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Bridge to Israel Ministries


Antisemitism is growing desperately fast worldwide. Please help us raise money to rescue the Jewish people across Europe and the middle East where their lives are at great risk and bring them home to Israel. Read more here: The Golden Report  We don’t want to see a repeat of 1939, another Holocaust in Europe…Visit http://theBTIM.org…..

If you don’t want PayPal skimming your donation then send a check to:

Bridge to Israel Ministry

C/O Ridgetop Chapel

11827 County Highway MM

Viola, WI54664

Donate now to “Bridge to Israel Ministries“, your tax deductible contribution will save lives.

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Is Donald Trump the next Schindler

Is Donald Trump the next Oskar Schindler? Good question. Liberal pundits have long tried to tie him to the KKK, white supremacists, any number of hate groups, but all their efforts fall flat. You can’t be a KKK and love Israel. You can’t be a white supremacist and love Israel. They’ve even tried to make him antisemitic, AHEM! You can’t be a part of any of those groups liberals have tried to tie him to while at the same time loving the most hated people group in the world. Maybe with liberal fuzzy math.

Donald trump has officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city, something no American president has done, he is even in the the process of having the embassy moved there, as so ordered by congress in 1995, yet no American (or unamerican) president has done. And he is in the process of providing the Israeli people the safety they deserve. Yet he is supposed to be……WHAT???

Schindler was a German, so is Trump. Schindler was a businessman, so is Trump. Schindler was a philanderer so was Trump. Schindler had one wife but many women, Trump has had many wives and some women, ok, ya got me there. Schindler was moved, by greed, into a most powerful position to ultimately shield and save Jews, the same is now true for Trump. In Israel’s 70th birthday Trump leads the most powerful nation in the world to give Israel the most support the US has ever given it, unlike 1939, when no doors, including the US would open for Jewish refugees from Germany and so many lost their lives.

This is an exciting time. For the now we will have unfettered access for refugees and Trump will keep that door open for his 4 or 8 years. There isn’t much he can do with the likes of Turkey and such whose sympathies toward Jew and Christian are rapidly waning. But the return of the remnant is happening, as prophesied millennium ago.

Ofttimes God uses the unlikeliest of characters for his purpose. I bring to mind the Persian king Darius who sent the Jews back to Jerusalem to rebuild the Temple along with all the articles from the Temple that were stolen buy his predecessors. Yes, God can use anyone or anything, even Trump. Jesus said, even the rocks would cry out.

There are many more things that can happen along the way. President Trump could further reduce funds to the PLO, especially with the recent speech Palestine president Abbas violently threatened Trump and said “damn your money”. Trump could, and should throw away the Iran deal that shady Kerry and Obama pulled.

Is Trump the next Schindler? I would hope so.

Is Donald Trump the next Schindler was originally published on Bridge to Israel Ministries

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President Trump: He Goes Where No Man Has Gone Before

President Trump has gone where no man has gone before, causing trouble, again.  Unlike his predecessors, Trump causes trouble because he has shown the intestinal fortitude to do what should have been done decades ago.  Now the world trembles at the thought that he actually follows through on his promises.  With his recent success with…

President Trump: He Goes Where No Man Has Gone Before was originally published on Bridge to Israel Ministries

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The Gig is Up, World!

While doing some house cleaning here I came across this, written over 4 years ago. Mind you, since that time, Obama gave Iran billions of unmarked cash, open door for development and now we have Korea in as position to retrieve some of that cash for themselves by selling bombs to Iran.

godsfingers - Watchman on the Wall

(AP wirephoto)

Canceling the armistice,  is this unexpected? I’ve been pondering the intentions of North Korea over the last couple weeks and wanted to write but unexpected events took precedence. Am I surprised by this announcement? No.  North Korea has been looking for an excuse to flex it’s muscles while the world has been smirking at the little schmuck.

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Is Rocketman for Real????????


Fifty five years ago President John Kennedy went toe-to-toe with Nikita Khrushchev, in a brinkmanship that had the world on edge,  and he was hailed as a hero of the Western world, all this over the USSR placing missiles 70 miles off the Florida coast. There were no threats of annihilation, no threats to actually use the missiles, but Kennedy told the USSR to get them out of there and had the world on edge for 12 days. But the media loved him, he was masterful, a leader.

Now, fifty five years later we have another communist dictator developing hydrogen bombs (most likely in concert with Iran) in deference to the “world governing authorities” . He continues to ramp up his program with threats to use them, and now we have a president who won’t back down telling him to stop or suffer the consequences. But, unlike Kennedy (a democrat?) the media is all over president Trump calling HIM a lunatic. There is something seriously wrong with this picture, Continue reading

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If I Were the Devil

And now, eight years later where are we? Antifa, BLM, free speech shouted down, disrespect, millionaires taunting the Flag. We have kids free run on emotions, fluffy bears and playdough and safe spaces. The killing spree yesterday by the son of a career criminal repeatedly slapped on the hand. An evil so deeply ingrained in the government it won’t be cleaned out. All the while, the supposed “christian” church has backed all the way to their own fluffy bears, playdough and safe spaces. Andy Stanley pushes churches to be safe and not offensive to anyone. Is it any wonder that this country is about to suffer a cataclysm so great that it will never recover.

godsfingers - Watchman on the Wall

As I look back I miss some of the people, Paul Harveywho if empowered, could have kept this country great. For now, after their passing, all we can do is revisit and ponder their wisdom and almost prophetic calling. One such man was Paul Harvey. I’d listen with regularity his wit and wisdom and undying admiration for his love, Angel. The following should be almost scary or worse, given he saw this coming and no one knew or cared

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Hitler’s Nazis Never Went Away, They Just Relocated

My special thanks to Jerry Golden for bringing this to our attention. So, when did this     Become this….       Below I’ll have an old video clip that explains some history that we in the states weren’t taught but let’s get some contemporary imagery.  Real life now shows the symbols used by…

Hitler’s Nazis Never Went Away, They Just Relocated was originally published on Bridge to Israel Ministries

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Welcome to the church of ungod

It’s been awhile since this post and I centered on Saddleback church, but we really should throw in Willow Creek church with Bill Hybels, Andy Stanley od North Point church are leading the charge of removing the Word of God, that’s offensive, to make their churches more “comfortable for “everyone”.

godsfingers - Watchman on the Wall

Well it’s coming, and come. The church of ungod. un-crossYesterday was an advent, a coming out party for the atheists who actually coveted what, at minimum, the pseudo christians had, and created their own church. I’d mentioned years ago, when I lived in the shadow of the FFR (freedom from religion) headquarters, that atheism is just a religion without God. They had their annual meetings with songs and preaching and someone there actually said, “it seems like church”.

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