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For the USA, revival or restoration?


I’ve heard time and again from well-meaning Christians about the restoration of the USA to its former glory. If we just pray hard for revival and repentance God will restore the USA to its former glory and deliver its people. I’ve even heard it as prophetic utterance or as I put it utterly nonsense. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in the prophetic and I pray for more leading as time comes to an end, but the thing is, time is coming to an end. It seems pretty materialistic to keep holding on to that glory image.

At no time in history have the biblical prophecies lined up with fulfillment, especially the most important, the restoration of Israel and the return of her people until now. There have been many skirmishes and minor wars in the middle east, but none has come like the lining up of Ezekiel 38 & 39 as I wrote about previously. The alliances are being made, the Muslim Brotherhood is seizing power along North and Northeastern Africa as the King of the South. These are very real times, with the focus on war obscuring events in Israel being ignored by the media. The prophesied replanting and greening of Israel, the discovery of huge oil and gas reserves in Israel, the acute prosperity of Israel. All prophesied for the return of Israel.

These are the last days we live in. Many still try to place the USA in the Bible as the powerful and rich nation. They try to stretch scriptures to include the USA, but it has been for some time my feeling that the USA will no longer exist, or at least, not exist as a world power. It’s hard for this generation to wrap their heads around it but even in the norm, without prophecy, societies as a rule only last about 200 years before “meism” brings that society down. Folks, we’ve well crossed that 200 years and “meism” runs rampant here.

In the prophetic, we have Gog and Magog moving along, Israel blessed and the rest of the world in upheaval. Currently, Israel still has the USA for protection so it postures a lot. Recently, when Israel PM Netenyahu visited here he gave the president a decorative scroll of the Book of Esther. I believe the PM was trying to imply to the president that, like Queen Esther, he was placed in that position for such a time as this, with yet someone else trying to annihilate the Jews. It’s a great thought and a great ploy by the PM.

I, too, believe that the president was placed in his position for just a time as this, but not what the PM was thinking. If the scenario plays out that the new Russian president ( GOG ) advances his timetable and demands that Israel disarm (kind of what we did with Hussein) in 30-60 days, of which Israel will ignore, he could ask the UN for a fighting coalition to go in and disarm. In this case the US president will abstain and withdraw support and protection of Israel. This will leave Israel defenseless except for God, which is how the Bible plays it out. Only God can and will protect Israel and be glorified.

Which then brings us back to the USA. The apostasy of the “church” here has already brought judgement but the process of leaving Israel in the lurch will bring down the curse on the USA. We HAVE BEEN a strong, blessed country because we loved God and blessed Israel. Why isn’t the USA in the Bible? Because it left God and abandoned Israel. The purveyors of the notion of the former glory are also the ones who can’t let go of it, of the dependency that came with it. Americans are so preoccupied with the material things, doctors, insurance, debt that there is no room for faith, just faith that God will do what you ask.

God is bringing the fall on the USA, the judgement will come. Some of us are being called to prepare physically (called Preppers) yet be mindful that you may be preparing for someone else left behind. Remember to include the Gospel, Christian literature even recent historical articles indicating how things got that far and who’s behind it. As God moves in these times and seeing the imminent fall, I write with an anticipation of the coming of real miracles in the USA, total dependence on God for our needs, that’s what God wants, total dependence. Are you ready for that time? can you turn away from your big screen, lose your Blackberry or Ipod, quit running to the doctor every sneeze? God wants you now, not later. He wants the fullness of your love. He wants you prepared to be able to minister to the flood of people in need when it comes. A revival as never before seen, and never to be seen again is coming, but that coming is as a catching before the fire before the Lord calls us to Him. Jesus is coming for us soon, very very soon.

Coming to the USA: Revival, yes…….restoration……no……


Author: godsfingers

I'm a musician and worship leader, intent on following wherever God leads and directs me, with His leading's in the Spirit and others bonking me on the head ( hopefully not much of the latter). My life experiences are in blue collar and white collar (engineering) employment, political office, lay ministries, national competition in track and cross country and most importantly marriage and raising a family. God has given me a unique set of skills and character to serve Him and a passion for doing it.

3 thoughts on “For the USA, revival or restoration?

  1. Hello, I certainly hope it is not too late to comment on a post that I see is almost 3 years old. I just discovered this blog, and I have been going thru it for most of the day. I enjoy most of the articles and posts on here, some are very difficult to understand….like this one, for instance. Given the volatile and chaotic situation in the Middle East waxing and waning now, for my entire life thus far, and given the Godly wisdom and glory given to God in this blog, I find it an almost insurmountable task to comprehend your (willing?) avoidance concerning the issue of the Palestinians and the relationship between present-day Israel and the former empire of Khazaria, from whence the current Israeli’s are said to originate, or at least a large majority of them. The METHOD by which present day Israel came to be, in 1948, on the heels of the forbidden subject of the “Nakhba”, does not seem to be, in my mind, a particularly “Godly way” of going about it. Israel was “founded” based on the “Balfour Declaration” and it is said that world war 2 was instigated for the express purpose of “forcing” an “israel” to come into being, regardless of the consequence to life and limb. All this seems way, way OUT OF CHARACTER for a holy God to sanction or condone. The fact that these subjects cannot be spoken of without risking the slur of “anti-semite” from those whose ancestors never even set foot in Old Testament Israel, thus making them the ultimate anti semites, if not outright imposters, really has my head swimming. I feel as though I have stepped on a bees nest, yet it does appear to be of great importance to God, therefore, it is important to me. Can you shed some light on this?

    • Thank you for your thoughts, it’s always good to set the record straight. First off let’s be clear, there are no Palestinians. This a creation of Arafat to give credence to continuing the war they started in 1947. This notion of the Nakbar is also a creation of dispossessed, by their own actions, Arabs to promote anti-zionism. In 1948 the state of Israel was reborn, in the same pen swipe the state of Palestine was also offered but rejected by the Arabs. Now they sue the UN for statehood as if it were something new. They could have avoided bloodshed for over 65 years, but it has been their choice, to date.

      The Israelis were forced out of their land, the diaspora, to be fragmented for a period to fulfill prophecy. Only to be, prophetically, returned. Whatever arguments against legitimacy you put forth is moot, the state is created, the framework (dry bones) is in place and now the search is on and many full descendents (the sinews) are being found and returned and soon the face (flesh) of Israel will be in place with the building of the Temple. Was WWII created to create Israel? Have no idea, but if it was God’s plan to use that vehicle then so be it (though He wouldn’t have sacrificed over 6 million Jews to do it, think about it, He doesn’t put his own the alter, except for Jesus, His Son as the ultimate sacrifice, even for you). No, this is not out of character for a Holy and Sovereign God. Though she will be basically godless until the return of Messiah ( not some guy crawling out of a well somewhere).

      Yes, prophecy is being fulfilled. Israel is being restored and, back on topic, America, not being found in prophecy, will fall and be no more.

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