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Another unintended prophecy????

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Wow, I read something this morning that knocked my socks off. In a UPI story, GAZPROM seeks partnership with Israel, I see something seemingly right out of Joel Rozenberg’s Ezekiel 38&39 fictional book series seemingly beginning to unfold. See GAZPROM. In the books a wealthy Russian, Palestinian, and Israel partnership in an oil-for-peace project to bring wealth and peace in the Middle East. It never gets off the ground as it precludes the GoG-Magog war and it’s major characters get killed off.

The book series is a really good (and I must say none stop excitement) read with many of the story lines that have actually come to pass. I recommend reading them as they hold almost like bookends to the Left Behind series, before and after. Today Israel is preparing for what is apparently an annual day of Palestinian protests and violence. Will we see it end? Are we seeing yet another piece of the Ezekiel puzzle going into place. Stay tuned to God’s channel for factual reporting and commercial free listening.

These are exciting times, are you ready for them? Have you asked the Christ Jesus into your heart and given Him Lordship? There is no time left to lose, ask Him into your heart today for the peace of God that passes all human understanding……


Author: godsfingers

I'm a musician and worship leader, intent on following wherever God leads and directs me, with His leading's in the Spirit and others bonking me on the head ( hopefully not much of the latter). My life experiences are in blue collar and white collar (engineering) employment, political office, lay ministries, national competition in track and cross country and most importantly marriage and raising a family. God has given me a unique set of skills and character to serve Him and a passion for doing it.

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