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War is coming!

“I Am Stirring Up Nations” A response.

Over the last week God sidelined me with a minor illness over which I read all five of Joel Rosenberg’s Ezekiel fiction books and currently reading “Epicenter” his non-fiction explanation of how his fiction seemed to come to pass. And now this message. Just yesterday a suicide bomber was intercepted and arrested trying to bomb Capital Hill.

With Vladimir Putin’s express goal of rebuilding and expanding the empire along with his alignment and building in Iran of armament and nuclear technology, take strong note of this message. American “christians” continue to cling to God restoring America to it’s former glory, yet, nothing could be further from the truth. The fall of America is at hand. She has abandoned Israel, if not directly, then by absentia, something necessary for the Glory of God to be revealed. God is now calling His faithful to His protective covering, not unlike the blood covering the doorposts and lintel.

American translators have watered down the word of God in recent years and have, even now, crossed the Rubicon, if you will. Wycliffe and two others have removed the trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, from their Muslim translations. So that no offense be made to the Muslim.

Be assured, it IS this offense, the mystery, the need for faith that the enemy, Satan, wants hidden from view. Be assured that God the Father and God His Son and His Holy Spirit ARE ONE, and were, and are, and ever will be…

Cling to Him, look wholly on His face and don’t look around you at the things come and those that are coming. Most certainly, your hope is in Him only and only in Him. As He brings about His promises and fulfills His warnings cling tightly. Yes these things are coming, and into your very bedroom where you think you are private, He is there and He is your salvation….

Thank you Glynda for your faithfulness in hearing and doing.



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Where has God planted you?

“God has placed you” (Wings of Prophecy)

Thank you Glynda for a hearing ear and an obedient heart.

Five years ago my wife and I (in our mid fifties) were ready to move on, of our own accord, south from Wisconsin to maybe Missouri. Some where we wouldn’t be constantly bombarded by the liberalism and hedonism of the Madison area (aka Moscow of the Midwest), to a place where we could talk about God to someone on the street corner without being mocked or derided ( I guess, here, only a liberal college education is a sign of intelligence to them).

Instead, to our surprise, God had a different plan and we obeyed and moved northward. We didn’t know why only that God was calling us and leading us to a specific church. That act of obedience opened our hearts and souls to cleansing, healing, and an invigorating spirit.

God then began His plan for us in my music ministry and teen ministry. Mind you, I didn’t choose teen ministry. God placed me there and placed an increasing burden for teens and the short time we have to minister. As such the ministries have blossomed. He didn’t provide me with a job, yet we have subsistence.

People, as I posted before, understand that the time is short. God has put you in a specific place, as this message confirms. Truly seek Him and what His work is for you to do. We no longer have time to seek what we can do for the future comforts, God has that under control. Seek Him for what your work is now. Whether a ministry, such as the Lord has put me here for a season, or making yourself open and available for your friends and neighbors in a ministering spirit. Have you cried out because your job is terrible and you want relief, perhaps there is a colleague at work that God wants you to minister to, or one that hasn’t started yet. Maybe you don’t like where you work and God won’t help you move away, because He has a purpose for you. And, first and foremost, neglect not your family.

Are you uncomfortable where you’re at? Seek God’s Spirit and His plan and will for you. Act in obedience and He will lift you up and strengthen you. Put bitterness aside……..

Where are you? Where has God planted you??????

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Indifferent? a dirge…..

I wrote this little dirge in the mid 70’s in relationship with the song “I Wish We’d All Been Ready” from the “Thief in the Night” movies. Forty years later as I witness the state of this country, and the world I’m inclined to bring it back….

in the key of Am

Child stands in darkness
tries to find a glimpse of light
he just stands and softly shudders
in a land so full of fright

He wonders, just where it’s at
and, if it’s a single fact
that someone, watches over him
watches over him

Man walks indifferent
earthly pleasures are his goal
the voice of Jesus gently calling
without me you’ll lose your soul

He just says, get out of here and
I don’t, even want you near and
why don’t you go bother someone, who needs you
who needs you

The time has gone so quickly now
the multitude begins to form
the crowd begins to tremble
see a people so forlorn

The time, finally, has come about
it breaks, with a tremendous shout
as God’s armies have come to rout
the evil one,
they’ve just begun

Man, stands so different
his will , no longer his own
see the books, quickly opened
see the Lord upon His throne

(the Lord says)
Look at you standing there
You didn’t even care
Now you, have to go down where
I send you…….
I’ve sent you…………

copyright 1977 by Dan Long

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Slow Fade, modified lyrics

I love this song by Casting Crowns and when I’d sing it with the radio I thought it was slow pain not slow fade. The former is very, very real in the process because in each step of the fade you have to cut yourself from your relationship with God, turn your back on Jesus and those you love. It is pain when you put aside that real love to dabble, and the dabble gets deeper and deeper until the house comes crashing down, and grace seems unreachable, and you live with the specter of alienating yourself from those you love, including Jesus. The pain is immense and if played too far, as it is written in Hebrews 6, there is no return because the pain is insurmountable.

So I modified the song for our youth, to make the point ( sorry that the chart doesn’t post correctly).

Slow Fade

    Am C
    Be careful little eyes what you see

    G Dm
    It’s the second glance that ties your hands as darkness pulls the strings

    Am C
    Be careful little feet where you go

    G Dm
    For it’s the little feet behind you that are sure to follow

    CH1 Am G
    It’s a slow fade when you give yourself away

    Am F
    It’s a slow fade when black and white have turned to gray

    Am G/B
    And thoughts invade choices made

    C F
    A price is paid when you give yourself away

    Dm G ( continue to bridge on 2nd)
    People never crumble in a day

    Am C
    It’s a slow fade

    G F
    It’s a slow fade
    Am C
    Be careful little ears what you hear

    G Dm
    When flattery leads to compromise the end is always near

    Am C
    Be careful little lips what you say

    G Dm
    For empty words and promises lead broken hearts astray

    G dm F
    The journey from your mind to your hands

    Am7 G
    Is shorter than you’re thinking

    Dm F
    be careful if you think you stand
    C F (Am C G Dm (repeat buildup until))
    You just might be sinking

    Am G
    And it’s a slow pain when you give yourself away

    Dm F
    It’s a slow pain when the Word and world are mixed for play

    Am G/B
    And thoughts invade choices made

    C F
    A price will be paid when you give yourself away

    Dm G
    People never crumble in a day

    Dm G
    Families never crumble in a day

    Dm F
    Christians never crumble in a day
    Am G
    It’s a slow fade/ ( pain )
    Am G
    It’s a slow fade/ ( pain )
    Am G
    It’s a slow fade/ ( pain )
    It’s a slow pain….

    Am G/B C F
    Oh be careful little eyes what you see, Oh be careful little eyes what you see
    Dm F G C
    For the Father up above is looking down in love, Oh be careful little eyes what you see

    CCLI# 5077346 CCLI License#11706