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“60 Minutes” demonizes Israel and acquits Islam

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An incredible turn on the events happening in Israel. This is the power of the central media.

When I read of the mega churches beginning this refrain I had concern that Satan was taking his shot using these “emerging” churches to begin his campaign to get the US out of Israel. Influential churches such as Willow Creek (Hybels), Saddleback Church (Rick Warren) embracing the acceptance of Palestine and Islam and denying that Israel is in a God mandated position, are beginning to condition it’s members to take a view against Israel. The US is Israel’s lone single and staunch supporter, historically, since God restored it’s nationhood. Now we see a trend toward that removal.

CBS, the liberal left media outlet, goes prime time to “expose” the audacity of the Jews (an occupying force) and their attacks to drive “christians” out of the land. It is clear that the Muslim president Obama is orchestrating this movement. Imagine his joy when American “christians” scream for him to remove US support of Israel and stop them from attacking Christians. This will achieve, and I believe he knows, the ultimate downfall of the US as God’s blessing and protection is totally removed from the US and the curse, from cursing Israel, falls on the US. The reason why the US ISN’T in the Bible.

From an eschatology stand point it is kind of exciting, if true. With Putin in Russia, and Iran mounting forces against Israel we have the perfect scenario fulfilling Ezekial 38,39. Without US support it’s only Israel….and God. Israel will have no choice but to fall back on the Creator of the Universe, the God who called their people, the only power for their salvation.

America is so deceived and so believing of what goes in to them from the media, because they don’t go to where the real truth, the real life, the real future lies, the Bible, the Living Word of God. Instead, whatever they hear on TV is the truth, not to be challenged by the words in the Bible, or as they put it the book of lies and make believe so that even the mainline churches deny it’s relevance for today. And these are the members of the “growing” church, the growing number of “christians”.

The Redeemed church is shrinking, the emerging church, the church of Laodecia, the church of Apostasy is growing. To which do you belong? Are you the one talking about the peace, love and acceptance of Jesus’ words while denying His judgements? Do you subscribe church as a nice religious experience for one day of the week? You need to find the true Messiah, Jesus the Living God who is calling you this day. Accept that you are a sinner, accept His forgiveness and follow Him. Give Him Lordship today and save yourself from what is to come. He is calling your name right now…..

News that matters

Segment on Palestinian Christians in the Holy Land stirs backlash.

A new report on the state of Christians living in the Holy Land aired on CBS’ “60 Minutes” last weekend has stirred controversy among some Christian and Jewish groups that have blasted the report as unfairly portraying Israel as an oppressor of Middle East Christians.

CBS’ Bob Simon conducted the new report seeking to refute that Muslim discrimination is driving force for the mass exodus of Palestinian Christians from the Holy Land.

He argued that it has been Israeli settlements and the policies of Israel that have forced Christians out of the Holy Land.

Today Christians make up 1.5 percent of the population of Jerusalem but just in 1967 had constituted five percent of those living in the holy city, according to the report.

The report also stated that the number of Christians living in the ancient city of Jerusalem…

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One thought on ““60 Minutes” demonizes Israel and acquits Islam

  1. What a powerful message and a sad commentary on this nation! You have said it all so well. It is good to see someone who is not afraid to tell the truth!

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