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Hollywood, America’s Greatest Evangelist

So how does Romania view us? Or the world in general? Jake does a good job portraying the need to rise above the noise coming out of Hollywood and present Christ, Savior, Redeemer, God Incarnate, holy living and joy. Kind of like the movie Galaxy Quest, ” We saw your radio transmissions but need your leader”, many see and imitate, to our shame. Even more, now, the need to live lives worthy of the calling.

It Doesn't Matter Where

Hollywood, like it or not, is America’s greatest evangelist around the world.  What happens in Hollywood travels around the globe, the good, the bad, and the ugly.  No one (speaking in hyperbole) cares about British cinema, Canadian cinema, Romanian cinema.  No one outside India and a few niche markets cares about Bollywood.  But when a movie comes out of Hollywood, the world notices.  When Hollywood announces a new blockbuster thriller, people around the world wait to grab it up as soon as they can, at theaters, in video stores, online through bit torrent.  Like it or not, Hollywood, with all it’s flashy immorality, is transforming the globe.

I love movies, I really love movies – big summer blockbusters, low-budget independent films, little-known foreign flicks, I love ’em all, but I’ve had a lot of conversations with people lately that honestly make me really mad at Hollywood and ashamed to be…

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Watchman on the Wall


Press the warning to the people

Late in 2009 I was, like so many others, ignorant, just following the flow, praying daily and just moving along in “Christian” life. Then I got this email that had a link to the famous Al Gore Photoshopped global warming picture from his book. Well, I clicked the link to “Prison Planet” that changed my life forever. Granted there’s a lot of sensationalist news there, but the stuff that vetted out was earth-shaking, dropping me to my knees in really serious prayer where God moved me to speak out. Continue reading


Obama, Messiah, King of the Lose

king obama

In 2009 Sue brought something to my attention that was pretty shocking, but, then again, not. We’d heard over and over again the prating about in Europe this and in Europe that, they have it better in Europe ad nauseum. And in 2008 many followed the heed of that call, “I’ll give you hope, I’ll give you change, but you must give me the power”, so they gave it to him. Now we can be like the others. Continue reading


Come out from her, now!


When old Eli, the high priest, heard that his sons were killed and the Ark of the Covenant was captured, he fell over and died (1 Samuel 4).

We live in very real and very dangerous times. Wars and rumors of wars abound, political violence claims lives at every juncture. Drought and famine abound, tornadoes, winds, fires and floods. Pestilence is running rampant. And all this is increasing as we know what is to come. But I need to bring up, and warn, an even more dangerous and insidious happening with eternal implications. Continue reading


The Lawless One Comes!


Violence against the US is rapidly growing across the world

Almost on the heels of president Obama refusing to meet with the Israeli PM, anti-American violence spread across the mid-east and now the world. The murder of the US ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens  was an ominous signal on the anniversary of the WTC attacks that the Al Qaeda is still quite alive and working.

The US is no longer the power that it still pretends to be as these attacks all across the mid-east show. As I’ve pointed out before, the US has rejected Israel. The only involvement that the current administration has is in trying to flex its muscles and be the ruler of the mid-east. It might have sounded good on paper but there is a more divine force in operation. This Word came to me this morning: Continue reading


When Faith becomes Works

Dan’s comment: A good word considering all the finger pointing that goes around when the focus becomes imbalanced. When we become so focused on one aspect, we forget about God’s call to glory. God desires our faith so that we can do the good works He has for us. But faith is dynamic, always there to empower the works that we’ve been assigned, if you call on it. Or as Ben hinted, sometimes that faith requires you to sit on your butt and wait it out, what ever it is God is requiring you to wait for.

Footsteps In The Deep

Today, I had a very enlightening but frustrating encounter with some Christian friends of mine.  I really love these people, but our conversation about living radical left me with a bad taste in my mouth and a heavy burden in my heart, a burden that weighed down the joy of a free and forgiven heart.  I felt like Jesus–who promised, “Come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28)–was quoted as having said, “Come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will point out more areas where you are weak and heap further burdens on you and then chastise you for not being at rest.”

I love these Christian friends of mine, but I left feeling as though “faith” had become a matter of “works” for them.

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The Die is Cast


The Die is Cast

This Word came to me this morning for, I believe, everyone:

Listen to me, heed my call, wake up. I have warned repeatedly to come to me yet you harden your hearts. I have warned that I have judgements reserved for you, yet you laugh and push me away. I have warned that time is short, yet you make plans that life will go on grandly.

The time is quickly coming to a close and I have determined and set in motion events. The die is cast. Judgments are decreed. Your leaders are against me, they stand in disarray. I have placed and appointed who I have. Your leaders and your future is in my hands. I have appointed for you a selection. I have appointed for you a choice. They are one and the same but you must choose. Where you heart is, your choice will be. I seek your heart, I am not a respecter of men. They use my name for gain, but it will be as dust. My NAME will not be adulterated!

You must walk wisely, you must talk meekly, yet boldly. Be Watchmen on the wall and speak what you have heard, boldly proclaim what you have seen, in solitude draw close to my heart. I know those whose hearts are pure, who have laid their lives on the line, who have put the things of the world aside.

The time is coming and has come, when I come to claim my Bride. Draw close to me, seek my refuge. I will not disappoint you or abandon you.

This word came as I was seeking God on what this election means. Continue reading