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Do Unto Others as They Have Done unto You.

I had to twist that a little bit because, though I believe the other way, sometimes the shoe fits. As in this case, sometimes offense is the better defense. Recently, the Duggar family, who has a reality show (sic) about their plethora of kids, has been hauled into a public display, beat down, punishment simply because the family matriarch has taken a strong public stand against forcibly allowing men ( with a Y chromosome ) free access into women’s lounges, restrooms, showers etc simply because the “felt” like a woman that day. They also removed a picture of homosexuals kissing posted to their personal Facebook page, oh the horror ( they also would have removed pic of a guy and a gal kissing wearing nothing but a G string ).

For this, the LGBT community has started a petition to force the removal of the television show. Don’t you just love tolerance? Apparently they have over 100,000 signatures on the self serving petition that’s posted on their self serving website. The LGBT community is complaining about,among other things, that the Duggars are fear mongering. Funny, but I thought that was the LGBT community tactic. Now the Duggars, in fair play, have posted a petition there to keep the show on the air.

The problem with all this is not that the Duggars ( or myself ) are homophobic, it is more the pragmatic response. The Duggars don’t want men, what ever the case, in their restrooms and showers. More importantly, as stated, they don’t want pedophiles posing as transexuals in the showers with their daughters. Nothing phobic about that, it’s sound parenting not unlike keeping a drug abuser out of the house.

The LGBT community are abusers, by definition. The women’s groups have developed what they call the power wheel to describe how male abusers operate to control their victims ( they won’t admit that there are huge numbers of women employing the same power, but that’s another subject ). The LGBT employs the same circle of power now, even more empowered. They whine, scream, get violent, employ “victim” leverage, threaten to hurt financially even threatening to have children removed. Transexuals are mentally ill people, they’ve massaged the definition a little to, as they hoped, to remove a stigma,but they are still ill people none the less. And as abusers, they expect those of us that are normal to accommodate their behavior and the abuse if we stray. This is a corporate psychosis growing.

We, including myself, are accused of being homophobic at the slightest non-acceptance of the LGBT demands. To my knowledge there is no such thing as homophobia, a phobia is an irrational fear and I don’t have any fear of homosexuals. But I do have a foreknowledge of where the movement goes. Homophobia is a hate term developed and propagated in the media, public schools, and now public forum. Used frequently in public schools and media, young and impressionable just follow along because they don’t want to be a “homophobe” ( essentially bullied ) and turn around beginning to use the term also. It’s shameful that this term gets used, accepted, even stated in today’s courts of law even though it’s a hate word, technically not legal. This is a screwy society that can throw that hate term around but if you say queer or nigger you could end up in jail even though they use the terms themselves. It is said, ” those that forget history are doomed to repeat it.”. The fact is, we resisted in the beginning because we knew, from history, where it would go, and it now has far exceeded what our concerns back then were.

It’s clear, these end times that we live in, where good is called evil and evil is called good. This was prophesied long, long ago and now we find ourselves in it. But there is a hope in these times. A hope that gives back, refreshment in these times of despair. That hope is Jesus. He came to this world to bring hope and salvation, and he is coming back to bring judgement. But He left us with a hope, a free gift that, when we accept it will bring refreshment and strength. Take this gift, it is your only hope for now and eternity.

And please, go to this petition and sign it. Let the media know that there are still some who want wholesome programming.

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Get On Your Knees and Fight Like a Man!

http://cccmurphysboro.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/praying-israelite.jpg?w=275&h=265It’s obvious, I love music. I live and breath music and the more that I can offer up in God’s service the sweeter it is and the more connected I feel. But today’s music has been getting soft, nice, unoffending. Don’t get me wrong, I like the music, but in a lot of cases there is no strength to it, no relational connection to Christ, kind of like music you could safely hear on secular radio, or love songs you could sing to your sweetheart. Much of the music has lost the edge, the edge of the sword.

Is this what’s happening, Continue reading

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If I Were the Devil

As I look back I miss some of the people, Paul Harveywho if empowered, could have kept this country great. For now, after their passing, all we can do is revisit and ponder their wisdom and almost prophetic calling. One such man was Paul Harvey. I’d listen with regularity his wit and wisdom and undying admiration for his love, Angel. The following should be almost scary or worse, given he saw this coming and no one knew or cared Continue reading


Gog and Magog Revisited

Well, as we continue to be locked in here in the Midwest by snow and sub-frigid temperatures things are heating up in other parts of the world. No, it has nothing to do with global warming, but it has everything to do with the condition of the world and the times we live in. Depending on how you read it Russian troops have invaded Crimea of the Ukraine or Russian troops have entered in to protect Russians in the Crimea. Ukraine claims up to 16,000 troops are on soil right now. Russian President Putin has stood his ground claiming the need while the POTUS wags his finger and says “get out of there or else”. Okay we won’t go there for now. Prison Planet has blamed this on the POTUS arrogance and hubris, maybe, but then Putin is claiming Western influence as the problem also.

invasion route

invasion route

Criminy, what’s the Crimea anyway? Continue reading

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Here We Go, King Obama Has Done Spoke!

obama pointing finger

Now you listen to ME!

Well, there ya have it. We’ve warned, cajoled, shouted front the house tops and now, out the mouth of the king himself, comes the declaration that the US Constitution is meaningless. Whether Congress goes with him or not he’s going forth with his own agenda and purpose. We presented to you Obama as king in, “Obama, Messiah, King of the Lose” and what the Bible told us about another nation that wanted to turn from the sovereignty of God to a earthly king, “like all the other nations…”  Continue reading


Welcome to the church of ungod

Well it’s coming, and come. The church of ungod. un-crossYesterday was an advent, a coming out party for the atheists who actually coveted what, at minimum, the pseudo christians had, and created their own church. I’d mentioned years ago, when I lived in the shadow of the FFR (freedom from religion) headquarters, that atheism is just a religion without God. They had their annual meetings with songs and preaching and someone there actually said, “it seems like church”. Continue reading


National Park Service or New People’s Army?

Ok. So I’ve been busy, too busy with the farm and I’ve been neglecting everyone while something insidious has been going on and I am so sorry for that. The recent “slim down” in federal finance has only been to “hit ‘em where it hurts” against middle of the road voters. Park ClosedThat’s pretty obvious to anyone with two eyes and a brain. Closing national parks, war memorials, anything dear to the public ( I’ve been made aware that BO’s favorite golf course is still open) to set rage against those who are trying to reel in this run away government.

Folks are being run off properties, forced out of businesses, subject to harassment, threats, fines or jail time. Isn’t this a great country? Continue reading


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