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Handcuffs and shackles

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In Response to Chained

Yes, shackles, handcuffs and chains. The unredeemed church is becoming more and more bound to the world. They take on, in their doctrine, more and more of the sins from which the Christ set us free. The handcuffs and shackles are bondage. The chains are the weight of the sins that the church allows and endorses. They call it jewelry or fine adornment, of gold and silver, as they lead others to death. MT 18:6 “But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.”, but yet they deceive themselves into thinking they are following the Christ’s example.

These chains add to the weight, pulling them down toward the abyss. I see a giant sink hole with those shackled and chained, some with many, some with few chains. Those with the few chains are at the edge, but as they stand there the edges break away and they begin to sink. They don’t understand that they are sinking, they just repeat, forward, forward. Those in the middle of the sink hole are so deep as to be out of sight.

Some look at their chains and notice that the gold has gone green and the silver black and they toss them aside as some costume jewelry. And a golden rope comes down and pulls them up and sets them on high ground.

We, too, in the redeemed church, have our choices. We have let the world go, become unshackled or not even shackled to begin with. But what do WE do? Do we hide, looking to ourselves to protect what we have? No. Jesus will preserve that. Now is the time, more than ever to seek those whose eyes have been opened and need help casting off that which binds, lift up the sinking…..

Are you sinking? Are you holding on to the things of the world. Are you among those changing God’s word to suit your needs or desires? God is calling you to repent while there is still time. The time of His grace is growing short and He loves you enough to urge you now, if you are here it is because God brought you here to hear. Accept His grace, confess your sins to Him and enter into His presence. He does not want to cast judgement on you, He wants you to enjoy the fullness of His love. Come to Him today, don’t delay….


Author: godsfingers

I'm a musician and worship leader, intent on following wherever God leads and directs me, with His leading's in the Spirit and others bonking me on the head ( hopefully not much of the latter). My life experiences are in blue collar and white collar (engineering) employment, political office, lay ministries, national competition in track and cross country and most importantly marriage and raising a family. God has given me a unique set of skills and character to serve Him and a passion for doing it.

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