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California mega-quake coming?

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When I checked my copy of earthquake3d this morning (a great little application program that shows earthquakes around the world realtime), I noted a 6.0 earthquake by the Aleutian Islands chain. I remembered a posting I saw at tribulation-now.org about a mega-quake that would happen May 20, 2012. What amused me was that it drew a conclusion due to an “X” on a map where the eclipse path was going to be running and supposedly Elenin was believed to be going to strike there.


X marks the spot, who’d a thunked it…

Well, I wrote about it here wondering aloud, what is this deal with the 20th or 21st for people soothsaying events. So now I see this earthquake today, of all places, where “X” marks the spot:

and today is June 19th, (Ok so what’s a month, less one day amongst friends). Now that was a little unnerving.

What brings up concern, really, though is an uncomfortable trend in the earthquake pattern. There has been a spinning cycle around the Pacific Rim this year but it’s been pretty much held to South America, Mexico and Indonesia. Up until now. Three days ago there was a 6.1 earthquake in the Philippines, then 2 days ago a 6.4 off of Japan and now this 6.0 followed by a 5.8 in the Aleutians. If the trend continues we could see a major earthquake in Oregon or California within days. I wrote earlier about the escalation of 6+ earthquakes this year and this movement over the last few weeks is the start of an ominous crescendo.

Prophecies have been on the increase and the urgency in God’s voice for His people to purify themselves for the coming cataclysms is strong. This will be a northern California quake, a precursor to what’s coming down the tubes. If you haven’t prepped you might want to take a little vacation. This won’t be the major quake, but don’t think that buys you time.

Are you prepped? Stores of food and water? Good. But are you really prepared? Are you filled with God’s Word? A friend shared with me that she was told to look at the binding on her Bible. Where the creases are, that is where you’ve eaten the Word and it’s inside of you, where the binding is smooth, that word isn’t in you….yet. Is there time? Yes, but no time like now. If you’re reading this it’s because God set up this appointment to give you the opportunity to be totally prepared. Take the time now, approach Him and receive the best preparation available, His Son and Holy Spirit. Open up the oldest and yet still the best preparation manual around ( sorry Holly, yours is second 😉 ) and so Receive Jesus today, then be able withstand anything else coming…


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