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The Die is Cast



The Die is Cast

This Word came to me this morning for, I believe, everyone:

Listen to me, heed my call, wake up. I have warned repeatedly to come to me yet you harden your hearts. I have warned that I have judgements reserved for you, yet you laugh and push me away. I have warned that time is short, yet you make plans that life will go on grandly.

The time is quickly coming to a close and I have determined and set in motion events. The die is cast. Judgments are decreed. Your leaders are against me, they stand in disarray. I have placed and appointed who I have. Your leaders and your future is in my hands. I have appointed for you a selection. I have appointed for you a choice. They are one and the same but you must choose. Where you heart is, your choice will be. I seek your heart, I am not a respecter of men. They use my name for gain, but it will be as dust. My NAME will not be adulterated!

You must walk wisely, you must talk meekly, yet boldly. Be Watchmen on the wall and speak what you have heard, boldly proclaim what you have seen, in solitude draw close to my heart. I know those whose hearts are pure, who have laid their lives on the line, who have put the things of the world aside.

The time is coming and has come, when I come to claim my Bride. Draw close to me, seek my refuge. I will not disappoint you or abandon you.

This word came as I was seeking God on what this election means. It’s not an election to determine who gets to sit in the White-house, it’s a litmus test for this country. Where is this country really headed? Where are the people’s hearts? I believe this country is headed for destruction no matter what. God spoke that both men are the same, only different. I said in 2000, when G.W. Bush was elected, that this was the last hurrah for the US. And his 2004 term bore that out as even he greased the wheels of this out of control nation. The DNC showed clearly what the long-term Godless agenda is, and that they will do and say anything to keep the power to engage that agenda. Powerful people want to eradicate Christ’s followers.

The reckless abandonment to self this decade has seen has been one of total lack of desire for godliness in the nation. The judgments are coming and are here, right before our eyes. I encourage you to prepare stores for the worst, if not for yourselves then for those left behind. If your intellect complains that you don’t want to sacrifice to put away stores, especially if you’re not going to be around to use them, then you might be spiritually in the wrong place and find yourself needing those things anyway.

Where are you? Are you truly seeking the fullness of a relationship with God and His salvation? Are you playing Christian, toying with God’s Word, with one foot in the church and one foot in the world? Or are you one that has been deceived into the “knowledge of man” that there is no god. Take some time. Read and reread and then for good measure read again and look into your hearts. God is speaking, Jesus is knocking at the door of your heart, he is asking to come in. You are not here by accident, you were led to this place, take the time to accept Jesus’ invitation and begin your journey through the fire with the knowledge that He will bring you through it.


Author: godsfingers

I'm a musician and worship leader, intent on following wherever God leads and directs me, with His leading's in the Spirit and others bonking me on the head ( hopefully not much of the latter). My life experiences are in blue collar and white collar (engineering) employment, political office, lay ministries, national competition in track and cross country and most importantly marriage and raising a family. God has given me a unique set of skills and character to serve Him and a passion for doing it.

9 thoughts on “The Die is Cast

  1. Amen. I am confident the Holy Spirit is speaking to HIS people today.

  2. Just as money shows up when needed, when people need to wake up and do something about their ‘present’ situation, then the solution will show up. The nature of the universe is balance. Problem and answer are one and the same.
    The key is seeing it. Good luck to us all there.
    Great word.

  3. Now is time time to really put yourself together and claim who you are really with. There is no time to play around, but totally give the Lord God Your Total self. Are you for or against him?

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  5. You put a new light on my thinking. Thank you. I used to think if I stored things I wasn’t trusting God I was being a horder… I am not saying its not important to be prepared but I felt as though if I purchased things I was putting my trust in things and not God. I love the comment though about helping those that will be left behind… I believe that the rapture will come before the seven year tribulation and I know things will be bad even before that time… trust me things are already bad. Many around me don’t have jobs or if they do they are making 1/3 or less than what they used to. They are loosing their homes etc. I myself with a college education have worked seven full time jobs at one time to make what is considered poverty level. But through all this I give God the praise and the glory for I look back and have no idea how food shelter and transportation comes to me except through the great and wonderful power that only He can give.I truly praise Him for these hard times for I get to see Him do what only He can do. His miraculous works. I will admit that at times I am fearful, scared, crancky do not appreciate, sacrastic, angry and hurt etc all the human feelings one gets going through trials and tribulations. But through it all He is always there and so many many times surprises me with how He handles the situation. What a God! What a Father! What an awesome wonderful creator! I praise HIm as He molds me into the being He needs me to become…

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  7. Hi brother, I wonder how controversial my articles about my visions of America’s Destruction and America’s Greatest Sin are. Both articles have been shared several times on Facebook just like this article of yours, but both were removed. I could not even find America’s Greatest Sin from my own FB account, even after I shared it again.

    I just posted again America’s Destruction in my FB, I don’t know how long it will remain till they remove it again.

    • And they walk about proclaiming “peace,peace” while destruction follows in their path.

      Yes, controversial and frightening. But we are to continue to proclaim, teach and minister. I find it amazing, but true to His Word, that He is calling us out to proclaim. Just plain folk, not seminarians bound up by doctrines and tradition. He is faithful and true to instruct and protect us until His hand is removed or He calls us up to Heaven.

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