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Wildfires? or a precursor to prophecy?


As a Watchman, I feel compelled to speak, even incompletely, what has been impressed on me today. I don’t have a “thus sayeth the Lord” right now, unless he speaks through the keyboard as I type.


As I was painfully reviewing a personal report from the Colorado fires from Holly Deyo, I was noting the depth of the destruction and pain and carnage, the unpreparedness for the devastation to come. There is no warning, no track, as officials put it, “I have never seen a progressive fire like this and I’ve been doing this a long time.” He indicated that the fire might burn easterly for 3 hours, then for no reason turn northwest, burn for another 4 hours, then turn south and burn for 3 hours. There was no rhyme or reason to this fire.”. Holly related, in regard to trying to help some friends get out of the way, “These friends lived in a modest home, but the amount of stuff to be relocated was staggering: Cadillacs, trucks, cows, paintings, vintage doll collections, pets, clothing, pictures, memories, vitals. We spent the afternoon moving all of the above into the valley.”

God has been speaking clearly and intently that His judgements are coming, that we need to lose the junk, both spiritual and temporal as time is of the essence.

I must confess that, though in prayer, I’ve been viewing the Colorado scenario as local (a bit more worried about our local drought to keep up with the news) but on further review I found that 12 states are already engulfed in wildfires, even here in central Wisconsin we are becoming tinder dry. What struck me, was that if 5 more states ignite 1/3 of the US will be in flames. I think of David Wilkerson’s vision of 1000 fires in NY city and spread this across the map. The US is beginning to burn. As I look out into my woods, I claim God’s covering and protection and pray this isn’t the move He has been preparing us for. Now I’m painfully cognizant of Sue’s dream back in May.

As I view all this I’m reminded of Rev 8:6,76 Then the seven angels who had the seven trumpets prepared to sound them.

7 The first angel sounded his trumpet, and there came hail and fire mixed with blood, and it was hurled down upon the earth. A third of the earth was burned up, a third of the trees were burned up, and all the green grass was burned up. ”

Is this the trumpet? Or a harbinger? Is God giving us one last chance to see what’s coming? We have a merciful God, a loving God who would have you seek Him and His mercy and glory. If you are in the path of this inferno, get out, don’t worry about your “stuff”, God has promised to watch your back and His provision will far exceed your needs. If you are in a drought area, prepare. Prepare for flight and more so prepare your heart. Even if you aren’t in these areas, if your heart is not right with God, you will burn. Come to the river of Living Water, confess that you are a sinner, give your life to Jesus who will protect you from the ultimate end.


Author: godsfingers

I'm a musician and worship leader, intent on following wherever God leads and directs me, with His leading's in the Spirit and others bonking me on the head ( hopefully not much of the latter). My life experiences are in blue collar and white collar (engineering) employment, political office, lay ministries, national competition in track and cross country and most importantly marriage and raising a family. God has given me a unique set of skills and character to serve Him and a passion for doing it.

25 thoughts on “Wildfires? or a precursor to prophecy?

  1. I do believe all of these occurrences, with wild fires, earthquakes, flooding, etc., etc., etc. are all a part of God’s wrath! Warning us to repent or perish. Sadly most people do not recognize it as the power of God anymore and just go on their merry way. Have you read “The Harbinger” by Jonthan Cahn. If you haven’t read it I would recommend checking it out.

  2. Is God giving us one last chance to see what’s coming?…sadly yet thankfully to say…Yes, He is…Yes..on a daily basis…I was warned yesterday…(again)..’Don’t talk Politics with anyone and Never talk Religion with anyone” it will get you in trouble, so keep quiet’…my response was, I can’t keep quiet about Jesus, no way, no how, no day! I was told ‘you were warned, people don’t want to be around anyone who don’t agree with them on their religion, it causes arguements and causes discord, that is not of God’ …so Yes, God is giving us a ‘one last chance to see what is coming in more ways than one..’ the Fires that burn will either destroy or protect which ever side you are on..In His fire, or His fire in you.

    • I was told by my sister/brother in law about 18mos ago NOT to talk about politics or religion _(I was sending the family an email about salvation and how I finally got it after 50some yrs of age that we are all destined for hell unless we accept Jesus as our Savior). I responded back to them that Jesus is NOT a religion, He is life itself! I have been personna nongrata with them since BUT my oldest recommited his life to Jesus shortly after that! THAT is of God! So we will upset people one way or another-either to repent or regret

  3. interesting as I was thinking this morning we should have bags packed and be in truck/van to move at a moments notice-dog/cat food, us food, etc….yikes
    we were talking here at work about how dry it is around here (Dane/Columbia Co in WI) and they still want to do fireworks this w/e!Then I was mentioning about being so close to Jamieson Park and how a campfire unattended could start, or someone throwing a cigarette butt out a window and it rolls into dry grass, then we were talking about CO fires… remember how I smelled the smoke that one night-was thinking we should be prepared for anything, even middle of the night…

  4. Interesting how all of these fires have exploded during gay ride month of June and how it’s either lightning or arsonists.

    I don’t think we’ve seen the 1/8 th of what is coming yet.
    I do believe that god is giving all of us enough ash to roll around in.
    It’s begun and this is only a foretaste.
    The pride of gay America is being brought down to the dust.

    ‘Do not go out into the field,Nor walk by the way.
    Because of the sword of the enemy,
    Fear is on every side.O daughter of my people,
    Dress in sackclothAnd roll about in ashes!
    Make mourning as for an only son, most bitter lamentation;
    For the plunderer will suddenly come upon us.
    Jeremiah 6:25

    • nothing wrong with gay people

      • Strip away the PC and the judgements come as a result of pandering to the homosexuals, the adulterers, fornicators, thieves, greedy. Essentially, the apostasy of the church. The country has turned it’s back on the God who founded it and as a result will reap the whirlwind.

        You’re correct, there is nothing wrong with gay people, I’m gay, but I’m not homosexual or a pervert. Frankly, I don’t know any gay homosexuals, but best stay on topic….

  5. Definitely a harbinger, tribulation hasn’t started yet

    • I agree, many missing ingredients yet. The syndication of socialized medicine, as of today, closes the last vestige of freedom and paves the way for RFI implants ( they were in some of the passed versions). As pointed out above, we’ll have no shortage of ashes, now where did I put my sackcloth…

      • I am not too sure about this ‘health care’ on the level of the “political and don’t touch my stuff groups”..for each party chose those people to talk about it that agreed with their personal gains or possible losses…Me personally I believe that anyone who has breath should never be denied health care! I’ve seen far too many turned away for even the Insurance companies I believe are the profit goo-ruuus…for God to use some one like Pharaoh to bring about something good is not beyond His loving mercy as shown in His Word all from beginning to end. Also many Christians have tried and do try limit The Lord when he will return, as they preach to others it’s not time yet. If no one knows the exact time (and they don’t …God don’t lie)…How can they say ‘it is not time yet?? (smile) …

        • Hi Andrea,

          It;s not the matter of denied healthcare ( actually no hospital can deny you care ) it’s the mandate, and more importantly it’s further stripping the sovereignty of God. I had 4 children without healthcare, but God provided. Additionally, the package as a whole ties in with the unlawful detention stuff. But yes, Jesus is coming soon, as we see the pieces falling together.

          • …actually no hospital can deny you care ….Ha ha ha…Yes they can and yes they do and will deny you…some don’t that’s true..but yes it is of a Truth that God is the one who opens the door for any ‘favor’ in these situations.. even today in this 2012 year people have been denied because of ‘many reasons of Insurance, not the right insurance the Medical field accepts etc..and etc and etc..this is one of many areas The Lord has blessed me with for many years of the corruptness behind the scenes and the cries of those who were denied help…

      • …~>The syndication of socialized medicine, as of today, closes the last vestige of freedom and paves the way for RFI implants<~~…I too believe this is but a second on the front of time to be a must for all..and if it is brought to pass thru the what is called Socialized Medicine..:::sigh::: What a reality check this will be to so many ''Quiet Christians''…!

        • You do realize that America was healthier before health insurance. The notion of paying someone, just in case you get sick, was sales shmuchery. Doctors made house calls, accepted barter for services, more trusted in God for help. This is more of the government is God mandates. healthcare doesn’t work in Canada ( Sue was a nurse there for 14 years), Europe or even the past Soviet Union. Again, it’s forced dependency away from God, sans the politics.

          • yes I do remember Doctors making House Calls..(This Old Tree has seen many a storm & sunshine (smile).. The Insurance Companies and the ones who set it up is nothing less than Guido without the Spaghetti ! Just like the insane charges for a Dr visit…$200.00 per visit..it’s Crazy!! yet so is the world..Yes I do believe Jesus is returning very soon…they are no less than a ‘back-alley hooligan’ group.

            • And that’s what insurance brought us. Actually, house calls was back when doctors followed the Hippocratic oath and charged the rich and still treated the poor. Now they follow the hypocrite oath and murder the unborn for huge profits.

  6. I do believe these wildfires are God’s judgment on a sinful nation.

  7. Read ” The Way Home or face The Fire ” http://jahtruth.net/wayad.htm

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  10. God Bless you sir.
    The Pipers Vision was real, a gift of the spirit. The God Calculus is the Holy Grail that Proves God must be, in order for all things to BE. Revealed in the hidden power in rocks, anti-gravity. Which is the Holy Spirit.

    The God Calculus, the Einstein-Enoch Equation, is the Theory of Everything, is no trick sir…experiments have proven it, it also resolves Mysteries of Science and Religion, the grand mystery of the Ancient Trinity of Enoch, it is the Primal Forces of Daniels “God of Forces”.

    It says that the faith of a mustard seed, through the Holy Spirit (The Light), can allow one to walk on water, or move mountains, or even raise a city to the sky or take His people to a New Heaven and a New Earth…

    The spirit revealed, that the Catholics HID the Truth, by Forbidding the ancient books of Enoch, deliberately. The Dead sea scrolls proved them to be real, from the mouth of God. That God wanted us to know the Truth of His Creation, but the Catholics killed the Knowledge of God in favor of Babylonian Mystery. The Lord said he came not to bring peace, but a sword. So ask yourself, who wielded that sword of division? What is the source of that division and denomination? Mystery, the Sword of Division. The Catholics split religion and science, and the spirit is pushing me, that which was put asunder, must be rejoined.

    We are the lost 10 tribes, the 10 Shofar’s or Horns on the Beast, the 10 toes of Iron and Clay on the left and right legs of Daniels statue, of the People who came from Babylon, who came from Israel. America is Mystery, Babylon the Great, because America is the source of the world money. And it will FALL. It sits between mighty waters, and is the first land of ‘unwalled villages’ that live in safety.

    The Power of Enoch is the power in the Rocks. It is given only for those of the Iron, to build a mighty Remnant. The Clay will react with emotions and ridicule. So be it. They will suffer the great Deception of the Beast, which begins with the False Prophet of Coveting for the Beast system. (Babylon invented banks and crony capitalism…remember that.)

    The spirit told me to lead the people out of Babylon, the commercial system, as our brothers keepers, the Rule of Gold must be conquered by the Golden Rule, the Statue of Daniel is torn down through the power in the rocks. With Obama care, the Dark man comes, and that doesn’t sound like such a crazy idea now, does it?

    The Spirit leads the Piper to play a tune, in the wilderness, so that the Chorus may sing, and the People to dance.
    And the forest’s will echo with laughter.

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