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My fire, my fury!


This is a word that came to me this morning as I was meditating on God’s plans for Sue and I, along with the desperateness of this drought .

You ask me and I tell you. My fury burns and my fire rages against this nation.  It’s people are far from me, holding a form of religion but denying my sovereignty, and even that is being moved to a secret place. A nation that hides my very name and erases the memory of my name. But this will be no more. No more will the world exalt in it’s highest towers. No more will this world exalt in it’s accomplishments. Nothing that has or will be is done without me. No more, no more, no more.

My fire burns and my fury rages and I will visit on this land unquenchable fire. Such fire that only by my hand will it be extinguished. The fires will continue, the land, parched and dry will be vanquished. This nation will print and print and print money but it will burn uselessly, the effort will leave even more in disparity. I call this land to repentance and still it doesn’t listen.

This disaster is coming and has come, the very grass burns. I have told you to prepare, prepare, prepare. You, who’s hearts are my hearts, are ready and I will move. To you who have not, you seek but have not listened, act now. As my action moves, some of you I will move. To some I have kept you in place and will keep you to minister there, up to and including your lives.

My hand is acting and will be swift. It will take your breath away. But know I hold you in the palm of my hand and nothing, nothing, nothing happens that I don’t ordain and what I do I do for your good. It is by my love for you that I act now.


As I looked at the current status, I noted that 55% of the country ranges from extreme dry to extreme drought. As Sue and I follow and trust God leading us to purchase a farm, many farmers are offering to sell me cattle cheap, because they can’t feed them. Yesterday,as I looked in my woods, two deer came by that I thought were adolescents, but they were, in fact, dramatically emaciated. We will soon see cheap beef at the stores, buy it and freeze it if you can, even better dry it and cure it. Soon, the tide will turn and beef will be unavailable without a price. Rev 6:6 comes to mind: “Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures, saying, “A quart[a] of wheat for a day’s wages,[b] and three quarts of barley for a day’s wages,[c] and do not damage the oil and the wine!”

This is a time where our haughtiness is exposed. This has hardly been three months and we cry out yet Sue mentioned how awful it was in Elijah’s time when no rain fell for almost three years. God help us.

This is a hard word and if you’re reading this it is because God sent you here, at this time, for this purpose, to give you opportunity to present yourself before Him, repent and ask His forgiveness and secure your place in His glory. God doesn’t want anyone to perish, but because He is just and holy and sovereign, HE MUST. Don’t delay, take this opportunity He has given you to come to Him…


Author: godsfingers

I'm a musician and worship leader, intent on following wherever God leads and directs me, with His leading's in the Spirit and others bonking me on the head ( hopefully not much of the latter). My life experiences are in blue collar and white collar (engineering) employment, political office, lay ministries, national competition in track and cross country and most importantly marriage and raising a family. God has given me a unique set of skills and character to serve Him and a passion for doing it.

30 thoughts on “My fire, my fury!

  1. Your post calls to mind Isaiah 40:8 The grass may wither and the flowers may fade but the word of God endures forever.

  2. Very encouraging! Amen.

  3. This country has turned its back on God for many, many years. She is reaping the bad seeds that she has sown. Thus, the physical and spiritual drought. Even in our small town here in Georgia, we are seeing crime escalate, drug wars, and a community that is no longer a community. People stay to themselves and neighbors are not neighbors. It’s very sad.

    There is a spiritual oppression in our area that is almost unbearable. Corruption and fraud are everywhere, especially in the banking systems. For us, the spiritual drought is almost worst than the physical drought. May God help us all to be a light in this storm cloud of darkness.

    • We were a light in a storm….for many many years..some of got tired of the powers that be, allowing the wicked ones in anyway they wanted to be..and compromised The Word of God …..You know in away I thank God for the chance that we are given in these days all of this darkness around us, that we can see clearly who has the Every-ready-battery Pink Bunny clanging his little toy drum…or who has the Oil for the Midnight Call from the LORD…Galatians 2:20 I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me. …God help us all! God help us!

  4. This is what I and my daughter talk about ‘everytime’ we are in the grocery store…and believe me…I don’t talk about it in ‘whispers’….by no means…and this past time, the scripture was added to it the ‘take the Mark,his Name, his image and his Number…it was ‘unanimous among the many shoppers in Walmart ‘will take the mark’ eagerly,…one many said ‘Sister they and many like them have taken it already.’ It hurt so much to see so many shopping that day, that would continue to shop and those among them that would not be able to shop but rather sufffer..God’s grace on us all …we must most assuredly be Christ Centered with/in His Word ”His Word”…be careful of the man or woman behind the pulpit speaking ‘another His Word’…they sound alike but they don’t produce a painless Eternity like the Word of Almighty God..!!

  5. I’d read about the drought/cattle sales/hay is even pricey and hard to find here in pac N.W…guess some is exported to asia along with stockpiling it by the large conglomerates…anyway was thinking about the couple yrs of severe tornado’s..now drought..wow, let’s pray and share the truth of the gospel and the things going on might wake some up to salvation in Christ. In the gospels-the beginnings of sorrows-it’s war and rumor, earthquakes, famine and pestilence..have been expecting to see the last 2 as the 1st 2 are more noticeably increased already.

    Only answer, Christ Jesus. many will turn and be saved, many won’t..but always some will, praise God and even so come Lord Jesus.

  6. Norma you are so right I was going to sign off and saw yours and godsfingers …I just want to say ”thank you both” thank you very much…

  7. I very much see this as going on already, and read that muslims in michigan were stoning christian silent activists at their arab festival. So the persecutions have begun as well, while police look the other way, along with the famine, plagues and droughts. God is done with this nation but will be there when you call on Him.
    God bless you all with strength, endurance, love and humility and can’t wait to see you all in heaven!!!

    • Susan, thank you very much..as much as we hear from Him and continue to go on with Him even in the face of persecution, of many facets that years ago would be covered up..but when we see ‘another say the same thing that is deep within our hearts ‘as a witness’…When you see and hear these things know it was I (the Lord) that told you before it happened”…it’s a reminder that your sorrow and joy of The Lord is still in-tack…it can get pretty scarey and not flakky (as Paul said ‘We knowing the terror of The Lord warn..’) at times.. ..bottom line what I am saying, is weeping..”Yes Sister, I too for many are still blinded by choice, refusal to believe and still worshiping another God…their house is a god, claiming poverty, while rebuilding,claiming poverty while expanding, to hold more stuff..so many other gods…but your words hit me so ‘gently ever so gently …at the same time…’a knowing’..comfort is with us, and HE will never leave us…our peace returns within our hearts…Thank you for your words that have been in my heart for sometime…”God is done with this nation but will be there when you call on Him. God bless you all with strength, endurance, love and humility and can’t wait to see you all in heaven!”

  8. Just guided to your site thru Stan Deyo/HalLindsey. What a wonderful site! Also found Wings of Prophecy. I have been heeding the Lord’s call since 9/6/12. Would appreciate any advice on physical preparation you could give. Glad to have found you!

  9. correction to date on previous comment : Have heeded the Lord’s call since 9/6/09.

  10. Dear Body of Christ,
    As Christians we should always seek the truth through the Holy Spirit within us. God’s Holy Word is the only truth in this world of lies and sin, not the media. Please read Donna Wasson’s commentary on the Rapture Ready News website re: the Dearborn, MI. persecution of “Christians” on what was done off camera to provoke the Muslims. As a Christian myself I am embarrassed and ashamed by what these “Christians” did, including putting a pigs head on a pole and parading it around the Muslims. I’m sure Jesus would not have approved of such behavior. As of my writing this 61% of America is in severe drought. I believe that things will only get progressively worse worldwide as we are at the end of the age of Grace. The good news is for us that means we will be going home soon to be with our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ in the Rapture so take heart and trust completely in Jesus! He is in control. Love each other and share the Good News of the Gospel and pray!
    Peace and love to all.

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  12. I say at a “Bog Box” store yesterday afternoon and watched 3 people haul out big screen TV’s and any number of other useless items.
    Functional denialibty.
    When the desperate raving food looters come to their homes they will take those same useless items along with their last morsels of grain.
    For so many it’s just too late to make them see.
    All we can do is try

    • Amen…and many are hording up food for ‘the times’ …yet they have no clue that the ‘looters’ who will enter their homes to get food, will not believe ‘anyone’ that they don’t have food stored up…so they will also as you said, take the trinkets after they have destroyed every crack and cranny to find food. This is not a laughing matter, the hungrier they see their families get, the madder they will be at God and all who claim to be Christians..of which many who say they are will do the same because they too have been told, God will forgive them for taking the ‘mark’, or his name or his name, or his image of the beast…I may be wrong but with all the free-perverse sex, so many wearing a cross as though it’s a sign of their faith, the image will be a tattoo that is able to be scanned to read. Or a chip like many seem to think. I really don’t know yet..That may sound silly in this day and age…many speculate ..In due time The Holy Spirit will reveal when we need to know…it’ll be a witness to what He has already told us..

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  14. Good message and a somber reminder that we are indeed living in the last days. The increase of evil has caused the hearts of most to grow cold. Each day I wonder how much longer will God put up with the blasphemy and desecration that we make of everything holy? I never thought I would ever be living in such dark times.

    • Many will be saying the same thing….I never thought I would ever be living in such dark times…..yet there have been people for years warning and The Word of God is still the same as yesterday and will be forever…yet even yesterday I too have heard again, from a Christian say…”I never believe it would get this bad…” and it will get worse as many Churches preach’ the Great Revival and all things will get better, then the revival for us….God help ’em’….

      • The only revival I see coming is the rapture.

          • Daniel, for your sake, I hope so also, many look forward to that dream …a great grand revival all thru out the World..the Pentecoastals have that one down pact, so do many Denominations who went to”Non-Denominational” to get more people coming back because so many left with all the ‘spiritual awakening’ and leaving the denomination churches, but it was the same spirit, just a new set of clothes, and face paint..

            • I meant amen to the blessed hope of the Rapture. That is the only “revival” I believe in because it’s in God’s Holy Word, the Bible.

            • Brother please forgive me for not clarifying, I know what you meant…I’ve ran across so many who believe in the Rapture, that they don’t believe they will see any of the ‘blasphemies and/or anything that the world will go thru…so I’m a little leery when I hear the ‘term Rapture’…it’s been in the camp of ‘you can tell God what he will and will not be able to do,..and when..bottom line it’s been in the ‘arrogant camp’ so much I shy from any thing about it, other than as one of the old prophets said, when another prophesied such good things, the old prophet said’ ..I hope so..for what he was told from The Lord was far different, in fact he was told they would be invaded and they should go and serve that other nation..those who did would live those who did not would die..I hope I made sense..(smile)

            • Not a problem. I am a Bible believing, non-denominational Christian & I love and trust Jesus Christ with everything. Thank you for getting back to me.

            • You’re very welcome

        • For your sake I hope it does

    • Thanks for the visit. I’ll have to stop by and visit.

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