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Jesus is calling you out!

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What a timely knock in the head, thank you God, and Glynda for faithfully sharing. Previously, with the last message, I DID ask myself, “what am I still playing?” and I was ashamed at what I saw.

We continue to carry baggage from the past, some we say we wish would go away, some we still carry because we enjoy visiting it still as our affinity with humanity. But we also continue to hold a secret place, seen only by God, and this is what we are being called out for, it is the sin that weighs us down. Like Peter, walking on the water, who let his humanness weigh him down and only Jesus could lift him up.

Jesus is calling us out, there is little time ( though it continues to seem time goes on ) left to fully embrace Him who IS and CAN ONLY BE our strength in the approaching flood.

A flood IS coming, a flood of filth and ungodliness, a flood of cataclysm, a flood of terror such as the world has never seen, nor will see again. And with that a flood of helplessness, hopelessness and needy humanity seeking answers and hope. God is calling us out to disconnect from that hopelessness, to give him 110%, unhindered by the cares and pull of this world to serve and bring to salvation as many as He will from this flood before we are lifted up.

Over the last 6 years, God has moved many( some literally ) of us to specific locations for His very purpose, to be bulwarks in this coming flood. It IS time to throw off those restraints that keep us from the fullness of God’s presence, that pull us down into the water. Be lifted up, take His hand, be cleansed, no longer to be an offense to the Holy Spirit but to be a clean vessel.

The time is short, God needs you, He has called you out.



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Out of the darkness!

Regarding the posting: 2012-many-changes-miracles

God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good.

What a timely word, as always with our heavenly Father. While things and challenges have been breaking about me and doubts about myself started surfacing, He is faithful to speak and reassure His presence and plans as these days mount. What a respite and blessed assurance in these times by His word, spoken and written.

As we travel the Internet and some are saying, “The Lord declares a trumpet will sound piercing your eardrums at the end of December. ” (sorry, it’s January now and I didn’t hear it) or WWIII will start on January 28 and the anti-christ will begin his rule in April, ” because the Lord revealed”. Yet, God has chastised us in previous spoken Words not to be searching for His coming (that is inevitable) but to be seeking a closer walk with Him and to be about His work.

Read, pray, obey, everyday. Immerse yourselves into His word not just read it. Memorization is a nice discipline but what good is it if it hasn’t traveled from your head into your heart. Immerse yourself in His word, saturate your heart. He will bring remembrance at the needed time. As in walking alone in a cave, the darkness creeps around you, enshrouds you, even making your flashlight seem dimmer and fear sets in. But, being covered and immersed in His word is being covered in a blinding light that pierces that darkness and breaks it’s hold and fear can no longer reside.

Blessed be His name and the Glory to the Father…