful moon but when I’m headed in a direction I just gotta be doing…something. That’s why a Our Daily Bread devotional, a week ago, caught me blind-sided. It told me to stop! Continue reading

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America’s Humpty Dumpty is about to Crash

Well, they finally did it. Putting their own arrogance and errant theology ahead of good sense and even worse God, the Replacements, much to Obama’s joy, sent a letter to Congress asking that the US withdraw military support and arms from Israel.

talk to hand

…You can have her, we don’t want her, we don’t love her….anymore….

In an article posted on the JTA.org website, it is stated that “The religious leaders sent a letter to Congress members on Monday, calling for an investigation into possible violations by Israel of the U.S. Foreign Assistance Act and the U.S. Arms Export Control Act, which would make Israel ineligible for U.S. military aid.”

Well this is just a smoke screen to get us out of Israel. As I wrote about earlier, Mega churches like Saddleback and Willow Creek endorse dropping Israel as Lyn Hybels calls them “an occupying force”. I expressed concern that Obama (who by EO created the faith council on which Lyn Hybels is a member) was just sitting back waiting for the “christians” to tell him to get us out of Israel. Continue reading


The Father’s Protection, Perfect Timing


May the peace of God which passes all human understanding

In the course of my quiet time this morning I started reading Psalm 37 . What perfect timing, what an insight, what blessed assurance from my heavenly Father.With God all things are perfect, including perfect timing. Continue reading